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2013 New Year Resolutions

This post is about my New Year Resolutions mainly on blogging and for beauty!  Looking back, there are many unfinished/failed projects, or series.  This doesn't hold me back from making new ones.  I am cruel enough to dig up my last year's resolutions and reflect, so this will also be a rambling post of some sort.  After this post, I will also prepare a Top Favourites of 2012 List in January.  Not an easy one, but with that done, I feel like 2012 ends completely.

Now, let's revisit my 2012 first!
  • Project 20 Lips (link).  P20L began when I realise I have accumulated too many lippies, and I intended to making swatches of them instead of buying them.  I didn't commit much to this project.  But wearing lip colours more often this year definitely re-kindle the love of lips in me.  Perhaps next year I can still do a swatch-series with my lippies.  Anybody interested?  :)
  • 12x12 Favourites (link).  I have only down two or three posts in this series.  I will do my favourites under the title "Firm Favourites" on my blog, and hopefully really do monthly favourites on youtube (pondering on this idea)...
  • Beauty Inventory (link).  Not too bad.  I have photographed and documented quite a few portions of my collection/stash.  Tell me if you like them by categories or by brands, which I have done for a few of my favourite brands! ;)
  • Naruko/ampm Skin Care Review (link).  Failed in terms of my 'whole' collection.  But for the most part, I am quite satisfied with what I have written and posted.  Will be continued until finish!
  • Project 20 Skin Care (link).  Project 20 Body and Hair (link).  P20BH is probably the most successful projects out of the many I tried to carry out this year.  Overall, I emptied a lot of stuff but couldn't help buying more.  I need to work harder NOT to buy redundant products before I use up my stash, given that I will move home and have so much to work on next year!
  • Project Back 2 MAC.  I made an inventory of all my MAC beauty stuff, excluding the brushes, and hoping to use some bits up and Back2MAC once or twice.  Turned out?  I acquired much more this year, and perhaps I can do a B2M with my depotted eyeshadows.  :S

2012 Resolutions Review

First of all, I think I failed my Monthly Beauty Budget of HKD$1K (USD$125).  Some months I did alright, others, I failed immensely.  You can read my acquisition posts - my version of doing 'hauls' - to see how much damage I have done to my wallet.  Secondly, FOTDs.  I didn't do so well in the first half of the year, but later on, I tried to pick it up.  I am doing a little series called FOTD Friday, so hopefully this would go on in the future.  Beauty blog readers love FOTDs, and I enjoy making and reading these posts too.  It just requires a little more effort than writing reviews, or doing NOTDs.

Investigate and doing homework on good skin care brands has become one of my hobbies.  I am now keeping a little notebook with all my skin care wishes with items that interest me after reading reviews or advertisements.  Revisiting the lists and adding, editing, deleting lines is fun and somehow 'therapeutic'.  That being said, I have not been diligent in controlling my desire on purchases, or utilise this magical wish list method to the fullest.  My stash has been increased this year, to an extent that I need an entire floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to house them.

It is a much harder thing to do than say, when it comes to blogging in Chinese or bilingually.  For the most part, it is my laziness and procrastination.  I hope I can continue to do at least my bi-weekly empties post bilingually, which, by the way, has been a few weeks late now.  My bad...

Two things I will need to work harder on: Hair Styling and Lashes Documentation.  I didn't improve in styling my hair, although I did procured a few tools and bits this year.  On the other hand, I bought hundreds more pairs of false lashes this year, but only did review on a few styles.  That is so unfair to my collection!  Given that I'm such a big love of lashes, and my eye shape really benefits from wearing them, I will commit to this little project more in the year to come.

Finally, something I think I have achieved, i.e. to treat or prevent premature wrinkles around my eyes.  Worse though?  I think my dark circles and bags are at their worst I have ever seen.

2013 New Year Resolutions
  • Blog more, with better quality.  More product reviews.  
  • Try different looks.  I find the "30 day makeup challenge" very inspiring.  More face-of-the-days.
  • Stay organised.  Keep products categorised and know what I have.  More Inventory posts.  
  • Learn to do my hair.
  • Buy less make up.  Limit myself to a certain number of products, instead of budget.  Still pondering how to put this to action.
  • Perhaps, do youtube?

Did you manage to resolve something in the year of 2012?  Any idea on new year resolutions for 2013?  

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Very nice post dear!!
    love the preview#

  2. you accomplished so much! Not buying products is such a struggle... if you let yourself go just a little bit you end up with a lot of stuff! Year end sales got me last year, I am going to try and do better this year. lol

    I would be your first subscriber if you ever decided to do youtube!!

    1. Thanks Ari for your support! (my channel is there, just no new uploads for years)

      I am feeling great about limiting my spending right now - I hope I can keep it up!!!!! You know, last year I spent and bought so much that the 'haul' posts are still lining up, it seems to take forever to get them all written and posted... :S



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