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Glamabox Initial Reaction | November '12

This month, Glamabox celebrates its anniversary, hence the box came bigger, prettier, and is worth more!  I haven't tried everything, so I'll just list out things I got, first impression I have and so on.  Just in case I forgot to mention later: I'm very glad there isn't any energy bar or dietary supplement inside - everything I got is skin care!  HAPPY~

~La Peau Douce, Advanced DNA Rejuvenating Serum (costs HKD $267)
One bottle should be used within one day, applied morning and night.  It has award winning DNA technology that renews skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and generally makes skin younger.  Sounds very promising as a perk-up treatment, now I need an event worthy for this serum... :P

~Viscontour Serum 5x1ml (costs HKD $320)
One little ampoule is for 1 use.  So I have 5 usages in this Glamabox, not bad!  Bascially it is sterile hyaluronic acid - perfect for hydration and moisture.  I love that it comes so clinical, it also says it is suitable for post-injection/sensitive skin.  It has a short list of ingredients, and made in Germany.  The whole packaging looks neat and medical-esque.  Call me lame, but its resemblance of eye drops boosts my confidence in trying out a totally new brand.

~La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra 2x2ml (costs HKD $26)
~La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 2x4ml (costs HKD $8)
~La Roche-Posay Toleriane Cosmetic Water 15ml (costs HKD $15)
I have used the cleanser already.  It is the creamy gel type that doesn't foam up very much.  Perfect to use in conjunction with my Clarisonic.  Typically my skin likes La Roche Posay, and it will love using the soothing cream and water/lotion when weather eventually gets drier!

~Time to Move Ionhydra2 Mask 15ml (costs HKD $144)
~Time to Move New Radiance Face Scrub 5ml (costs HKD $96)
T2M - Time to Move - is a French brand, sold at selective Sasa stores.  The mask boosts cellular activity, adds moisture, and plumps up the skin.  Both of these have a pretty strong sophisticated fragrance, which in my opinion is nice.

~BeauuGreen 3D Snail Essence Mask (costs $13)
Snail!  One of the hottest trendy ingredients in skin care is snail essence.  This mask claims to renew, refine, moisturise and adds radiance to the skin - I will be testing this out very soon and keep you posted with my review!

Total Value:  HKD $889
Overall:  Hurray - I love skin care and I'm pleasantly delighted with the numerous new bits to try out!

Glamabox is doing an even bigger box for Christmas/the Holidays in December, I am so excited looking forward to what's going to arrive at my door! :D  I am hoping they would throw in some make up bits for December?

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What have you got in your November Glamabox?  

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