Monday, 19 November 2012

Shameless Spoil 2012.07 - Taklon Bristle Brushes

Sorry for the series of haul posts... I admit I was over-doing my shopping in October... November is supposed to be a no-buy as well, but I have already managed to procured a bunch of skin care from Clinique, No. 7, and Sasa.  (That will be another post, of course.)  Anyway, back in late September, I made a collaborate order with my fiancé  mainly buying novels, make up books, and books for his work/exam.  I naughtily added in some make up brushes, because, why not?!  The huge heavy parcel came in around early November, and hence the post now.

From Real Techniques, I got the big Powder Brush.  It is in a very similar shape to the Multi-Task Brush that comes in a RT set, just much larger.  The hair is plenty in amount, and very very soft to the touch.  I love it, but it is just 'nice-to-have' instead of 'must-have' because big powder brush that cover a large large area seems to me more replaceable than other brushes.

Ecotools, Limited Edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set (Conceal, Bronze, Contour, Buff) is the other thing I got off Amazon.  I have washed them, but haven't yet started using them.  I have high hopes for them.  For the least part, they feel so bloody smooth to the touch, they can't disappoint if you love smooth touches!

My friend P. was making an order on, and she knew I wanted some (more) Real Techniques.  I went ahead and picked up two more of the individuals, as I have all the sets, and not the singles.  The Setting Brush is a very small flat fluffy brush.  I'd call it an enlarged MAC #217.  I have used it with powder to set undereye concealer, perfect shape; to set my whole face, very precise application.  But I love it most to put on powder highlight on top of cheek bones, bringing it up to the brow bone area.  Marvellous.

The other brush is the Blush Brush.  Absolutely amazing.  There is so much hair/bristles but all cut in the perfect three-dimensional way, not flat, nor blunt.  So round but slightly tapered to a smaller circle at the tip.  You can dab a little bit of product onto the tip, and blend with the whole brush.  Definitely worth every penny and days waiting for this!

What's your view on animal/synthetic brushes?  Do you like them, or go all au natural and use your fingers?  Do you love Real Techniques?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. The Real Techniques brushes are everywhere these days, I think I need some too no thanks to this post haha~

    Hmmm, much as I like natural bristles, I feel sorry for my furry friends out there...

    1. Thank you Blair, try RT, they are amazing!

      I enjoy both my natural and artificial bristles brushes. ^.^

  2. ecotools kabuki set looks really good!

    1. They are so cute and soft! Not the easiest to hold/use because of the mini handle (I have quite large hands) but very very lovely among my brush stash~



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