Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lancome Vernis In Love - NOTD

Bought this because I knew my sister would love it.  Turned out?  I'm the first to wear it and she hasn't come around to putting this on yet.  Her nails are too busy with nail art and experimentation, no time for this gorgeous feminine, wear-it-alone shade.

Name: Lancome, Vernis In Love
Shade: #343B Rose Pitimini

Topcoat: Konad, Top Coat - probably an old one that I got with a stamping set.

Love:  The brush and the bottle.  Very easy to apply, and elegant design.  Formula and pigmentation, one coat can work, two is perfect.  Dries quick and glossy, although I top it off with top coat anyway.

Hate:  The price per quantity.  It is around US$15 or $20 for a mini 6ml bottle.  This is like a mini size nail polish or Japanese pharmacy size.  The product is good, but not 'that' good.  After all, it is just paint and solvent... 

Overall?  I would say, if you don't have basic red, pink, coral or wine nail polishes in your stash, you will definitely not regret if you pick up a bottle from this Vernis in Love line, because their colour, pigmentation and brush are all spectacularly impressive.  However, be prepared that this will run out soon before you have expected!  There is really little product in there!

Will I repurchase?  Probably, probably not.  This is an Okay product due to the price/volume, but if I see another classic red or wine shade I might pick up another.  Welcome as gift too! :D

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Note: this is day 3 of my Blogtober challenge.  ;)

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