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Glamabox Sep and Oct 2012

As far as my knowledge goes, Glamabox is currently the only beauty box open for subscription in Hong Kong.  Glossy Box HK and My Lux Box were the others, but both now stopped.  So this is what we have for now, I think.

I began my one-year subscription in August, and the first box arrived in September, not bad.  The 12 boxes cost me HKD $1188 in total.  Glamabox works in Hong Kong and Taiwan, featuring brands from Asia region as well as international offerings.  They also sell some products on their website, along with special edition boxes - I'm eyeing their Bridal Box - link!!!!!

To be frank, from the 2 boxes I have received so far, many of the brands I have never heard of.  This could totally be a good, or a bad thing, depending on what you expect from a beauty box.  I love trying new things, especially skin care products, so this is a positive aspect of Glamabox to me.  Considering the fact that I pay for around USD $150 initially for my subscription, I also expect the items are worth the money spent.  If you want to know more, please read on.

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Let me discuss about the content of the September and October boxes below:


A box of collagen supplement; Five small sachets of serum samples; One serum sample; One sheet mask; and A pack of herbal stress relieve pastilles.

Every box comes with a very detailed brochure of its content - thumbs up.  The glamabox team also write up a friendly note on how everything work together, or on their own - good impression.  Products are nicely packed and wrapped in a neat box, which is delivered by courier - lovely.

This is the first box I have received.  The Ido Deep-sea Collagen Peptide $228 is really a hit-or-miss.  To be frank, I am not a huge fan of dietary supplement because that just wasn't part of my diet nor beauty regime.  Besides being sceptical about their effect, I also fear that they will taste horrible.  This Ido Collagen is, luckily, pretty tasty.  This product claims to be gentle and easily absorb-able, suitable for women over 25 (not me), and helps with hair/nail growth, skin condition, etc.  It tastes like vanilla.  I add this to my tea or coffee in the morning (as it says to be consumed on an empty stomach).  No adverse effect - I regard this as a good sign!  I may report back when I finish the whole box to see whether this perform well enough to justify a repurchase.  The Body Shop Natrulift Firming Serum $87 comes in 5 sachets.  I have used one and it was okay.  The serum has pomegranate seed oil that helps with anti-ageing.  I find it moisturising and nourishing, but nothing too special.  Infusens Absolute Moisturizing Concentrate $128 is 1/10 of an intensive treatment that instantly tenses skin up and nourishes the epidermis.  I won't shell out $1,280 for a set of 10, but 1 tube of this is definitely great to try out.  Louvier DNA Silk Mask $7 is a really good mask that I would recommend and repurchase (if my beauty cupboard allows an addition of 20 more mask in 1 purchase!).  I have reviewed it - link - and I like it, a lot.  I haven't yet tried the Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles $14, which has flower extract inside to relieve stress.

Cost:  Around HKD $460

Overall:  Hurray~ (I use a special ranking for all of my product reviews.  Read about that here.)  To be short and sweet, I like everything!  As the first box, it didn't disappoint!


Content: Two sheet masks; One hair mask sample along with two sachets of aloe vera gel; An energy bar; A full size eye cream.

Fleur de Beaute Hydro-Intensive Mask $40 is made in Taiwan.  It contains ATP and hydrating ingredients to create soft, supple and radiant complexion.  The mask has ear straps to cling to the ears, too.  Eternal Concept (EC) Mud Hair Mask $15 and Aloe Vera Gel $9 are nice little samples for conditioning the hair, and skin.  The hair mask has Dead Sea Mud and can be used on the scalp as well.  The aloe vera gel has Dead Sea minerals in, to soothe irritated or burnt skin.  I gave the F and N aLive Energise (Almond Nut Bar with Chocolate and Cereals) $6 to my fiance and he didn't say anything bad about it - assume it is tasty then.  I enjoyed the Ido supplement I received in the September box, so I am excited to try the Ido AC-11 Recovery Eye Cream $250.  It claims to prevent skin aging, lighten and smooth out wrinkles, moisturise and help skin stay young.  I will open it up once I get through some other eye creams.  Le Peau Douce (LPD) Extra Perfection Aloe Vera Mask $105 is from a premium skincare brand with the Swiss intelligence, and the mask costs $528 for a box of 5.  With aloe vera ingredient from the US, it claims to stimulate healthy cell growth, repair damaged tissues and strengthen skin. Also good for pigmentation, reducing stress and acne.

Cost:  Around HKD $415

Overall:  Okay.  The inclusion of an energy bar is a little absurd, but I am a face mask lover, so the two masks make me happy.  Also, pretty excited about the full size eye cream too, I hope it won't disappoint!

Are you still subscribed to any beauty boxes?  Do you think they are worth the money spent?

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