Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review | Skincode Cellular Power Concentrate Ampoules

While I'm writing up this review, I'm on the last drop of my 5th little bottle of these Skincode Exclusive - Cellular Power Concentrate Ampoules*.  Phew, long name.  Considering the fact that I received these 6 little serums/concentrate just around the end of November, this is an indication of how much I enjoy using it.  In order to test this out, I went all in and stopped using my other facial serums, with the exception of some Naruko Rose usages where my skin is extra dry.

Skincode has a Swiss origin and this serum is made in Switzerland.  Skincode makes two line, the primary one is called 'Essentials', while the higher grade line is 'Exclusive' with patent ingredients to actively regenerate cells.  This set of serums has no artificial colourings, preservatives nor fragrance.  I love how it came in little ampoule bottles; very cute and keep the content fresh.  The product itself is a slightly thick water gel texture, has a barely noticeable hint of alcohol/fragrance. Absorbed in the skin in seconds, I notice improvement in hydration, size of my pores (on the cheeks) and fine expression lines (I tend to laugh too much).

My final verdict?  To my relatively young skin, this is definitely an Okay product.  Nice as an intensive treatment once in a while, or as instructed, every 6 to 8 months.  I do not think it is a must-have for young skin with generally less ageing issues.  However, for more mature skin or skin that is under great stress or extreme condition, this set of serums is some great Hurray stuff.  Perfect to procure as a gift for your senior family members. ;)

Visit and know more about the brand!

*PR Sample 活細胞濃縮抗皺精華液

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  1. Uh oh, down to the last drop. Better get some more.

    THanks for the review. I need intense treatment once in while too. And I do NOT have young skin.

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    1. Thanks girlieblogger :P I have other serums to use now... I can wait to head out to purchase... by the way, your skin does not look like it needs intense treatment! :D

  2. You can never laugh too much!! :-)

    1. Of course~ Lines (wrinkles) cannot limit our laughs!



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