Monday, 29 October 2012

Small Splurge: from Macau, or Macao

It is too complicated for me to explain to you, how Macau (or Macao) and Hong Kong (my city) became colonies of Portugal and Great Britain centuries ago.  The fact today is, we are both Special Administrative Regions of China.  The major differences?  HK is roughly 36 times bigger than Macau in area, and 12 times more populated.  HK's second language (or sometimes the preferred) is English, while Macau road signs place English after Portuguese, and most of the residents do not speak either of them.

Macau is a city famous of its churches, casinos and cuisine.  (It is a coincidence that they all start with a 'C'!?)  As a Catholic myself, I had participated in their city-wide processions and paid pilgrimages to various churches.  Casinos, on the other hand, none of my interest.  The one thing that I am interested to try is the real slot machines that have rolls spinning, and a handle to pull.  However, as advised by my fiancé and per my personal observations, all of the current offerings are electronics.  To me, seeing the screen flashes is different from seeing the rolls turn; enough to put me off gambling.  Cuisine will be out of this blog's context, if you want to know about the fabulous food Macau offers, I will have to make another post for you.

That being said, I didn't spend a penny gambling but I did spend a little dollars inside the Venetian complex.  They have a Victoria's Secret store that stocks limitedly, but enough for me to get crazy.  Over-priced and limited selection indeed, but better than none.  There are bags and accessories (no thanks), panties (not bad but I wasn't in the mood nor need to get any), perfumes (lovely but pretty expensive), body sprays and lotions (I got 1) and a few make up bits and pieces.

Sasa was the other store that made me shopped.  Honestly it is the same as the Sasa in HK, they even accepts my HK VIP card.  I bought these for 2 reasons, one being I need these things immediately in the trip, second is with the currency difference I saved a few extra %.  (dumb..)

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I wanted to get something that smells classic, sweet and relaxing, not too feminine or overpowering or deep. The Amber Romance is one of the several lower priced Fragrance Mists in store.  Its scent is described as amber and crème anglaise (as if English cream is not the English for itself, we have a French word in English for it?).  It is warm, slightly sensual and pretty concentrated.  I do not regret getting this as my 1st Victoria's Secret souvenir.  ;)

Onto the Sasa stuff.

I went in with a few things in mind, first being false lashes.  I didn't bring along any with me, and on the 1st night, I panicked and wanted to get a pair or two, just in case I needed that in the day/night after, right?  So I picked up Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly in the special 3 pairs packaging.  It seems bargainous to me, and it also comes with a good glue!  Not pictured above, I have also bought a small pair of scissors to trim them.  In the hotel room good lighting and big mirror, I found my face to be huge, round, flat, and needed some good contouring.  Without any shading powder in my luggage, I tried to get one from Sasa.  I struggled between the Canmake Shading Powder in shade 01, and the new Kate shade and highlight duo.  Despite already owning two of the Canmake Shading Powder, I finally bought my 3rd, because it is smooth, pigmented, neutral, and matte.  If anyone is interested in getting my brand new back up (i.e. the 2nd one I purchased), tell me!  There's also a little sharpener because I thought I forgot to bring one (which in fact I do have).

In picture two, only the white powder was 'needed', I got the Media Cheek Color WT-1 because I didn't bring along a highlight.  Not that I can't live without highlight for a long weekend, but that I really wanted to get one.  Along with that, into my basket were one in PK-2, a Canmake Cheek and Cheek in shade 05, and a Pupa eye pencil in 04 - a very beautiful champagne gold.  Then there are the random Farmasi Ultra Aloe Vera and Menthol Wet Towels.

The newly furnished, or built, Holiday Inn room we lodged in was neat and reasonably spacious, with a good-size big tub.  I thought it would be nice to have a bath in it, so I went ahead and got some Kracie Aroma Resort Lovely Bath bath salts.  The display unit at Sasa actually has sample pots of all the scents (there were about 5 to 6), and Happy Sweet Peach appealed to me.  I got two packs as I'm not sure how concentrated it is - sometimes with bath salt, you need 2 for 1 tub.  This actually is very good value as you only need one for a full tub!

The Ecopure Smoothing Body Butters in Cocoa Butter and Honey and Shea were bought because of their good-ingredients-claims.  Turned out, throughout the trip I was busy using up the other body moisturisers I yet have time to open these up.  On the other hand, In Essence Energy Body Oil was well loved by both me and my fiancé.  It says it is invigorating, enlivening, for fitness and mobility with essential oils (EO) of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Juniper and Rosemary.  I massaged these to our legs before bed, I enjoyed the aromathereupatic part, he took pleasure in being massaged.  It is economical because a little bit goes a long way, and the moisture stays well overnight.  The blend was not over-powering, quite significantly grapefruit-y.  Good stuff!

Side note: As these purchases were made non-locally, as always, these will not be counted as 'real' purchases.  Every time I spend foreign currencies I feel like playing monopoly. :P  Also, with the tag 'Shameless Spoil' you should by now know that these aren't really 'my' money.  Someone sweet and lovely spoilt me.  :")

Have you been to Macau, or a casino?  Do you gamble?  Do you take bath in hotel tubs?

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  1. I need to live in sasa!

    and LOL Casinos are of no interest too =) xx

    1. Make sure you pick a big sasa store! (I have been visiting a few smaller ones near me this weekend and couldn't find the la suffren pencils. Perhaps I need to go to the big one farther away from me, where I bought the original ones)

  2. I love reading your haul post everytime! Almost feels like I just went shopping myself :) talking about sasa, I actually visited a sasa in mongkok when in HK! Should that be an accomplishment!? lolz

    1. Thank you for liking this post! Sasa is definitely a nice spot to visit, isn't it?

  3. hmmm I will keep in mind to send you some victoria secret stuff next time keke



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