Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Super Splurge: Birthday Bought

Basically, what I acquired that are not included in my Shameless Spoil posts - link.  A lot of these are procured in Sasa, because it is the drain I like to flush down my cash, sad.  A few of these were given to me by my family and friends, and some of these, I purchased doubles for a swap with my friend Sam in UK, as well as some back-ups for my make up kit.  Don't judge, I have no reason for buying so much, and I am determined to go on a no-buy starting November, until I finish several projects I have on hand.

I have in fact opened and started using quite a bit of these, and reviews, looks and swatches may follow.  Do drop me a comment or request if you're interested in particular products, or if you have colour combination or make up look ideas for me!  Would love to hear those!!!

October was a long month...

  • Koji Spring Heart, Eyeshadow #01 Mocha, #02 Caramel, #03 Chocolat
  • Revlon, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #015 Cherish
  • En Coleur, #P13 Vino *3
  • La Suffren, Matte Lipliner #619L, #451L
  • La Suffren, Matte Lipliner #418L *2
  • La Suffren, Matte Lipliner #1210L *2
  • Kanebo Media, Moist Essence Rouge Lipstick WN-01
  • Kanebo Media, Face Powder A #Lucent
  • Sasatinnie, Advance Moisture EX Aqua Booster 3-in-1 Scrub Mask - birthday gift for VIP.  Every year I get a little little treat from Sasa, but I pour down so much cash down their drain!?!? 
  • The Balm, Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette - finally on sale!  good news, I save quite a few bucks for the long wait.  bad news, The Balm is probably going to be discontinued in local Sasa stores.  Oops.
  • Elizabeth, Airtop 2 Way Eyelid/ Lash Glue
  • Koji, Eyelash Fix Strong Type - they emphasize it is 7ml on the packaging.  hmm...
  • Elisha Coy, Always Triple BB SPF 30 PA++ - for oily skin
  • Elisha Coy, Always Nuddy BB 24 - for dry skin
  • Sasatinnie, Dolly Perfect Shape Gel Eyeliner #01 Pearl Black
  • Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - I have a pot of this, but as that is in a glass jar, it is not portable.  I want a tube of this in my handbag, hence I purchase a set of this with a travel size hand cream and face cream...
  • Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment
  • Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15 PA ++
  • Nuxe, Fondant Cleansing Gel Face and Eyes with Rose Petals
  • Nuxe, Gentle Exfoliating Gel Face Frequent Use with Rose Petals
  • Nuxe, Clarifying Cream-Mask Face and Neck with Rose Petals - I am insane and so in love after trying it out, I got 18 sets in total
  • Mentholatum, Water Colour #06 Rock'n Pink, #01 Vintage Pink
  • Majolica Majorca, Gloss Drop Gel Coat - nail polish top coat
  • Mini Duck Lip Balm - Yellow is lemon, Silver is Vanilla, White is Peach, Red is Strawberry.
  • Pupa, Multiplay Triple-Purpose Eye Pencil #09
  • The Koji lash glue and MJ lip gloss are for a swap.

From Bonjour:
  • OPI, #NL T55 Pirouette My Whistle
  • Lise Watier, Lip Duo #Vintage Moderne
  • Clinique, High Impact Rouge Impact SPF15 #23 RSVPINK
  • Lancome, Color Design #Designer Bloom (Sheen)
  • Estee Lauder, Pure Color Gloss #09 Rock Candy (Shimmer), #08 Plum Divine (Shimmer) - the dual
  • Estee Lauder, Pure Color Gloss #52 Raspberry Pop (Sparkle), #30 Racy Raspberry (Shimmer), #34 Star Ruby (Sparkle), #Rock Candy (Shimmer) - I got a duplicate Rock Candy, anybody wants it?
  • Estee Lauder, Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lip Pencil #08 Spice

  • Collection (Collection 2000), Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner #9 Retro Chic
  • Collection (Collection 2000), Metallic Cream Cream Eyeshadow #1 Gold Rush
  • Collection (Collection 2000), Mirror - free with purchase
  • I am mad they don't have the concealer on display, as I wanted to give it a try again.  The previous one I got is too light.  But given that my problem with the concealer is it's too drying, perhaps I shouldn't even bother to think about re-trying?  Mind battle.
  • Johnson's Body Care, 24 Hour Extra Care Body Lotion
  • Maybelline, Baby Lips Lip Balm #Smoothing Cherry - Loving it!
  • Maybelline, Baby Lips Color #Pink Lolita
  • Sen by Kim Robinson, Shampoo - Currently in use, so far so good.

  • Clinique, High Impact SPF15 #17 Rosette
  • Clinique, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss #07 Lilac - I already have this in my possession, anybody wants this duplicate mini tube?
  • Clinique, Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm #05 Chunky Cherry - Basically bought the Clinique set because of this.  Did a review and swatch and comparsion with the Revlon crayons - link.  This is a very wearable sheer red.
  • Megaga Professional, 18 pieces brush set - just costs me USD $10.  about half of the brushes are decent, and the brush roll is good faux-leather that is easy to clean.  very very good buy!

Jusco Living Plaza/Daiso:
  • Ellefar, Silk Touch Foundation #20 Beige - I was wearing a light foundation that day, and forgot my contour powder.  So I went ahead and grabbed a few cheap ones from Daiso.  Turned out, pretty nice stuff!
  • Daiso, Mineral Foundation #Nudy, #Beige
  • Daiso, Mineral Foundation #Dark Natural *2 - originally planned to get Sam one of this, that's why I got two.  However, this 'dark natural' shade is only half a shade darker than my NC20 skin... 

  • L'Oreal, Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation #N2 - as a L'Oreal VIP, I have 25% off the new Lucent Magique base make up line, so I went ahead and try this on my face and bought one. Really am liking this so far!  It will match me even better once I get paler in the Winter, but, very great stuff!
  • L'Oreal, Lucent Magique Light Touch-Up Pen #02 Light
  • L'Oreal, The Touche Magique True Match Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Concealer #Natural Beige

  • Missha, The Style Crystal Shine Rouge #OR03
  • Missha, The Style Lucid Nail Polish #BL05, #PK15, #BR05 - see NOTD of the pink and nude here
  • Missha, Real Essential Sheet Mask #Deep Sea Water - Birthday gift for VIP
  • Missha, Speedy Solution Clearing Gel Eye Patch - Birthday gift for VIP
  • Missha, M BB Boomer
  • Missha, M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++ #23 
  • Missha, Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence - probably something like the SKII copy.  Need to read more about this and give it a try ;)

Discount Stores:
  • Estee Lauder, Pure Color Crystal Lipstick #44 Berry Truffle (Shimmer) #41 Tiramisu (Shimmer)
  • Estee Lauder, Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick #86 Tiger Eye (Shimmer) #16 Candy (Shimmer)
  • Clinique, Butter Shine Lipstick #37 Pink-a-boo #13 Raspberry Rush
  • Clinique, Almost Lipstick #Flirty Honey
Blog Sale:

From NYCmakeuplover1 - link to her blog.  This is my 2nd time participating at her blog sales.  I am pretty excited to finally getting my hands on an Ellis Faas product!  For your interest, I do disinfect all the used products after I receive them.  For powders, I spray them with alcohol and then wipe the top layers away with a tissue.  For lipsticks, I dip them in a cup of alcohol and then wipe down with a tissue.  Special items like the Ellis Faas, I dip the brush head into alcohol and then rub it, with gentle force, back and forth on a alcohol wipe - then put aside to air-dry.

  • Burberry Beauty, Sheer Foundation #02 Trench
  • ELF Studio, Blush #Pink Passion, #Mellow Mauve, #Peachy Keen, #Candid Coral - same order as the swatch above.

  • Ellis Faas, Glazed Lips #L209 - I made two swipes of this on my wrist, should be identical ;)
  • NYX, Round Lipstick #640 Fig, #636 Gardenia, #623 Heather

  • Wet n Wild, ColorIcon #381B Sweet As Candy
  • Maybelline, Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow #25 Bad to the Bronze
  • Laura Geller, Baked Eyeshadow #Devils Food
  • Perfekt Beauty, Lip Perfection Gel #Melrose - freebie

From drivel about frivol - link to her blog.
  • Stila, Eyeshadow #Chinois, #Cloud, #Kamet - Chinois and Kamet are matte, Cloud is shimmery
  • Stila, Eyeshadow Duo #Tatiana
  • Shu Uemura, Eyeshadows #ME 800, #M Beige 801, #ME Medium Plum 761 - M: Matte, ME: Metallic
  • Lipstick Queen, Peacock Alley Lipgloss #Saunter - freebie. :")
  • Nars, Velvet Matte Lip Pencil #Pop Life

From Supermarket:

  • Superdrug, Cotton Wool Pads (50 Large Pads)
  • Superdrug, Pro Vitamin Full Volume Volumising Shampoo - I bought this before I purchased the Sen shampoo from Watson's.  I like how 'Full Volume' sounds, but this has 'worse' ingredients.  I will give this a try and see if I like it.

From Muji:

  • Pencil bags - Bought this to hold my lip and eye pencils for my kit.  Sleek and tidy.  Isn't it?

BURBERRY - a separate post is on its way.
BOURJOIS - a separate post is on its way, too.

Forever 21:
Love and Beauty, Eyeshadow Palette #Natural/Multi
Love and Beauty, Blush #Pink
Love and Beauty, Creme Lipstick #Cherry
Love and Beauty, Glitter #Dark Green/Gold

Halloween Stuff:

  • Elf Ears and Fluorescent Cream Make-Up

Random samples:

  • Missha, Super Aqua Marine Forest Lifting Serum - used up, see link.
  • Missha, Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling
  • Missha, Super Aqua Detox Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask
  • Garnier, Aqua Defense Nourishing Soothing Essence 2nd Skin Mask

  • O'slee, Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III
  • O'slee, Aqua Medi Refreshing Hydro-Cream
  • O'slee, Rosehip Peeling Gel Removes Cuticle
  • Bio-Essence, Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF 25/PA++ 8 In 1
  • Bio- Essence, Bio Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi-Effects SPF 25/PA++ 10 In 1
  • Bio-Essence, Zero Blackheads in 1 Step

  • Skin Peptoxyl, Daily Micro Peel Mitts Cell Renewal Treatment, Instant Resurface/ Smooth/ Revitalize Skin
  • Smart Health, Natural 5AMulti-Omega + Multi-Vitamin-Calcium - gummy sweets for kids XD

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Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 54.25
Purchased: 2 full size, 55 travel size
Total Damage: 59
Distance from Goal: 113.25, updated on 7th Nov.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 12.75
Purchased: 2 full size, 1 travel size
Total Damage: 5
Distance from Goal: 17.75, updated on 7th Nov.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Oh, wow! So many goodies! Waiting for swatches;)

    1. You're welcome. What product swatches do you want to see first?

  2. I'm so jealous. So need a good splurge right now. I'd love to try that L'oreal foundation.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Mom Fitness Journal

    1. That L'Oreal Foundation is really illuminating - love it very much indeed!



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