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Massive Empties - 16th Blogtober

I've been working very hard to going through things.  As I am typing this post, another bag is piling up under my desk.  Unhealthy?  Crazy?  No idea.  Just a sweet warning, this post is near 30 pictures long, and I have included many items (mostly pictured above).  If you are interested, please read on!

Used Up:

Skin Care:

#225 - H2O+, Dual-Action Eye Make Up Remover (oil-free)
Does the job in removing my water-proof eyeliner and mascara, but not the most effective.  Not irritating.  I have others bi-phase point make up removers that I like better.
Rating: Okay

#226 - Joseristine, Rosewater Hydrating Spray
Smells gorgeous.  Moisturises and refreshes decently, not worse than water, I'd say.  No artificial fragrance as far as I remember.  CHEAP (which is good).  Like it a lot but am bored with using up half a dozen of these.
Rating: Okay

#227 - Naruko, Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Serum
Full review was done - link.  Like this but it's been re-formulated or re-packaged now.  I haven't tried the new one.  For similar serums from Naruko I'll suggest the Narcissus Night Brightening, or Lupin Anti Wrinkle Firming.
Rating: Okay

#228 - Hera, Creamy Cleansing Foam
Just a foaming cleanser.  Not drying, but not moisturising either.  Hera is good, but I think most high-end brand cleansers differ little from low-end ones.  This is one of those.
Rating: Okay

#229 - La Roche-Posay, UVIDEA XL SPF50 PA+++ Tinted Cream
Full review was actually done - link.  Love this, would actually consider re-purchasing once Summer hits us again next year.  ;)
Rating: Hurray

#230 - Neutrogena, Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water
Removes make up and leaves skin moisturised and refreshed.  Has quite a heavy scent.  For what it does, I don't think it worths the price.  I prefer bioderma and mandom if I really want to use cleansing water.
Rating: Okay

Make Up:

#240 - Guerlain, L'Or Essence d'Eclat a l'Or Pur/ Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold
More lengthy review done before - link.  Love this, will buy it again when I get rich, or if I run out of everything else.
Rating: Hurray

#241 - D.U.P, Eyelashes Fixer EX
Like the brush applicator.  It sticks firmly and holds all day.  Nothing bad to say about it.  I have a pink back-up which was bought in Tokyo, JP.  Love this stuff!
Rating: Hurray

#242 - Royal Lady, Eyeliner
Should be a silver glitter infused black.  I lent this to my sister for a while, and when it is returned, it is gone.  So technically she (or we) used this up.  Not the best in the world, but cheap and rather long-lasting.  Soft on the eyes, and colour is brilliant.  Bad thing is, it doesn't sharpen nicely, the lead (the product inside) and the wood (the container part) are not designed well.  A lot of product is wasted when it is sharpened.
Rating: No Way

#243 - Addiction, Dewy Glow Foundation SPF20 PA++ #No.03
This lasted me two uses, as I remember.  It was amazing.  So comfortable and luxurious on the skin, and it looks beautiful.  To be honest, this might not be my colour match, but it gives my skin a very glowing and bright complexion.  I will get a full tube if I ever pass by a counter of it (in JP)!
Rating: Hurray

Body and Hair:

#244 - Mayblesally, Aloe Vera Anti-bacteria Body Wash and Scrub 
I have back acne whenever I use hair conditioner regularly (sad conclusion, isn't it?) so I have to treat those break-outs.  This works with cleaning but not much with the healing.  Also, the scrub particles are pretty superficial and did nothing.  I don't want to buy this again, will probably try the Naruko next time I have back break-outs.  Any good body wash/scrub recommendation from you guys?
Rating: Okay

#245 - Esthaar, Scalp and Hair Root Care Rinse
Like this.  Leaves hair soft and smells good, not too greasy.  I like its shampoo better though.  (will be in the next empties)
Rating: Okay

#246 - Nivea, Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion with Shea Butter
A light but moisturising body lotion.  Love it's feeling on the skin as well as the scent.  I love this so much this tiny bottle was gone in a few days (definitely less than a week's time)!  Not greasy even in the hot humid Hong Kong Summer.  Great stuff.
Rating: Hurray

#247 - Dove, Go Fresh Renew Body Wash #raspberry and lime scent
Dove shower products are generally good, exceptionally moisturising.  However, this particular scent is very cough-medicine-like.  Sorry, Dove.
Rating: No Way

#248 - Fa, Golden Star Deo Roll-on
One of my favourite scents from Fa's offerings.  This glamorous fragrance is more long-lasting than some of my real perfume/fragrances.
Rating: Hurray

Some Ingredients, enlarge if needed:


#1025-1035 - Kao, Steam Eye Mask (Japanese brand/made)

Talked about it more in depth in April's Empties - link.  I have tried all the scents they make/offer, and I list my favourites in descending order below.  I will be repurchasing Rose, Eucalyptus and Un-scented in the future.

Rose - smells amazing
Eucalyptus - good for congested nose or cold/flu
Un-scented - for people who's sensitive to scents
Lavender - soothing and helps with sleep
Chamomile - not my favourite scent

Rating: Hurray
Read More: Kao Steam Eye Mask Review by Lotus Palace - link

#1036 - Biore, Body Foam Refresh (Apple)
Drying, although nice scent.  I refilled our family washroom's hand soap bottle with this.
Rating: No Way

#1037 - Miyoshi, Addictive Free Dish Washing Soap
I diluted this to mix with shampoo and or other things to wash my make up brushes, when I do the 'wet method'.  Not bad.  Now I use my Dr. Bronner's soaps with a foaming dispenser, works much more effectively I think.
Rating: Okay

#1038 - Corine de Farme Nail Polish Remover
Nothing spectacular but quite costly.
Rating: No Way

Ingredients, enlarge if needed:

Cotton and tools:

#1039 - Naruko, Facial SPA Massage Cotton Pads
I have a post on my 'cotton pad' collection before - link.  Still have 4 or 5 boxes of this as backups.  I love how soft and big it is.  Perfect for applying toner in a cheap but luxurious way.  I also use this to apply milky lotion after the watery toner.  I do not use this for make up removal, nail polish removal nor DIY toner masks.
Rating: Hurray

#1040 - Joseristine, A519 Soft Facial Towel
This is actually cotton pads, not 'towel'. It is sealed nicely around the edges so it won't break or separate.  I used this to apply a light toner in the morning, when I do make up.  Also used this for make up removal.
Rating: Hurray

#1041 - Bocoton Classic, Cotton Balls
Just use this for nail polish removal.  Cotton balls and me don't work together well.
Rating: Okay

#1042 - Clarisonic, Sensitive Brush Head
This came with my Clarisonic Mia.  After consecutive use for almost 10 months, the bristles look kind of frayed and gross.  I don't use the Clarisonic very often, perhaps twice a week, at most three, in the shower.  I'm currently using the Normal brush head and I like the Normal one better.  I learnt a trick from blog (or youtube) that you can actually detach the middle part of this brush from the outer rim, making it a smaller brush for target area.  Very helpful tip, I must say!
Rating: Okay


#1043 - Hythiol-C Plus
I'm on my 2nd bottle.  This is supposed to help with fatique and skin whitening.  I will give a better review when I'm done with my 2nd or even my 3rd bottle, okay?
Rating: Okay

#1044 - 100 yen store Beauty Supplement
For its price, probably not much was offered.  And it was finished too soon to impress.
Rating: Okay

#1045 - 100 yen store, Dietary Fiber
I did enjoy taking these.  Helped me with my digestion and makes me feel cleaner inside out.  (Not diarrhea kind of clean!)
Rating: Hurray


A bunch of lipstick cases because I made them into a palette.  Read the palette post here - link.

Some colour contact lens because they expired.  I typically buy the 1-year type.  With no prescription (I have perfect eyesight as on today) these can be easily obtained online or anywhere.  Safety could be an issue, but again, I only wear them once in a while, like, around once a month for photoshoots or special occasions... If I get enough requests, I may dig out some old pics of me wearing these lens...

Lesson learnt: I should not have so many pairs opened at the same time!

Top: GEO CH624 Brown  
Bottom: GEO XCH627 Pink 

Top: GEO, XTRA WTA07 - can you tell I like pink lens?
Bottom: EOS, E203 Brown - the most comfortable pair I have worn

GEO, Twist Violet - one of two caps leaked, so the lens dried up in the case, after only 1 wear...

No brand make up brushes, a cheek brush and an eye brush.

Superdrug, Optimum Line Decrease Night Cream - Heavy and greasy, got it on clearance.  Don't care for it.
Koji Takako Style, Eyelash Fix - This is probably too old, hence it stops drying clear.
LaVie, Eye Lab De-wrinkle Eye Cream - Nice stuff, but I couldn't finish it before expiry date.  Starts to show signs of separation in the tub.
JimmBenny, Aromatherapy Aqua Cream (Normal to Dry Skin) - Nice scent, not too heavy, but expired.  Weird powder starts to gather around the lid...

2012 Empties, updated on 15th Oct:
Jumbo Size: 3 + x
Full Size: 48 + 7
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 50 + 7
Samples: 66 + 1
Sheet Masks: 56 + x
Random/Extras: 24 + 18

Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 60.25
Finished: 2 full size, 4 travel size
Total Finished: 4
Distance from Goal: 56.25, updated on 15th Oct.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 19.5

Finished: 2 full size, 1 travel size, 1 sample
Total Finished: 3

Distance from Goal: 16.5, updated on 15th Oct.

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