Thursday, 29 November 2012

Inventory #21 | Bourjois (Warning: Long Post)

I love Bourjois for four major reasons:

1.  Price.  It is not too expensive compared to normal pharmacy brands.  Everything is relatively reasonably priced, even in the counters/booths here in Hong Kong.
2.  Quality.  Some say Chanel and Bourjois share some factories and formulas.  I don't use nor own many Chanel make up, so I can't tell.  In my experience, Bourjois makes very decent products.
3.  Parisian/French elegance.  From the colour and texture, to the packaging and promotional images, Bourjois screams an European romance that is not easily found elsewhere.
4.  Bourjois owns Chanel.  


Bourjois is a French cosmetics brand founded in 1863 by Monsieur Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois, with the invention of the first powder blush, Pastel Joues.  
In 1924 Coco Chanel approached Pierre Wertheimer, the then owner of Bourjois, to help a her create Parfums Chanel. A deal was struck where Chanel would recieve 10% of the profits, and Bourjois 90%. Parfums Chanel was a big success - Coco had practically given away the most lucrative side of her business. A decision she would come to regret.
Nowadays, Bourjois and the Wertheimer familly own and control all of the Chanel business.
(source: link)


Similar to the previous Burberry Beauty post - link, this article/post is divided into parts.

Part 1 - Birthday Acquisition
Part 2 - Past Product Review (of items I have tried but no longer own)
Part 3 - My Current Bourjois Collection
Part 4 - News
Part 5 - Wist List

Part 1 - Birthday Aquisition

Last month was my birthday, and I went over to the counter to obtain my birthday gift.  It is a sample of the Flower Perfection Foundation in No52 Vanilla.  *Hey, Burberry gave me a mini lipstick and you gave me a sample sachet?  It's disappointing...*

I browsed around and managed to spot a few new items I wanted to try for a while, including the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in No51 Light Vanilla and the Loose Powder in No01 Peach.  I purchased a new tube of my favourite skin care Bourjois ever made (and is still available) - the Foaming Cleansing Cream - it smells divine and hydrates while removes make up in the wash - a-mazing.  Then I went a little excited and picked up three new 1 Seconde Silicon Gel Texture Nail Enamel - #20 Perle Illusion (silver), #03 Beige Distinction (nude) and #18 Or Hi-Tech (gold).  So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel has some new released colours, and I picked up #47 Rouge Defendu (a burnt orange red).

A few days later, I visited the Bourjois nail bar for hand treatment before an event.  After my hand treatment I realised I didn't bring along my make up bag for the night - so I hurried up and bought a lippie for touch-up.  Effet 3D Max Gloss #17 Grenade Juicy was procured, along with the almost matching 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in #11 Rouge in Style.

Part 2 - Past Product Review

Most of the things that I have tried and not particularly love from Bourjois are their mascaras.  My lashes are stubborn and picky, sparse and soft, which require mascara formulas to volumise, darken, lengthen and most importantly, hold the curl.

Note:  Some items are no longer available on the French website, similar images were used to replace them.

1.  Mascara Volume Clubbing - Did hold the curl but still a little heavy for my lashes.
2.  Volume Glamour - One of the oldest ones I have tried.  Not worked.
3.  Coup de Théâtre 2 en 1 - One of the first European take on the plastic wand/bristles.  The formula was too thin, but still straightened my lashes.
4.  Cafe and Creme Pencil - I liked the nude side better than the coffee side, but honestly, both sides smudged like crazy.
5.  Liner Pinceau - Doesn't work out a smooth line, doesn't dry quick enough.
6.  Brush Concealer - One of the first Bourjois products I have ever bought.  The 1st generation came in a peach tube like this image.  Back then it was one of the only items I would use every day~
7.  Make Up Remover - Despite being the bi-phase type of make up remover, it is not effective in removal waterproof make up.  Very difficult to get the 2 layers mixed too - shaking challenge.
8.  Express Cleansing Wipes - Review in this empties post (link).  Drying.
9.  Vitamin Toner - Smells and feels refreshing.  Not life-changing though.

10.  Pump Up Mascara - Clumpy instead of volumizing.
11.  Lash Serum - The clever thing is it can actually be attached to the Pump Up Mascara's top part.  Gimmick though.  It wets the lashes but didn't condition.
12.  Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara - Bourjois' take on the comb mascara, it was alright, but not the best.
13.  Maxi Frange Waterproof Mascara - No Way
14.  Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara - Okay
15.  Eyebrow Mascara - The colour selection is very narrow.  I prefer the Asian brands offering more.
16.  Pinceau Light-Reflecting Concealer - Horrible, doesn't cover, and the brush is tiny, delivered way too few product.
17.  Brush Concealer - Hurray!  Longer review can be found in this empties post (link).
18.  Cream Eyeshadow - Can be used as a base, or on its own.  I love the range of metallics they designed. Lovely!
19.  Night Lip Balm - Very nourishing and performed miracles overnight.  I am really mad this was discontinued!!!!!! Had a short review on my ancient billingual beauty pixnet blog, visit it if you're interested (link).
20.  Eau De Gloss Water Lipgloss - This was the only thing I wore one Summer, when I was working in a boring office.  However, within weeks, this gloss deteriorated into a really bad-smelling liquid.  Probably due to the too high h2o content in the formula!?
21.  Nail Polish Remover - Leaves an oily residue that is supposed to nourish, but I find it too weird.

Part 3 - My Current Bourjois Collection

I do keep quite a bit of Bourjois make up.  A number of them are discontinued or special edition packaging or such, I will be tossing some of them soon!  By the way, I have no idea why I have to type out every product name and colour... It seems so much information in one post, isn't it?  Anyway......

  • 1 Seconde Nail Enamel - #18 (glitter) #9 (midnight purple) #24 (green)
  • 1 Seconde Silicon Gel Texture Nail Enamel - #03 Beige Distinction (nude) #18 Or Hi-Tech (gold) #20 Perle Illusion (silver), #11 Rouge in Style (red)
  • False Nail Effect Nail Enamel #58 Brun Enrobant
  • French Manicure #93 Natural Pink
  • @So Laque Nail Enamel - #08 Prune Vinyle #11 Rouge Diva 
  • So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel - #47 Rouge Defendu #39 Jaune Trendy #60 Bleu Fabuleux #44 Bleu Model #28 Rose Lounge (the nude Kate Middleton wore in her royal wedding!)

1 second #11, so laque #11, #47, false nail #58

  • Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - No51 Light Vanilla
  • Healthy Mix Foundation #52 Vanilla
  • 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation #72 Rose Clair
  • @Brush Foundation #31 Beige Clair
  • @Stick Concealer #11 Beige Ivoire
  • @Bourjois Compact Powder #71 Beige Clair - Hurray (It has been finished long time ago.  The compact now houses a bronzer from another brand)
  • Loose Powder in No01 Peach
  • @Delice de Poudre Gold Bronzing Powder #54
  • Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder #51 (for fair/medium skin)
  • Flower Perfection Foundation in No52 Vanilla

Mini #03, Blush #16, #32
  • Blush #22 Tomette D'Or, #32 Ambre D'Or, #54 Rose Frisson, #18 Or Sublime, #33 Lilas D'Or, #95 Rose de Jaspe, #03 Brun Cuivre #16 Rose Coup de Foudre #17 Rose Fougue #34 Rose D'Or
  • @Mini Bourjois, Blush #03


  • Eyebrow Pencil #04 Blond Fonce
  • Liner Clubbing #84 Brown Vibes #86 Bronze Dance Floor
  • Contour Clubbing Waterproof - #42 Gris Tecktonik #43 Green Insomniak 
  • Metallic Eyeliner #53 Feuille de Cuivre #51 Noir Effet Miroir #56 Fil d'Or
  • Khol and Contour #14 Ambre Virtuose

swatches above are done in order, skipping the brow pencil.

eyeshadow #90, #04, #14, #54

  • @Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow Wardrobe - #68 Violet #66 Iredescent Violet #42 Sparkling Black #55 Emerald Green #64 Abricot #49 Copper #44 Greeny Silver #43 Kaki #61 (?)
  • Eyeshadow - #90 Blanc Diaphane #04 Noir Precieux #14 Gris Delicat #54 Marron Glace


  • Effet 3D Max Gloss #17 Grenade Juicy
  • Effet 3D Les Nudes Lipgloss #34 Rose Mythic
  • @Gloss Menthol Refreshing Breath Treat Transparent Lipgloss
  • @Gloss Bijou #Rose Precieux
  • @So Rouge #34 Rouge Dress Code
  • @Lovely Rouge #28 Prune Imperiale
  • Contour No Color Lipliner
  • @Douceur des Levres Glossy Effect Lip Pencil #Rose Exotique
  • @Mini Bourjois Lipstick #12


@So Rouge #34 Rouge Dress Code
@Lovely Rouge #28 Prune Imperiale
@Mini Bourjois Lipstick #12
@Douceur des Levres Glossy Effect Lip Pencil #Rose Exotique

@Gloss Bijou #Rose Precieux

  • Vitamin Lipstick - #(brown label missing) #55 Cassis Blackcurrant (depot in this palette: link to post)

  • @Mini Bourjois Tinted Lip Balm #04 (nude) #02 (peach) #01 (berry) #06 (pink)

Part 4 - News

Bourjois is releasing a new formula/line of lipsticks!  (Bourjois Hong Kong Facebook link - click me)  There are 18 brand new shades for these hydration pigmented BRIGHT lipsticks.  I am kind of struggling to NOT let myself go near any of the counters as I'm pretty sure a few of these lippies will rob my credit card and go home with me!

On the other hand, Bourjois is doing a foundation sampling programme, where I can get to try their foundations and obtain two 5ml samples after my consultation at their counters... So... should I risk the danger of buying too many lipsticks and go get the two foundations I'm super eager to test out (123 Perfect and Bio Detox)????

Part 5 - Wist List

New lipsticks!!!  I really love Bourjois' lipsticks, but they don't sell the brightest craziest most fun colours in their previous formulae.  Now that they are launching these Rouge Edition, I would really really love to try out a few colourful tubes!  :D  Some of the items in the image below aren't available in the local market, I'm still compiling it anyhow...  One can't stop dreaming, or should I?  :P

  • Khôl Kajal Queen Attitude
  • Mascara Volumizer
  • Dissolvant Miraculeux Magic Nail Polish Remover
  • Rouge Edition Lipstick
  • Colorissimo Lips Palette
  • Gloss Embellisseur de Sourire
  • 123 Perfect Foundation
  • Bio Detox Foundation
  • Flower Perfection New Generation Loose Powder
  • Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
  • Touche Healthy Mix Concealer
  • Healthy Mix Healthy Glow Foundation
  • Poudre Bronzante Delice De Soleil Bronzer

Okay I will end this super long post here.  Thank you for bearing with me.  Hope you find this post helpful or interesting.

Do you like Bourjois?  What is your favourite Bourjois product(s)???

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I want to like Bourjois but sadly am not very impressed with what I own especially since I can only procure them when I'm out of the country (they aren't sold where I'm at). I have the Flower Perfection foundation, Rose Lounge nail polish and Lune D'or blush.

    1. Hi Blair~ Rose Lounge is impressive: wearing it now and it looks like better-than-gel-nails fakeness!

      Haven't tried the flower perfection yet, I heard it has higher coverage than the healthy mix, and healthy mix is pretty adequate for me already.

      For the blush, do you not like the colour, or the texture?

  2. AMAZING! Bourjois is the best...I reaaaaaally like their Micellar water,removes waterproof makeup in a minute and it's the same as Avene one :)
    I did buy that 2phase make-up remover, I'm hoping I will like it somehow :/

    1. @Sara, no I haven't tried their micellar water - need to try that next~ the 2phase remover is not superb, nice, but there are nicer ones out there.

      Cheers :D

  3. I love Bourjois! Their Healthy Mix Serum foundation is my favourite "drugstore" foundation, and the matching powder is excellent as well. Plus I love their blush pots and Liner Feutre (cannot live without that felt tip eyeliner!).

    1. I am really enjoying the healthy mix serum too! ((which powder are you loving? the healthy mix powder?))

      Will go and get one of their felt tip when some of my liquid liners run out! :D


  4. I love Bourjois, too! I'm moving to Hong Kong soon, is Bourjois easily available there?


    1. Yes Cynthy, they are sold in larger Sasa (beauty chain stores), and some Watson's (chain pharmacy). I'd say pretty accessible!



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