Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Splurges - not too much

Before blaming this month purchase on Ari (link to her blog), please accept my apology on wrongly watermarking pictures with my other blog's url.

Back to Ari.  If it was not her, I would not have entered Sasa, among many other stores, that many times looking for this and that for our swap.  No, I'm not complaining.  I'm just.... finding an excuse for my poor self-control, that I failed my September No Buy... :D

First off, a trip to Sasa looking for masksss...

  • Somang, Peppermint Clearing Mask - one for Ari.
  • Somang, Freesia Freshening Mask - for Ari.
  • Somang, Rose Moisture Mask
  • Providence Beauty, Spotless Oil Control - for acne
  • Combos Skin, Tea Tree Balancing Mask -  made in Korea, haven't tried this brand before, gotta give this a go!
  • Sasatinnie, Aloe Vera n Green Apple Soothing n Hydrating Mask -hope this is good!?
  • Sasatinnie, Cucumber Refreshing n Clarifying Mask

While I was looking for Mopidicks (Ari's post link) in pharmacy, I popped into a Watson's.  My local Watson's is probably discontinuing the line Gosh, and they're doing this buy 1 get 1 on all the items.  Hence I grabbed a few.  Very conservatively.  You know, I could have done a worse damage to my wallet.

  • *2 - Gosh Professional, Lift Off the Day Eye Make-Up Remover
  • Gosh, Velvet Touch Lipstick #145 Shocking Coral
  • Gosh, Velvet Touch Lipstick #154 Burgundy
  • Gosh, Lipgloss #0059 - a mauve nude, bought this for my kit, as I want some brand new lipgloss without my saliva for using on others :P
  • Gosh, Lipgloss #0082 - a coral pink, for my kit.
  • *2 - Gosh, Brow Kit #001
  • *2 - Gosh, Nail Lacquer #549 Holographic - because I blog-saled mine, and now regretting, so I picked up the last 2 on the shelf.

Kiss Me, or Isehan, was doing these amazing sets with their famous mascara which are recently repackaged (re-formulated?), and I picked up both of them.  Together with my favourite brow pencil in a darker shade for my 'natural hair colour'.

  • Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Make Volume n Curl Mascara
  • Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Mascara Remover
  • Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Make Long n Curl Mascara
  • Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Mascara Remover
  • Naris Up, Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow #Grey - very natural.  I really love love love the brush design at the back of it!

Beauty salon re-opening gift.  The place where I get my facial done regularly (like twice a year!? I'm too reluctant to spend time travelling) had some biz reformation, and re-opened.  Got a welcoming pack from them..

  • Charlotte Meentzen, Age Control Day Care with Lifting Effect
  • Beauty Myth (the salon name), Extra Perfection Aloe Vera Paper Mask
  • Decleor, Nutridivine Nutriboost Soft Cream for Face

My mum went on a little nail frenzy and procured a few OPI mini sets.  These go into my collection/stash, with the condition I have to paint her hand and feet nails when requested.  #nofreelunch  She got the sets: 'Germany Ger-Minis', 'So So Skullicious', which comes with decors and 'The Amazing Spider-man'.

  • OPI, #NL G16 Don't Pretzel My Buttons
  • OPI, #NL G21 Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! - my mum have been wearing this non-stop on her finger and toe nails since she got this!  a very beautiful greyish stone green
  • OPI, #NL G24 Unfor-greta-bly Blue
  • OPI, #NL G23 Suzi n the 7 Dusseldorfs - what a silly name!?

  • OPI, #NL B88 Hi Pumpkin - this set has 4 regular shades renamed.  this orange is also called 'In my Back Pocket'
  • OPI, #NL B68 A-Rose from the Dead - also called 'That's Hot! Pink'
  • OPI, #NL T02 Morning Glory - also called 'Black Onyx'
  • OPI, #NL B46 Candlelight - also called 'Need Sunglasses'

  • OPI, #NL M34 Into the Night
  • OPI, #NL M38 Number One Nemesis
  • OPI, #NL M36 Just Spotted the Lizard! - another favourite of my mum.  this shade is the reason why she got this set.  She called this a gold.  it indeed reflects very strongly of gold under direct sunlight.  under other lights it is golden chameleon with strong green tones.  Lizard it is!
  • OPI, #NL M33 Your Web or Mine?

Bought a couple of things because of an international swap (again)!  The Nexcare 3M stickers are for Ari, and the rest are mine.  I have contemplated long long long enough and finally craved in to grabbed these.  Who can resist limited edition!?  Are not very expensive, but very cute and decent quality!

  • Kate, Super Sharp Liner S(S) #RD-1 - yummy.  see Liz's swatch and review (link).. you'll want it too.  by the way, I tried the new foundation and concealer on the back of my hand and I'm not impressed, skipped! :D
  • Kate, Super Sharp Liner S(S) #BK-1 - limited edition packaging in Spider Web design!
  • BCL Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner #Black - the cutest packaging for cosmetics ever!  way more Kawaii than the Benefit designs, agree?
  • Sasatinnie, Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara - I had points to redeem this at a much lower price, paid about US $6 or $7 for this to try.  I saw sasa constantly promoting their rotating brush version, no harm to test out this no-rotation version first, right?
  • Koji Spring Heart, Limited Set #06 Elegant Long (with extra pair of #14 Sexy Rich Long) - the 06 is one of my favourite holy grail styles, but the free sets of 14 is not very flattering, not at all day-appropriate either!
  • Dolly Wink, #10 Sweet Cat
  • Dolly Wink, #11 Pure Sweet - my two favourite styles in value pack, sold.  :)  For your info, I have restrained myself from getting the other styles in value pack, e.g. the #01 and some lower lashes.  The reason being, I have many much cheaper alternatives to those, and those are too dramatic for 'everyday' wears.  **not that these two styles I got are super duper wearable... **

Body Shop trip was made with my mum and sister.  As they have some coupons to use up before expiration.  the Born Lippy Strawberry in a pot is not mine, it's my sister's :)

The Body Shop, Paddle Hair Brush - made with natural bamboo
The Body Shop, Organic Cotton Pads 50 pads - for the same price as the rounds, this got half the number of pieces!
The Body Shop, Organic Cotton Rounds 100 pads
The Body Shop, Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm - in a stick :)
The Body Shop, Natrulift Firming Serum 
The Body Shop, Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

As this month I have been washing brushes like crazy, I decided to purchase some cloths and sponges...  *made up myself and many family and friends for trial and practice means many dirty brushes*  The wash cloth is for alcohol/ spot clean method.  Gossmakeupartist, Rae Morris and pixiwoo talked about this technique.  I just replaced the tissue with wash towel.

and those dish sponge things are for shampoo/ deep clean method.  I am tired of rubbing the bristles on my hand!

Tangle Teezer, Compact Styler Professional Detangling Brush #Feline Groovy/ Leopard - I love this so much I can't go anywhere without it!  Got mine from ASOS.  Totally worth all the hype!  Sorry for my instagram picture, I was too eager to use this I forgot to take a good shot of it (in its packaging and such)...

  • En Coleur, Pencils (for lips) #P19 Wineberry, #P34R Rose Brown, #P53 Raspberry, #P57 Tea Rose, #P38 Candy Brown
  • Revlon, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #001 Honey #045 Romantic

Gosh, the Revlon balm stains went on sale the day right after I purchased these, I need to run back and buy 2 more.  Perhaps the light pink and the bright orange one....  Got the En Coleur pencils for my kit as I need more lip liner shades.  They are very very good for their price, available in Sasa.

Finally, a bunch of samples contributed by my boyfriend and siblings :D

  • BioEssence, 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum
  • BioEssence, 24K Bio-Gold Anti-Dark Circes Essence
  • Kiehl's, Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream
  • Maybelline, Pure BB Mineral 8 in 1 Improving BB Base #02 Natural

Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 53.25
Purchased: 3 Full Size, 1 Trial Bottle
Total Purchased: 3*2+1 = 7
Distance from Goal: 60.25, updated on 2nd Oct.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 19.5
Net Change: Nil
Distance from Goal: 19.5, updated on 2nd Oct.

FYI, this is day 2 of my Blogtober - blogging non stop in the month of October - challenge.  Wish me luck and perseverance in completing this event!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Great buys. And not too much splurging at all. Those O.P.I polishes are great.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. thanks girlieblogger for your comfort! I DID make an effort to limit my purchases, glad you noticed that :P

  2. Nein Nein Nein looks like a beautiful color! :) Also, so jealous that Watson's and Sasa carry such a huge variety of brands - I end up splurging on Sasa every time we visit Hong Kong because of all the masks and skincare and makeup available!

    1. :) agree! perhaps I should do a dirty grey taupe kind of NOTD soon. on Sasa and Watson's, they are total manipulator and evil sucker of my cash! HAHA

  3. Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Make Volume n Curl Mascara
    Isehan Kiss Me, Heroine Make Long n Curl Mascara

    I bought these 2 recently too :)
    opened and used the Long n Curl one for 2 times and feels good abt it

    1. I have always been a fan of Kiss me Long and Curl, not yet opened these new ones though. Good you like it!

      Did you use the 5% off (with my or jen's vip) in Sasa for these? :P

  4. I have no problems being the cause for your shopping trips! haha I should try the sponge brush washing technique... I hate pruney hands x(

    1. try that! get a rough sponge, but brush you brush on gently. ;)



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