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Burberry Haul | Completed Complete Eye

The Complete Eye Palettes are currently sold at HKD $390 each, with 6 colour options.  I got mine with my aunt's Sogo discount so she got 5% rebate - not bad deal.  As it was the Sogo thankful week celebration, I received two sets of perfume body lotion, travel bag and keychain gift with purchase.  The sales assistant, who wasn't particularly polite in my opinion, didn't forget to throw in a bunch of base make up samples.  In my bag I got 1x Sheer Foundation No.04, 1x Sheer Foundation No.01, 5x Fresh Glow base, 3x Velvet Foundation No.205.  I have worn the Sheer Foundation in No.04 several times, including in this post (link) together with the Fresh Glow.  I like it, but don't love it.  I am really excited to try the Velvet Foundation, which should have slightly more coverage and less shine.  (The sales reminded me that No.205 might not match me though, without mentioning how!?)

The sales assistant also hinted that a new shade will be released in December for the Holidays, but that's all she told me, no hint on the date, the price, the shade, or whether it is limited edition.  (!)

Each palette comes with 4 shades, 5.4g of product.  In Hong Kong, a single eyeshadow costs $250 for 2.5g.  Not only is it very difficult to go through 2.5 grams of one single shade, but mathematically, a palette is so much better value!  The eye shadow palette is sturdy and heavy, in exact same dimension as a Burberry blush.  It comes in a pouch which also houses 3 applicators: 1 sponge tip, 1 synthetic slanted brush, 1 natural bristle fluffy brush.  Honestly, I don't particularly find the applicators useful.

I have worn some of the eye shadows this moment when I'm typing out this post.  But while I was taking the pictures, they were brand new.  I'm still pondering on whether I should do swatches or FOTD of all of these palettes.  Swatches are good, but the weather and light is not behaving... So unless any or many of you request, I will try to do at least one FOTD with each of these palettes, one is ready to be up this coming Friday - keep an eye out for that!

Burberry Complete Eye No.01, No.02
I am describing the colours from top-right to the bottom-left.  Do not quote my description, I am not a pro in describing colours!

No.01 Smokey Grey - Not the most 'unique' colours, but a very high quality take on the classic black smokey.  High shine silvery white, sultry dark pewter, matte neutral grey, and satin creamy black.

No.02 Mocha - The everyone's everyday palette, very easy to wear and I can't think of going wrong with these shades.  Matte nude cream, golden sand with fine gold shimmer, satin medium brown with gold sheen, dark warm brown with hint of red sheen.

Burberry Complete Eye No.03, No.05
No.03 Pale Nude - Not the most appealing out of the bunch, but when I touch it in person, it is so delicate and pretty!  Soft translucent blue-ish white, pale satin yellow nude, soft shimmery warm shell pink, baby bronze (yes I use baby to describe bronze!).

No.05 Dark Spice - Probably one of the more popular ones as I can see many skin tones wearing it beautifully, perfect for the cold or hot season, and the richest prettiest shades.  Did I mention I love its naming too?  Dark Spice... Hmmm...  Bronze gold, warm reddish brown, cool dark chocolate with gold sparkle (probably like Midnight Brown single - sorry I don't own that), velvet black with a hint of cool blue.

Burberry Complete Eye No.06, No.07
No.06 Plum Pink - Angelic baby pink shimmer, rosy plum, purple with gorgeous pink sheen, matte neutral brown (in between single Almond and Dark Sable).

No.07 Pink Taupe - Really speaks Burberry make up to me, elegant but cool, sweet but a little distant.  Pale sand, pink moss shimmer, soft neutral pink (darker than you thought), matte brown (more Dark Sable than Almond).

FOTD or Swatches?  Which one are you most interested in seeing?

Purchased with my own $.

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  1. Gosh, now that's a haul! Plum Pink looks so good! Gorgeous packaging :)

    1. Burberry make up is just so nice :D I wore Plum Pink yesterday, so beautiful and romantic on! LOVE!

  2. Those eyeshadows look lovely!
    Those are really good prices! Now I'm really jealous haha.
    Those palettes are $85 AUD here which is roughly $688 HKD each.

    You probably don't want to see Australian makeup SA' ever.
    They are super rude and they ignore people that don't have the right look.
    They make me feel invisible to be honest.

    1. Wow your price is nearly double of ours! I have heard Australian prices for import make up is high, but that is really ridiculous!!

      I don't understand the sales/make up artists at counters, hence I don't visit counters as often as I would... I suppose that's a good thing, 'cause that saves me $$?? lol

  3. OMG, now that's a haul!!!
    Super jealous, I love (and need) at least half of them!!! Been reading such rave reviews about these palettes everywhere, I can't resist them for much longer!!!


    1. You're welcome. Get at least one, or a few - they worth the dollars!



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