Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nails of the (Birth)day

It was my birthday last week, and I went out of town with my fiancé on a short trip.  I didn't pay much time doing my nails the night before, hence the application was pretty sloppy.  I did remember to use a top coat though, as for the entire short trip I knew I wouldn't have time doing touch-ups.

Anyway, this was a combination of 2 Missha nail polishes that I have acquired this month, rather recently I must say, and the top coat is a new favourite.  Being a Missha member means every few months or so, I receive certain promotion discounts encouraging me to visit their stores and spend some money.  In my birthday month, I could even get a little birthday present (it's been face masks for a few years now).  Missha does make decent products, and their nail polishes are some of the more affordable items in their offerings.

Both of the colours are in the "The Style Lucid Nail Polish" range.  I believe these are from the newly released Autumn palettes.  The pink shade you see is PK12, a pretty muted, medium depth, soft creamy pink.  Slightly on the warm side, with very fine gold shimmer through it.  The nude taupe shade is BR05, plain cream, no shimmer, a tiny hint of khaki in it.  Both of these applied very smoothly, and with 2 layers, it is opaque and beautiful.  The brush is reasonably flat and easy to work with, however I find them to be cut in a blunt way, not as curved and smooth as the Lancome or Bourjois ones.

The top coat I used is from Kiss, a Japanese brand that is not officially represented in Hong Kong.  My sister picked that up while we were in Tokyo (and made me pay for it), and I recently started using it.  Lovely stuff.

What is on your nails now?  Are you wearing pink, nude, dark, glitters, or nothing?

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