Saturday, 17 November 2012

Becca Creme Blush in Dahlia

Yes, you can believe what you see, I managed to break this product's packaging apart.  No, I didn't rip it with force.  The plastic cracked (probably too old?) and I gently parted the pieces like you would peel a banana.  :S

Product Name: Becca, Creme Blush
Colour: Dahlia
Colour Description: Rich Burnt Red/Orange
Amount of Product: 3g

The product itself is alright.  Consistency is beautiful, pigmented, blends easily, and feels comfy on the skin.  After blended in, it kind of settles a little bit but does not dry down.  However, it doesn't leave a sticky feeling either.  Dahlia is indeed the colour Becca describes it as, orange with some depth.  On my cheeks they look very bloody natural, a warm flush caused by temperature rise.

Good stuff I'd say, but not top favourites.  It is now 'deported' and residing in one of my many palettes.

On another note, I collect cream blushes but I do not wear them very often.  I guess I need to pick up the cream blush using habit again, as cream textures do turn bad or expire sooner than powders.  Hmmm...

left: heavy swtach.  right: blended in.

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