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Inventory #20 - Burberry Beauty

I only shop at Burberry beauty counters for special occasions.  Primarily because I'm not a usual beauty-counter shopper, I prefer Sasa than Seibu.  Secondarily, Burberry make up is not cheap, but every single shade looks so delicious, wearable and luxurious - meaning, Burberry counter is a very dangerous place.  My last purchase was triggered by some bad emotions at work - featured in an old acquisition post (link) - and this time, it was due to celebration.  Burberry sent me a birthday letter with a complimentary gift which I have to redeem at a counter.  Marvellous.  I took the bait, and went ahead and did some birthday shopping.

I decided to do this brand-focused inventory post on Burberry Beauty because it is totally worth an individual post.  I will do better shots of swatches and looks with these lovely products later - that's out of this post's context.

This post is in two parts:
Part 1 - Birthday Acquisition
Part 2 - My Burberry Beauty Collection

Part 1 - Birthday Aquisition

The packaging is classic and sophisticated.  Not overly glamorous nor luxurious, but high-class.  I love the black satin ribbon against the rouge beige paper bags and boxes.

For this birthday haul, I purchased two of the new Autumn/Winter collection single eyeshadows, along with a 
regular blush.  The Eye Enhancer in No.23 Dark Sable, a matte dark brown, and No.24 Mulberry, a deep shimmery mysterious purple, are smooth and pigmented.  I have yet to wear Mulberry out, so I can't tell how pretty it is on my eyes.  However, I did use Dark Sable along my lash line the other day, when I was rocking the no-eyeliner and bright red lips look.  Gorgeous.

I need something more subtle, natural but life-adding on my cheeks when I rock the lips-focused look mentioned.  Here comes Tangerine.  It is a regular Natural Blush.  Perhaps one of the least exciting shade to the eyes in the pan, but not dull on the skin.  Brushing this lightly on my cheeks with the little slanted natural bristle brush included, gives my complexion the most natural glow.  Gor-geous.

As mentioned in the beginning, Burberry tempted me to shop with a complimentary birthday gift.  It is in fact in the form of a mini lipstick - Lip Cover No.03 Cameo Pink.  A very wearable peachy pink in the creamy Lip Cover formula.  I would say this is a very nice colour for most fair Asian skin tones (local market).

The taller lipstick is what I picked up from the newer Lip Velvet line.  It is in No.308 Pink Azalea.  Lip Velvet is the matte pigmented lipstick recently released from the brand.  Very rich in texture and colour pigments, glides on amazingly and wears very comfortably.  

Finally, the sales assistant (or make up artist) asked if I'd like to try the new Velvet foundation, I asked for samples, but there wasn't any available.  After looking it up high and low, she dug out a few (four sachets) Sheer Foundation in Trench No.04.  Not bad.

Part 2 - My Burberry Beauty Collection

It is a humble collection, really.  In total, I have only two blushes, four eyeshadows, two big and two small lipsticks, a powder foundation, five sachets of foundation samples and one fresh glow sample.  That's all.

  • Eye Enhancer Sheer Eyeshadow - No.23 Dark Sable, No.24 Mulberry, No.22 Pale Barley, No.06 Almond
  • Light Glow Natural Blush - No.06 Tangerine Blush, No.08 Misty Blush
  • Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
  • Sheer Foundation Luminous Fluid Foundation - No.04 Trench
  • Sheer Foundation Luminous Compact Foundation - No.02 Trench
  • Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick - No.308 Pink Azalea
  • Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick - No.03 Cameo Pink, No.04 Rosewood
  • Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick - No.03 Brown Sugar

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Beautiful wishes,

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  1. Replies
    1. They are great texture and great pigmentation. I really enjoy using them!

  2. I love their packaging but too expensive for me. Plus I don't have pennies to rub together as I'm on a spending ban =/

    1. They are worth the pennies (in my opinion!)



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