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Finished Fortnight #4 | December Empties

I will very diligently try to make my bi-weekly empties into bilingual posts.  Big challenge.  Huge.  I am most probably going to screw up a few spelling here, and a lot of typing there.  Please bear with me, I am putting in effort!  :D



Skin Care 護膚/保養品 (首圖)

White Formula, Super Moist Mask with Hyaluronic Acid - Hurray - A full review will be posted very soon, with a few other sheet masks I have recently used.  I love the texture of this sheet in particular.  And.  It is moisturising!
Vichy, Purifying Foaming Water Radiance Revealer (Sensitive Skin) - Hurray - Great stuff.  I used this up within a week.  Mostly in the morning shower (new habit, by the way).  It is very gentle, refreshing, and hydrating.  With the weather getting quite cold and funky (sometimes super humid, other times windy and drying), my skin kind of freaks out.  This helped me to start a day afresh without being too harsh.  Minor drawback though, as with other self-foaming cleansers that come with a pump bottle, the product inside is greatly diluted, so you actually get less use out of the same amount to self-foaming stuff than those you need to add water in by yourself.  Anyway, I will love to use this again!
Mandom Beauty Cleansing Express - Okay - Nice dual-phase, bi-phase, two-layer kind of point make up removers.  It is transferred to the pink Biore bottle because it has a more convenient lid design.  (evidence of the transfer - read here).  It removes make up, water-proof eye make up as well, but not the most effective one in the market.  
Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Cream - Hurray - This particular item was discontinued, and then repackaged.  I haven't use the newer version of it, but I really like this stuff.  A nice thick gel cream for my dry skin in Summer, not nearly enough nourishment in the Winter now though.  full review here.
Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser SPF6 - No Way - Thick, greasy, doesn't absorb nicely.  Low SPF.  Hard to blend.  Weird faint scent.  No good.
Pola BA, The Eye Cream *2 - Okay - Got these samples with a magazine, used up 2 of the 3 sachets.  it is rich and not suffocating, nourishing, but not extremely impressive.  this brand makes super expensive stuff so I won't run out to try more :P
Viscontour Serum - Hurray - only used 1 of these so far (still have 4 tubes to use!), but I can tell it is really nice stuff!  I snapped open one of these and used before my make up as primer on a day my skin was desert dry and not behaving.  my foundation went on very smooth and my skin did look decent!  great great hydrating booster~

自白肌 面膜很便宜好用,貼面,保濕,有舒緩的感覺。我成功清空家中櫃裡無數的面膜存貨後,等到萬寧有優惠我定會回購! Vichy 的洗臉泡泡非常好用,溫和,乾淨,保濕;可惜用量非常兇。這種擠出來就是泡泡的都有這個通病,為配合使用,產品都稀釋了。。。旁邊粉色的眼唇卸妝本來是 B 家的,後來我把 Mandom 的倒了進去(因為 M 家的瓶子開口設計不方便)。這個卸眼唇還好,蠻夠力,不太油膩,價錢便宜,不過我對卸眼唇很不專一,家裡還有不下十款其他牌子的;所以,推薦(不過待會才回購)。。。

愛慕可 的白玉蘭系列我很愛,我覺得它很適合我的乾性皮膚。這罐是舊的包裝,最近應該改款了。我用這罐當晚霜,春夏和秋天都很和用,冬天感覺有一點點不夠力。現在晚上我在用他的玫瑰凍膜和其他不同品牌的,有機會也想試試看新的白玉蘭呢~ Korres 是希臘的品牌,我從 ASOS 訂的旅行套裝裡有很多不同的品項/小樣,有些我很愛,有些普普。這個野玫瑰日霜很遜,油油的不吸收,不推。 Pola 眼霜是日雜送的,潤,好推,能按摩一會才吸收,吸收以後皮膚很軟。可惜 P 家價錢高昂,不敢靠櫃呢(我連翻查它究竟有沒有設櫃的勇氣也沒有)。 Visacontour 的保濕精華是十一月 Glamabox 裡得來的,有天我皮膚特乾,先用一小條這個精華按摩然後上妝,妝很貼不特止,皮膚光澤看上去還騙得了人呢!

Daiso Fragrance Candle "Rose" - Okay - cheap $12 (about 1 brit pound) candle.  artificial scent, burnt just for 20-ish hours.  keep the atmosphere of my home pretty warm though.  
Dermagro Hair Rebuilding Serum - No Way - I have little amount of hair and I always feel I am losing more than grow out.  I want to try products that can help me lose less, or even grow more.  This wasn't performing like I want, and it wasn't pleasant to work with.  (weird texture and pearly liquid.. bizarre stuff)
Natio For Men Daily Face Wash *4 - No Way - Used this up as shower gel very generously.  Decent stuff but I'm so fed up with the scent.  I need to get rid of these ASAP!

大創(吉之島 Living Plaza)買的 $12 蠟燭。香味有點人工,而且不特別持久。但是點燃它令我家裡氣氛溫暖多呢~ Dermagro 生髮精華不只到什麼時候在屈臣氏之類買來試用,我頭髮超薄,所以想看看它能不能令我少掉一些,甚至多生一些。結論:無效。 Natio 的男士洗臉上個月都好像出現過,我厭倦了它的味道,所以慷慨地把它們當沐浴露虛耗掉。

Miscellaneous 雜項

L'Oreal cotton pads - Okay - free gift with purchase, I used them to remove make up and I find them okay.
Lily Bell Lilian Puff - Hurray - will always repurchase this brand for make up removal.  full review here.
Daiso feminine fabric wash - Hurray - to remove the inconvenient blood stains on fabric, especially those intimate clothing...  insanely effective.
Joseristine make up sponges - Okay - thin tiny rectangle sponges.  cheap and does the job when I apply make up on others.  will probably repurchase when I use up some of the wedges I have.
Miffy baby wipes - Okay - I used these to wipe my desk, laptop keyboard, hands, tools, mirror, etc.  I prefer something thicker and more textured but these are cheap and decent.
An Ikea candle I forgot to picture before disposing - Hurray - I love Ikea candles, too bad they don't have an outlet near me...

L'OrealLily Bell 這兩包化妝棉都是用來卸妝/卸指彩的。用來上化妝水我喜歡另外的款。大創的衣物清潔劑很好用:衣物沾上血跡時大派用場。。。彩豐行的化妝海綿分量很多,每塊很小,我用來幫人化妝時很方便,用完即棄~ 日本 Miffy 嬰兒濕紙巾我什麼都拿來抹,手啊,桌子啊,電腦鍵盤,工具,鏡子等等;便宜好用~

Ido Deep-sea Collagen Peptide - Okay - (Just realised this shot makes it look like some sort of box of contraceptive plastic bags!?)  Got this in my September'12 Glamabox.  Wasn't impressed at that time, even a little scared about weird tastes.  It did taste nicely of vanilla, and I use up the whole box with my morning coffee.  Nice stuff to take, but I didn't notice big difference in my skin, nor do I think I will buy another box.

Glamabox 裡給的 醫朵 骨膠原補充劑。我每天早上喝咖啡時倒兩包進去,雲呢拿(香草)口味的,味道很討好,效果倒不太明顯。。。 :P

Tossed 扔掉

Bourjois Gloss Menthol - Okay - too sticky, but I like the refreshing feeling and shine.  Bourjois counters in Hong Kong is doing a back-to-Bourjois programme where you return 5 old products (or containers) to get a 20% off new purchase.  this is going back ;)
Bourjois Concealer - Okay - not my shade for most months of the year, so it went dormant in my stash for very very long time.  love the consistency and packaging, but time to back-to-Bourjois...
Joseristine Bio-technology Breast Lotion - No Way - do not remember why I was tempted to buy this, knowing I would never have the persistance to apply this on regularly.  I am embracing my flat chest and this expired lotion is going to the trash.
Ki Nose Pore Cleanser - No Way - never figured out how to use it, nor find it effective.

Bourjois 的唇彩和遮瑕都不錯用,藍色唇彩薄荷(香草)味道香香的,比較黏。遮瑕很出色,很好推。只是我的這兩件品項都應該過期(和停產)了。另外兩件都是 彩豐行 的出品,基本上來說,就是我以前貪玩手滑買的,不合用的原因應該主要是我生活習慣的問題:沒有恆心塗豐胸乳,也沒有心機導出黑頭呢。。。

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal - Okay - it is too old the sticker on the packaging peeled off.  (similar product on sassa web - link).  it has no toxic salt that can cause breast cancer, and it lasts forever.  you activate it with tiny bit of water and apply it like you would with other roll on.
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation - Hurray - I love this stuff.  It is actually one of my first foundation love.  Tossing this away because it is too old, and product started to separate inside.  I will recommend this to anyone who likes fresh and radiant finish without much need to cover up flaws.

在 Sasa 買的 Naturally Fresh 紫色的止汗水晶石也是因為生活習慣不合而決定扔掉的。這個水晶石沒有致癌的化學物,用的時候只要沾一點點水,然後在皮膚上’滾動’一下。我始終比較喜歡有香味的止汗品(這個沒有香味)~ Bourjois 的粉底液應該是我的初戀粉底,要’回收’是因為這瓶太舊了,裡面有點分離的狀況。適合喜歡有光澤,遮瑕度低,香香底妝的朋友。

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  1. So many things on here which I have never tried or heard of but I love to read about all the products that you try. Salt can cause breast cancer?! I had no idea! I will have to research more about it

    1. Certain chemicals (aluminum chlorohydrates?) in the generic deodorant can cause breast cancer (you can google on that issue further), and this deodorant that I tossed out should have none of that. however, some other research says there is no direct link from deodorant to breast cancers. decide on your own!



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