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Sketching on Others - Low-Key to High-Fashion

After making Dorothy up a few weeks ago (link), her god-daughter and friend Mandy was introduced to me as the next model.  How exciting!  I have never really made up a non-friend or non-relative before, so this was a big step outside my comfort zone.  However, Mandy is a really nice and friendly person, so there isn't really any barrier between us.  We also share quite a bit of similarities and experience so we kind of chatted along the way.

Skin and features.  High forehead.  Problem skin with uneven texture.  Very fair colour brow hair.  Indistinct brow shape.  Oval face.  Non-identical lids.

The Day Look.  Neither Mandy nor I like this very much.  I didn't pay much effort to the lashes - this could be the single point of failure.  Plus, I didn't get the liner or accent shade balanced on both eyes, my bad.  But it look fresh and romantic none-the-less.  Not our cup of tea... :P

The Night Look.  We like this look much better!  Mandy has very prominent brow bone, hence a relatively deep socket.  This is not very common amongst us normal Chinese Asians.  I wanted to play with that and give her a very editorial dark crease also based on purples.  The socket was contoured intensely all the way from outer crease into the nose.  I chose a pair of clearly visible false lashes which compliments this look a lot.  For the lips, I gave a rather flat shape by flattening the cupid's bow.  I find this look prettier than emphasising the bow, for some unknown reason.

Before and After:

The Day Look:

The Night Look before putting on lashes:

The Final Look!

Skin Care:

  • Etat Pur, Micellar Cleansing Water - clean up and refresh
  • MAC, Oil Control Lotion


  • Rimmel, Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation #102 Warm Ivory
  • Canmake, Color Stick #01 Yellow #03 Beige Shine - I name these myself, as I don't read Japanese... Basically I mixed the two to conceal around the eye area.  01 is a pale yellow corrector, and 03 is more like a highlighter.
  • Shiseido, Eyebrow Pencil #04 Gray
  • Momo, Eyebrow Powder #02 - used the darker side
  • Sonia Kashuk, Blush #14 Pink - all over the cheeks
  • Kanebo Media, Blush #RS-2 - as a lilac rose almost pale violet shade, this goes on the apples, like a highlight and adds dimension


  • MAC, Paint Pot #Soft Ochre
  • MAC, Eyeshadow #Taupe Note (M: Matte), Digit (S: Satin), Power Boosted (VXP: Veluxe Pearl), Shop n Drop (S: Satin) - Taupe Note to define the crease ever so subtly.  Digit all over the lid.  Power Boosted on top of the eyeliner.  Shop n Drop only very slightly on the outer corner to sketch the eyes just a tiny bit.
  • Essence, Metallic Eye Pencil #04 Lilectric
  • Za, Impact Lash Mascara (Volume) #01 Real Black
  • Sleek Makeup, Pout Polish SPF15 #Peach Perfection - not very peachy, but more like milky pink.  Mandy compliments the yummy cake scent of this product.  :P


  • MAC, Eyeshadow in #White Frost (F: Frost), #Cork (M: Matte), #Shale (S: Satin), #Agate (L: Lustre) - White Frost to highlight browbone and under the eyes.  Cork to shape the socket from nose shadow to the entire crease.  Shale to darken up the outer lid.  Agate blended on and above the crease.
  • Sleek Makeup, i divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette #594 The Original - used the purple (2nd shade, top row) on the lid
  • Black Gel Liner - to disguise the false lash band
  • Diamond Lash, #Cats - false lashes
  • Canmake, Shading Powder #01 - contouring the face
  • En Coleur, Pencil #P53 Raspberry - it's a pink, but I don't have a good burgundy shade around.
  • YSL, Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick SPF8 #149 Black Tulip


  • Etat Pur, Micellar Cleansing Water - remove face makeup.
  • Za, Eye Lip Makeup Remover - take off all the eye makeup, before leaving my place. *'coz we live in a real world*

As always, polite criticism and comments are welcome!  Hope you find this interesting to read or helpful by any means.  Cheers~~~

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Stunning, love the eyebrows :) Ax

    1. thank you angela! I am not 100% satisfied with the brows I did, thank you for your compliments really!

  2. great job! the lashes are my favorite-really completes the night time look!

    1. Yes, lashes mean so much, especially to no-lash Chinese/Asians like Mandy and I!!! :D



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