Saturday, 6 October 2012

Instagramming #20

These are 2 months behind.  So if you prefer something more 'up-to-date'.  Follow me (jacqlibra) on instagram for real time updates! :P

1-3, 10.  Went to a MAC collection launch party with my girlfriend.  The party was covered previously (link) and my FOTD when I head out of the door was written (link).  I believe the collection was out but I didn't manage to visit a local counter; the good stuff are probably sold out already!?!?  4-5.  Jacq can cook.  ;)  6. A naruko toner review, I love it, and I have finished it already (link).  7.  Brazil won the Women's Volleyball in the Olympics.  My sisters and I enjoyed the match at late late night, or early early morning.  8.  A new forum for "Professional Hauler", literally (link).  9, 12.  Tracking typhoon on the iPad.  11.  Bought the 'new' beauty diary masks to try out, reviews (link) (link).  August's acquisitions are featured in these two posts (link) (link).

Thanks for reading, make sure you have read my Instagramming #19 on and I'll see you soon in the next Blogtober post!

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