Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sketching on Others - Filipina Beauty

Mary Jane is my Filipino friend in Church.  She is one of my friends who is actually not afraid of wearing bright and pretty make up, and always dresses up prettily when we meet.  Many times she performs amazingly and every time she is confident.

Loser Jacq.  Apology: I didn't take many good photographs this time, despite this is the 1st time me creating a look on a non-Chinese model.  The lighting was not good as the Sun was setting, and my lamps aren't forgiving.  Her eyes are quite sensitive, so after applying make up to her (with aircon blowing quite directly to our faces), her eyes were red and watering.  Hence not much good pictures.

Thank you Mary Jane, for sending me some pictures which she took with her own cameras - those look more natural.  Nonetheless, I think this is a remarkable event as I do have the opportunity to practise on different skin tones.  Very good experience!                                                                                 

Cornflower shimmer.  I didn't know what look to go for, and Mary Jane said she wanted to try blue/purple eyes.  So I went ahead and did something that kind of matched her shirt.  I don't have much right products to work on the skin, so I went natural and light.  I paled down the lips with some nude pinkish balm.  *later on, Mary Jane touched up with a brighter pink, which is also very nice in my opinion*

Before and After:

Pictures by Mary Jane:

Products used:

*denotes limited edition or discontinued items.

Face and Brows:
  • *Vichy Dermablend, High-Coverage Corrective Foundation #G34 - as concealer and clean-up under the eyes
  • Gosh, Brow Kit #001 - only the wax to brush through the brows
  • Momo, Eyebrow Powder #02 - a tiny bit of the darker grey on where it's needed
  • *MAC, Beauty Powder #Shell Pearl - a light dusting of highlight
  • *Sephora, Bronzer Powder SPF15 #S60 Bahamas - very neutral natural contour shade, not too warm.  I used this lightly as a blotting powder and face colour as I don't have a matching shade for Mary Jane
  • *MAC, Matte Blush #Ring 'O' Roses/ Breath of Plum - mainly the plum shade
  • MAC, Sheertone Shimmer Blush #Flirt n Tease

  • *MAC, Matte Eyeshadow #Performance - eyelid base
  • *MAC, Matte Eyeshadow #Taupe Note - very very lightly in the crease
  • Seventy Two Shimmer Palette #2L, #3K, #6J, #6K - Using the Excel spreadsheet cell naming. Column using letters, Row using numbers. (I pointed to the shades I used with brushes, above, and pencils, below)
  • *FSP, Eye Designing #007 - the shadow only, I have tossed the cream liner ages ago
  • MAC, Satin Eyeshadow #Digit - as brow bone highlight, blending of colours, etc
  • *Colour Sense, Shimmer Glide Eyeliner #46067 Blue - add some definition
  • Gosh, Velvet Touch Eye Liner #Hypnotic Grey - on the outer corners, wanted to add some to the water line but Mary Jane's eyes were too sensitive
  • Koji, Eyelash Fix #White - dries clear
  • Long Flirty False Lashes - in the box of 10 'Full/ Volume' styles, the 4th pair from the top
  • Black Gel Liner - to hide the false lash band

  • *Sephora, Maniac Liner Longlasting Lip Liner #04 Beige Maniac
  • Sleek Makeup, Pout Polish SPF15 #964 Peach Perfection - This baby smells so yummy!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Love the way you did her eyes. I like the blue shadow on her skin tone. Good job!
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. thank you @girlieblogger. sometimes more tan skin really rocks brighter shades better. these same blue shades will look awful on my light skin.

  2. great job Jacq! I wanna get my makeup done by you:)

    1. Thank you Yessie! I'm more than glad you offered me your face :D :D

  3. You did a great job. Blue really compliments her skintone. :)

    1. thank you thank you :D I'm glad May Jane picked blue as a 'theme'!



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