Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween: Poker-face Maneater

Warning: Long and picture heavy post.

I was inspired by a face chart, probably a MAC one.  No idea on who designed it, nor what products were actually used.  Google gave me this image, I liked it, and I start the crazy work of face-painting.  It is called 'Maneater' because I used the Illmasqua red lipstick with this name.  (smart Jacq)

One major failure.  I didn't cover up nor shave off nor photoshop away my eyebrows.  My glue stick was still at the stationery store when I started the make up (glue stick now on my dressing table).  I couldn't wait until I get that, hence the presence of brows in this look.

I had so so so much fun that you cannot imagine while I was doing this look.  I shall briefly talk about how I did it, and what products I used, and then leave you with a big bunch of images of this make up taken by Mr.  fiance.

Please enjoy! :)


Face/ Cheeks:

  • Dr. Wu, Extra Hydrating Lotion with Aqua-Collagen - a moisturiser used as a base
  • Covergirl n Olay, Simply Ageless Serum Primer - just wanted to test out this on my own skin, so used it on where I have uneven skin texture.
  • Revlon, PhotoReady Makeup #002 - a very good coverage foundation that makes my skin almost 'fake'.  plus this shade is definitely a few shades lighter than I am, to mimic that fake poker face look.  if I had a white face paint or really pale foundation, I would have used that instead
  • Revlon, Age Defying Concealer with Botafirm SPF20 #01 Neutralizer - the skin has to be flawless so I apply concealer generously, where needed.
  • BRTC, BB Sun Pact SPF40 PA++ - a pressed powder that is definitely too light for me.  quite dry and cakey too.  used this to set my foundation with a brush.
  • Canmake, Soft Touch Foundation #03 - the light contour shade
  • The Balm, Bahama Mama Bronzer - the dark contour shade
  • Sleek Makeup, Blush by 3 #Flame - #Furnace and #Bon Fire used on the cheeks


  • Heavy Rotation, Coloring Eyebrow #01- i know i should have shaved or covered up my brows.   so i opened my lightest shade of brow mascara and brushed through my brows.

Lashes Eye/ Right Eye:

  • Palgantong, Eye Liner Combi Pencil - it is a dual ended automatic eye pencil.  I used both the black and brown ends to generously in-line and out-line my eye.  messily.
  • MAC, Matte Eyeshadow #Carbon
  • Dolly Wink, Long Mascara
  • False Lashes (Volume Box, 2nd pair from top) - untrimmed right eye on top, trimmed left eye on bottom
  • False Lashes #F5 - on upper only

Poker Eye:

  • NYC, Eye Liner Pencil #White - outline before filling in.  to be honest, I didn't get the card shape quite right...
  • NYX, Jumbo Eye Pencil #Milk
  • Rimmel, Colour Rush Mono Eye Shadow #241 Matte White - thanks Sam for this, very handy!  I used this to set the white NYX cream before drawing other things
  • MAC, Lip Pencil #Brick
  • Illamasqua, Lipstick #Maneater
  • Sleek Makeup, iDivine #glory - #Platform, a matte light grey, to trace the border of the card.  #Central, a matte red, to set the red colour
  • Isehan Kiss Me, Liquid Eye Liner - trace everything the grey #Platform marked;  and draw the hearts, 'A's, etc.


  • MAC, Lip Pencil #Brick
  • Illamasqua, Lipstick #Maneater
  • Illamasqua, Intense Lipgloss #Succubus


Fiancé is not the best photographer, yet he is so helpful and supportive when it comes to my blogging hobby.  Thank you!  He helped me took hundreds of shots and here I cropped and picked a dozen - these should show my make up better than my usual self-portraits.  What do you think?


My camera or its lens is not the best for macro shoots (close-ups).  Need to investigate further on how to perfect these!  :)

Crazy fun:

I went a little insane in this mad make up, hence made some interesting expressions.  Captured below....

Thank you very much for reading and staying till the end!  If you have any make up ideas or requests or face charts, please please please please send them to my email (jacqlibra at gmail dot com)!!!!!  

I love to be inspired!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. You should do a Geisha tutorial! After recently watching memoirs of a geisha again, I have become fascinated with them! I'm so interested as to how they do their makeup! And I saw that you hauled some of the sponges that they use to powder after applying foundation, but now I can't find that post anymore? :(

    1. Hi Kirstie,
      was it this post?
      I'll see if I can find time to get around doing a Geisha tutorial :P



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