Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hit Pan #6 | Suqqu Dual Effect Powder Foundation

Hitting pan with make up is ecstatic.  When one has as many products and keep acquiring new stuff like there is no tomorrow, it is in fact satisfying to see the bottom of a pan, or a tube, or a bottle.  I also find this a very significant indication of something is well-loved, or pratically well-used, that it is worthy of a review or post of some sort.  In the past I have done five of these posts - you can tell by this post's title being #6 - and feel free to read them if you're interested (link to all the posts with that label here).  I find it interesting as most of the products mentioned are base products, this time, it is the Suqqu, Dual Effect Powder Foundation in 102.

How it is:  I procured this bloody expensive powder foundation in Tokyo this Summer.  It retails for around 10,000 yen (HKD$1,000) with the case and puff and all that jazz.  With a simple black pouch, it is still more 'minimalistic' than luxurious packaged.  The foundation is two-toned, about two-third is the standard shade, with a smaller section of the shadow shade.  It comes with a good selection of shades designed mainly for fair/light skin Asians, the shopping experience at Suqqu is extraordinary and the professional sales assistant helped me pick this shade, which was a perfect match for me.

How I use it:  Personally, am not a daily liquid foundation wearer.  I go with sunscreen or tinted mositurizer (or BB Cream), then conceal, and set.  Most of the times I set with a compact foundation instead of loose powder or pressed powder because I like that coverage and colour.  Usually I apply the compact foundation(s) with a dry powder sponge.  I find myself reaching for the base shade more often, hence the large dent on the top.  A tiny complaint would be the contouring/shading section is not the easiest to touch with a sponge; I tend to load the corner of the sponge with the darker shade, and then carefully apply it around my face and slightly under the cheekbone.  The shading effect is subtle but elegant, nothing too dramatic or drag.

How I like it:  Definitely a Hurray product for me.  The powder is ultra fine, super silky soft.  It is moisturising - yes, moisturising as a powder!  I can apply this as carelessly as I wish and not worry about it highlighting my dry flaky skin, or cake up anywhere.  No idea on how it moderates or controls sebum though, as my skin generally doesn't shine throughout the day.

You can see me wearing this foundation in a few previous posts, including this one (link) and that (link).

I highly recommend trying this if you 
- appreciate the convenience of a compact foundation
- have normal/dry skin
- like Suqqu
- have light/medium Asian skin tone
- don't mind spending over USD$130 on a foundation

Do you use compact foundation, or pressed powder?  Which was the best and worst ones you have tried?

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