Wednesday, 2 January 2013

International Giveaway | 12 Days of Christmas | Closed

2013-01-06 Last Update: All 12 winners are chosen (randomly by my fiancé and sister).  Still waiting for 3 of you to send me your addresses.  By sunset tomorrow, 7th Jan, I will stop waiting, and put the remaining gifts together as my January giveaway!  

2013-01-02 Update: Congratulations to our 8 winners, 6 of you have told me your address, so your gifts will be sent this week.  For the 2 who haven't yet, please do before 5th Jan, otherwise your gifts will be up for the next giveaway (I'm thinking of doing a monthly giveaway, stay tune!)...  Enter now for the last 4 prizes!!

2012-12-30 update:  Congratulations to the 6 winners~  6 gifts are gone now!  Hurry up to enter, the above 6 sets are still up for grab~!~!

To celebrate Christmas, and the fact that we're still alive today despite of the so-called 'End of the World', I'm hosting a giveaway - Hurray!  There will be a total of 12 winners, and winners get to pick their own prices!  It is open to Facebookers, Instagrammers and Twitteristas.  The best part?  You can be entered by all three methods!

As a friendly note, everything I include in this giveaway is BRAND NEW.  They are either bought by myself or given to me by friends (that I have duplicates of, or I just can't get around using them anyway).  I will ship everywhere my post office allows, but I cannot guarantee it will arrive safely - me ain't Santa Claus.  You may enter from now on until the giveaway ends, that is 5th January!

1) Like both Beauty Sketch Page and Joyeux Amour Page
2) Either in this album, or that album, pick gift(s) that you want, and like the picture(s)
That's it!

1) Follow both @jacqlibra and @joyeuxamour
2) Comment on the giveaway picture which gift(s) you like
That's it!

1) Follow both @jacqlibra and @joyeuxamour
2) Reply to our giveaway tweet stating which gift(s) you like
That's it!

Winners: (will be updated daily!)

25th December - Facebook - Puteri R. (Gift G) - Sent
26th December - Instagram - @cqahsan (Gift C) - Sent
27th December - Twitter - @PassingFancy_ (Gift A) - Sent

28th December - Facebook - Kesang Drema (Gift E) - Sent
29th December - Instagram - @missnoire (Gift K) - Sent
30th December - Twitter - @lo34674153 (Gift H) - Cancelled

31st December - Facebook - Sara Cris (Gift J) - Sent
1st January - Instagram - @hizaaaa (Gift B) - Sent
2nd January - Twitter - @careylexie (Gift D) - Cancelled

3rd January - Facebook - Amanda Lee (Gift L) - Sent
4th January - Instagram - @mycherrylane (Gift F) - Sent
5th January - Twitter - @miarsiku (Gift H) - Sent


Thank you for reading - Have a Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. i like page in fb: kate kononchyk
    my post
    i follow you twitter: @katshemi
    my twit:

    I like B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J,K
    so more like C and G and J

  2. i have liked both pages and photos on facebook(kwek kuek)

    i have followed both and replied on twitter (@leeliet)

    i would love to receive gift E or gift C :)

  3. Gfc : Puteri Ratnasari
    Twitter @puteriratnasari
    Facebook : Puteri Ratnasari

    I want to win prize G, J, B, C

  4. facebook Kesang Drema
    twitter @drezang
    Instagram @drezang
    gfc Kesang
    i like B E G

  5. Gfc: miarsi ningsih
    Email: miarsiku at gmail dot com
    FB user: orion zee
    Twitter: @miarsiku
    Prize: L,H,A

  6. facebook -Kimberly Rampersad

    email- k_rampersad03 at yahoo dot com

    twitter - @trinicutiegal

    prizes -A,H,L,J

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Gfc- saria hossain


    Facebook- Saria Hossain

    liked ur fb pages and followed ur twitter accounts :)

  9. Gfc- saria hossain


    Facebook- Saria Hossain

    liked ur fb pages and followed ur twitter accounts :)

  10. GFC: Diana Valverde
    Facebook: Diana Valverde
    Twitter: @DianaValverde_
    prices: c,j

  11. GFC: Kitty Wong
    Facebook: Kitty Chiyung Wong
    Twitter: kittyxwong
    prizes: J K

    followed your twitter and instagram accounts :)

  12. Hey Jacq! You blog looks amazing!! I really love the new look!! This is such an awesomely epic giveaway! You are sooo generous! I'd love to win J but really any gift would be fantastic! Keeping my fingers crossed xxx

  13. p.s. I followed all Twitter/Instagram/Facebook :-)

  14. Facebook: prihatinihartati
    gfc: prihatini hartati

  15. gf: prihatinihartati
    FB User: prihatinihartati
    Twitter: @hatinihartati

  16. Great giveaway and good luck to everyone! I've also got a giveaway going on. I'm offering a $100 Asos giftcard. It would be great if you would join :D.

  17. Hey! Love your blog, just followed on bloglovin! Hope you do more posts soon xx



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