Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Morning Kiss, Skin Care Base Review - 17th Blogtober

Specifications.  Morning Kiss, Skin Care Base.  SPF30 PA+++.  1,500 for 60ml.  Made in Japan.  Vitamin-packed for radiance boosting.

Like it.  Not expensive (I paid significantly less than 1,500yen for it) and available in most Sasa I visit.  Smells artificial but lovely, it has a sweet scent which may be a little heavy to some of you.  A light milky serum, or lotion kind of texture.  It does moisturise pretty well, and I can skip day cream and/or serum when I'm lazy in the Summer time.  Feels very comfortable on the skin, and easy to spread out on the skin.  This leaves the skin a near matte natural finish, not greasy at all.  It is a moisturising type of make up base, the kind I like, as opposed to the silicon-y filling primer type.  Won't interfere with other products you layer on top.

Minor drawback.  I thought this would have more tint to it.  It does have some skin brightening properties but no coverage whatsoever.

The pink lotion on the RIGHT is the Morning Kiss.

Below is my face with only a toner, and then this Morning Kiss base on.  You can see it is not merciful on my  pimple scarring, but did brighten up my face a bit.  :)  *Excuse the crazily chapped lips!*

Overall.  Okay.  I will be happy to continue using this up, but probably won't repurchase.  I can live without it.  ;)

What is your favourite sunscreen or make up base currently?

Please leave your questions or comments below.  I read and reply to every single one!

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