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Inventory #18 - Everything Brows

Brows are important in framing the face.  Literally.

I didn't use to love doing my brows.  I don't need to do anything with my brows when I started out with make up, like 10 years ago?  My eyes are tiny, so I focus on mascara, eyeliner, and etc.  Relatively, I got decent full brows that I feel comfortable without makeup.  As we move on along the time line, I began to realise I want to trim my brows a little, fill them in a little, and practise different shapes because Brows frame your face, literally.

Most of my brow products are from pharmacy, drugstore brands, and mainly Asian offerings.  I don't feel like splurging on super expensive brow products, which may not show that much difference, as compared to say, a good foundation or blush.  Anyway, below is the list of everything, hope you find this 'helpful'!

My current favourites:
  • Lavshuca, Powder Compact Eyebrow #LB-1 - LB means light brown.  I really like the larger medium shade pan, and smaller darkest shade.  The lightest colour can be used as both the setting powder for brows and a very subtle nose shadow/crease contouring.  The brush inside is also very handy and practical, not rubbish!
  • Naris Up, Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow #Light Brown - slightly yellow in tone, which is the type of browns I like.  the brush/ spooly groomer at the end is very good quality.  brush and blend colour in amazingly.  So good I have already purchased a back-up!
  • Daiso, Super Fine Automatic Eyebrow Pencil #Brown #Dark Brown - I name these myself as I do not read Japanese.  Good #1, These gives good colour pay-off but not too soft.  Good #2, Nice staying power and #3 the fine tip is very very very useful to create the perfect sharp tail.  #4, they do refills - very economical.  These are so cheap I'm thinking of buying more back-ups.  Drawback #1 they can't be sharpened, not perfect for using on others.  #2 they break quite easily if you twist up too much.  After all, they are very fine/thin!  #3, the brush/spooly at the end can get dirty and it's hard to clean~
  • Naris Up, Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow #Grey - got this more recently, and love to pair it with the light brown shade to darken up my tails a little.  Never too fond of sharp distinct brows, I like them softly filled in.  But as my hair loses its dye gradually, and getting back to my natural dark black brown colour, I need to switch things up a bit.

More Asian Pencils, from top:
  • Holika Holika, Enamel Magic Melomovie Powder Brow #03 - still figuring out the best way to use this.  it is a fat pen, double up as wax and pencil.
  • Shiseido, Eyebrow Pencil #04 Gray #03 Brown - used to be my mum's favourite until I introduce her to automatic pencils
  • Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Make Brow Pencil #01 #02 #03 - 01 is black brown, 02 is natural brown, and 03 is light brown.  really good stuff.  if they have a spooly at the end, they will be my top favourites too!
  • Nueve, Brow Pencil #Grey #Brown- also from Shiseido, I prefer this round shape than the hex shape of the other Shiseidos.
  • Koji Spring Heart, Long Lasting Eyebrow #03 - automatic
  • Mio Piccolo, Brow Pencil #BR - Bought it because of the leopard print...
  • Daiso, Short Automatic Pencil #Grey - I don't know its name, it is the silver shorty in the middle of the picture
  • Daiso Winmax, Automatic Pencil for Brows Soft Blend
  • Enesti, Silky Duo Auto Eyebrow Pencil #Grayish Brown - It has an oval lead/tip.  The spooly at the end is too soft and not very practical.  the pink packaging is fun though.
  • Lelan Vital, Browperfect Retractable Pencil #Brown - it doesn't say the colour on the pen.  It has a slanted trapezium type of end.  somewhat like a blunt cutter.  when used in different angle, it can create thicker or thinner line.  it has a slightly reddish hue.
  • Daiso, DC Eyebrow Pencil #Dark Brown - it is an oval tip.  automatic twist type.
  • Cosmos, Pro Eyebrow Pencil #205 Red Brown #201 Grey Brown - they are very cheap, perhaps US $1 to $2 each.  very long and hard and durable.  I keep this in my kit and treat them quite rudely (hence I break one of them)...

International brand:
  • Clinique, Instant Lift for Brows #01 Soft Blonde - some random gift with purchase I purchased or was gifted.  No idea if they still make this or if they sell it in Hong Kong.  The "shape" end is creamy waxy and colour is soft and fair.  The "highlight" end is 'meh'~
  • Bourjois, Sourcil Precision Eyebrow Pencil #04 Blond Fonce - used to be my holy grail.  However, I feel like I have cheaper 'drugstore' alternatives.  And, its packaging is not really 'high-end', especially the brush it comes with.  Bourjois is probably labelled as 'high-street' in Hong Kong, but I wonder why it can set foot in both Watson's (local pharmacy chain) and Seibu (department store)... funny....
  • Calvin Klein, Brow Definition #Blond #Dark Blonde - I save these for special occasions because, again, I have cheaper alternatives.  These are great brow pencils though, so good I have back up!
  • Laura Mercier, Eye Brow Pencil #Brunette - for some strange reason, my 'brunette' pencil is grey!?!?

Cheaper random brands:
  • Amuse, Ultra Fine Eye Liner #Dark Brown #Light Brown - supposed to be eyeliner, but I kept them in my brow drawer, as they are too long, and I have too many eye liners
  • Soothe, Eyebrow Stick #540 - a dark brown pencil made in Czech.
  • Farmasi, Eye Brow Pencil #01 - a neutral taupe brown, made in EU.  bought this in Sasa I believe.  Farmasi is a Turkish brand.
  • Passion, Perfectly Eyebrow Pencil - a medium grey, made in CZ.  texture is very creamy.  the paint on the surface is peeling off...

Powders, Palettes, Liquid and Gels:
  • Gosh, Brow Kit #01 - Three good matte shades, and a brow wax.  
  • Momo, Eyebrow Powder #02 - One of my favourites, and one of the cheapest.
  • Stila, Brow Set #Fair - One of the few Stila items I own.  Like this a lot.
  • Integrate, Liquid Eyebrow #02 (reddish) #01 (greenish) - It is really hard to find liquid eyebrow pens. Suqqu makes some insanely expensive ones, and I know some Japanese drugstore brands do too.  I will venture more into those later.  At the time being, these are pretty nice, especially to draw on the brow tails when I shaved them all off.  They give a rather natural tint instead of pencil marks.
  • Daiso, Mascara Top Coat - It is clearly a mascara top coat but I use it as a clear brow gel.  Not always though, because my brow hair is pretty under control.
  • Mio Piccolo, Eyebrow Mascara #LB
  • Heavy Rotation, Volume Down Eyebrow Mascara #01 - Did a comparsion of this and the Mo Piccolo one in this post - link.
  • Kate, Gel Eyebrow #BR-1 - I believe Laura Mercier or some other high end brands also makes this. Got this when it first came out but never really know how to make love with it.  I find it to be weird in texture and gives a odd finish.

Backups and Newbies: (from top)
  • Daiso, Super Fine Automatic Eyebrow Pencil #Brown
  • Gosh, Brow Kit #001 
  • Lavshuca, Eyebrow Pencil PM #LB-1
  • Visee, Powder Eyebrow #BR-301
  • Heavy Rotation, Coloring Eyebrow #02 #01 - used the 01 lightest shade in my Poker face chart make up look.  That post will be written up soon.
  • Canmake, Coloring Eyebrow #01
  • Shiseido, Eyebrow Pencil #04 Gray #03 Brown
  • Neuve, Brow Pencil #Grey #Brown
  • Isehan, Kiss Me Heroine Make Brow Pencil #02 #03
  • Amuse, Ultra Fine Eye Liner #Light Brown
  • Naris Up, Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow #Light Brown

Last but not least, an ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash, hiding somewhere in my room.  (Thx Sam for remembering this one!)

What do you use to fill in your eyebrows, or do you do your brows at all?  Tell me!

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