Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Face Mask Collective Review #02 | Asian Sheet Masks

First off, I have too many sheet masks.  I really need to go through them and stop buying new ones.  The first picture shows two of which I bought earlier this year for good purposes: Ari, my swap buddy in the States, wanted some sheet masks for problem skin or treating spots, hence I got her a few types to try out, and I tested the leftovers.

Watch me, if I do not go through at least half of my stash (which should be around 200 out of 400 sachets of these boxed and stashed in my cupboard), I am not allowed to buy new ones.  Samples or my beauty box subscription are excluded, of course.  :P


Providence Beauty, Spotless Oil Control
I was having a break out on my chin, and I wanted something to treat it, or at least tame it.  It is a fresh hydrating mask, not too moisturising.  Didn't treat nor tame my break out but nice to use.  
Overall: Okay

Combos Skin, Tea Tree Balancing Mask
No scent despite it says it have tea tree and witch hazel.  The cloth is medium thickness, soft and feels comfortable.  I like it a lot.  Too bad I shouldn't buy the other 'flavours' to test out.
Overall: Okay

Sasatinnie, Cucumber Refreshing and Clarifying Mask
It kinds of target more oily skin, so it is fresh and helps regulate oil secretion.  I don't find it drying or harsh, it is really gentle.  Not the most nourishing or radiance boosting, but nice and refreshing to use.  (Probably not very suitable for the colder seasons...)
Overall: Okay

White Formula, Super Moist Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
The sheet is super soft and thin, with special texture that adheres to the skin like magic.  The solution is plenty and very moisturising.  It is really penetrating and hydrating, unscented, alcohol-free and suitable for most skin types I would say.  Great one.
Overall: Hurray

Tell me, do you feel like putting on sheet mask in the Winter is a bit too cold and intimidating?  I do think so. Hence the next episode of Mask Review should be on some cream masks, I think.

Have a lovely warm Winter, and Happy New Year!

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  1. 400 masks!! wowzers!!! Please send some to me! lol Here in the UK we have this show called Cash in the Attic where antique experts rummage around peoples houses and find valuable pieces....I would sooo love to root through your house! You must have beauty treasures hidden in all corners of your house! Heaven! haha!!

    1. I can definitely send some to you, do you have any favourites from those I sent last time? Or do you have any things in mind you want to try? Email me if you want to do a new year swap!



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