Monday, 5 November 2012

Shameless Spoil 2012.04 - Gifts from the Girls

I got a few bits from my girlfriends and family for my birthday present, I think I will share the beauty gifts here.  First, an It's Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam in 02.  Everything on its packaging is in Korean so I'm guessing from the bananas, it is a banana/fruity face foaming wash?  Nature Republic Natural Vitamin Facial Mist Vitamin A is more straight forward, on the other hand.  Both of these are Korean brands.

Pure Australian Honey (Eucalyptus) is an Australina souvenir brought back by A., while Heynature Oxygen Super Hydro Deep Cleansing PH Balanced Brightening Mask Cleanser Cleansing and Bubble Massage is a gift from C. who's just 4 days younger than me.  It is also a Korean brand.  I have the The Saem Oxygen Bubble Mask which is similar and I can't wait to see how these compare to each other!

Souvenir from Thailand, Pond's, Magic Powder Oil and Blemish Control #Cool Blue.  It is a simple talc with a hint of cool tint to it.  This will probably be useful as a mild colour correcting finishing powder when the days get hot again next Summer.

I have had many happy meals with my friends the past month to pre-celebrate or celebrate or post-celebrate birthdays.  It was amazing.  Thanks girls.  ;)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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