Thursday, 11 October 2012

Swatch and Compare: Clinique and Revlon Lip Crayons

Let me begin by saying:  These are different.  Not only are they marketed differently, but they perform differently on the lips as well.  To be more precise, I find the different shades in the own brand vary in formula and finish as well.  So, please don't think these are close dupes as I compare them side by side.  I put these together in 1 post just because they are very, very similar in packaging.

Clinique, Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm.  I have the shades #04 Mega Melon and #05 Chunky Cherry.  Highly adore and appreciate the alliteration in their naming!  Both of these are gift with purchase sizes, which I obtained them from local beauty stores (Aster, it is).

Revlon, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.  I have the shades #001 Honey, #015 Cherish and #045 Romantic.  They are sold at HKD $98 (USD $12.6) and currently on promotion for HKD $78 (USD $10).  Still, this is way more expensive than what you need to pay for in the States!

Mega Melon is a very natural beige with hint of orange.  Not an easy shade to describe.  It has some very fine shimmer/frost in it.

Chunky Cherry is a pinkish red.  It has a sheer, clear finish.  The picture didn't do it justice.  It is even brighter in reality.  Instantly brighten up the complexion and adds fun and colour to the look.  *Sorry my photo was out of focus*

Honey is a medium mauve pink.  It is basically satin, with a hint of pearl finish.

Cherish is a pastel pink, with a lot of white and blue tones showing through.  It applies very thickly and I'm sad to say it leans on the chalky side.

Romantic is a red.  It has slight brick or orange tone in it.  Still sheer and not too grown up.  The balm texture on this is the best out of the 3 I own.

Revlon on the left, Clinique on the right.


Origin: Clinique made in Canada, Revlon made in USA.

Colour selection: Clinique 16 shades, Revlon 8 shades.  (In Hong Kong)

Moisture: Both are very good.  I can apply both on dry bare lips and not feel uncomfortable.  Clinique does have more balm/gloss feel to it, so I will say it is more moisturising.  Revlon gives a more "moisturising lipstick" feeling, which is smooth and perfect initially.  Throughout the wear, the Clinique feels more comfy compared to the Revlon.

Scent: Clinique is fragrance and scent free.  Revlon has a rather strong mint scent, which is gone in a few minutes, at most 10.  I can't tell which mint it is, but I can tell I don't like it!

Pigmentation:  Revlon definitely pays off more, on hand and on lips.  It can cover my medium-pigmented lips.  totally.  Clinique is semi-sheer.

Lasting power:  Both are decent.

Stain: Clinique almost doesn't leave a stain, perhaps a faint one for the Chunky Cherry.  Revlon, on the other hand, all leaves quite a distinct stain.  However, the pinks do not leave the same shade of pink stain when they fade.  That is, the stain differs from the balm colour.

My favourite:

For natural everyday colour, I'll go for Revlon 001 Honey.  A beautiful pink that flatters my complexion.

For a brighter, 'statement' lips, I'll go for Revlon 045 Romantic.  It is really red, and really easy to wear in terms of red lips.  Not too high-maintenance I'd say!

I prefer the Revlon ones, except for the scent.  I wish we have the colour Crush in Hong Kong! :S

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I've been wondering how these compare, my sis has a chubby stick which is nice but I noticed the same that the revlon's have a little more colour...I think I'm gona go for Revlon too :-)

    1. Yea Yea. I have had the chubby stick in mega melon for a few months and I have only wore it out twice. They are comfortable but not phenomenal. The Revlon, on the other hand, has been on my lips and in my handbag since I got them, every day!

  2. I have honey and sweetheart and now want cherish! It looks lovely:) let me know if you want me to send you crush:) I'd be glad to!

    1. Thank you Yessie! I dropped you an email! Please check~ Yay~ :)

  3. yes!!!i wish the shade"crush" will land hong kong, it is a color perfect for autum

  4. yes!!i wish the shade crish will land hk!!!it is a color perfect for fall!!!!



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