Friday, 11 January 2013

Clean FOTD | Naruko BB Cream, Sleek Contour Kit

Photographed this product and FOTD some time in Summer 2012 and never got around to finish writing this up.  I wonder why am I keeping drafts of these on my blogger post lists and wait until everything is discontinued to finish them up?  (Big question mark.)  Oh and looking at these pictures, I guess I wasn't that awake hence the lack of smile - excuse that if you could~ :P

Full name: Naruko, Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream Essence.  Naruko is a pretty dynamic brand, one year they launch an array of products; the next year, they discontinue a portion of them, replacing them with other improved formulas or new things.  It can be a good or bad thing really.  If you encounter something you love, make sure to stock up on a few back-ups, especially when they have good bundle sets or promotion; otherwise huge regret may follow.  Some of the favourites that I have back-ups of include the Narcissus Fundamental Serum, Rose Serum and Narcissus Brightening Serum.

Let me begin/conclude by saying, I do not love this BB Cream Essence.  I like it, but not love it much.  It is an 'Okay' product which is nice to have, but not irreplaceable by any means.  The product has a light tint to it, not very pigmented, more on the brightening and evening-out skin tone side. It hydrates and tones.  Neither does it melt in the heat, nor balls up under other things.  It helps other make up applied on top stay on longer in a nice way.

Demo.  On your right, i.e. my left face (indicating with the tube of Naruko BB Cream), is WITH the BB Cream ON.  The other side is only with the Morning Kiss essence base - link to that.

Face Stat:

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream Essence
MAC, Studio Sculpt Concealer #NC20
Naris Up Brows Up #LB Light Brown
Sleek Make Up Contour Kit #Light (contouring on eyes and cheeks)
Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks EX-02 Kohakusui 琥珀水
Rock and Republic Extremist Noir
Za Lip Vibrante L11

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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    i follower you
    came to me

    1. thank you Kate, I'm going to check out your blog~

  2. You are very pretty :)

  3. you said it is light but in the pictures you skin looks really good! So clean and even toned :-)

    1. Thanks Kiran - I am always happily flattered when I get compliments on my skin :D :D



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