Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Too well loved, they broke. - 31st Blogtober

I love cheap make up.  Affordable make up that can be bought in pharmacy or chain beauty stores are something I cannot stop buying.  Many of them do not differ much from the powders and potions you obtain from department stores or beauty boutiques.  Price differences are mainly due to cost related to rent, marketing, packaging that kind of thing.  The product itself, could deliver very similar results.

I am a rough lover.  In this post I'm going to briefly review three cheap products that I use and love a lot.  However, sadly, their cheap packaging had been broken by my constant heavy-duty using.  No worry, I will not dispose them because I broke them.  They will continue be well-loved for ever after - kidding, just until they're gone!

Momo Eyebrow Powder #02.  This cost me around HKD $20 (less than USD $3) in a pharmacy.  These powders are of the most 'natural' colours for dark to black hair.  I have used this on various models, and it flatters all of them.  The powder are smooth and pigmented, but with enough powder filler to make it blend-able and soft looking.  I do not like tattooed on sharp brow looks on me nor my models.  The durability of this is amazing, lasts long on most skin except super oily.  To combat skin oil, it is better to seal in the colour with translucent powder or liquid sealant/ brow set.

Lavshuca, Powder Compact Eyebrow #LB-1.  LB stands for light brown, and this typically costs around HKD $80 (USD $10).  This brow compact comes with a dark and a medium matte brown shades, which are the brow powders.  On the right there's a taupe-bone colour, which can double up as nose shadow and brow setting powder.  It also came with a very handy and nice quality dual ended brush that is highly use-able.  I love using the angle-side to apply the medium brow shade all over.  The dome blender side is used with the lightest shade as nose shadow as well as crease contouring.  High powder quality and spot on colouring.  Not to mention, the staying power is impressive.  Perfect.

Canmake, Eyeshadow Base.  The only good price eye primer that works and is available in the local market.  It is like a brightening concealer that has just a hint of waxy texture to hold the eyeshadow you applied on top of it.  Brilliant product, and kindly priced at HKD $68 (USD $9 roughly).

Lesson learnt?  Be gentle and meek to the humble (humbly priced make up), otherwise relationship will not be long.  Me and plastic hinges don't get along.  If my lovers (affordable make up) have them, huge chances are, I'm gonna rape (rip) them hard and painful.

Conclusion.  With all the above being said, I have an uneasy feeling that these case-broken (not heart-broken) lovers will continue to come.  :S  Now I need advice on how to mend them, without replacing them!!!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. haha That is like me in a nutshell... I am such a clutz and pretty much everything I love I end up breaking.... but hey it just shows it was well loved. =D

    1. yes yes - I love them for what they are, especially when I didn't pay much for the packaging, I don't 'mind' them breaking.

  2. A lot better than brand new in box mint condition.

  3. Hehe. I like cheap makeup too. I can try many things without blowing my bank account.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Yes GirlieBlogger. I love high and low end just as much!



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