Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Firm Favourites #2 | Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus

Night Gelly, and Night Eye Gelly

If you have been reading my blog for a while, it must not be new news to you that Naruko is my favourite skin care brand.  Out of the many lines that they offer, my favourite has to be the Rose and Snow Fungus line.  It is targeted for de-hydrated skin, fine lines or pores caused by dryness, lack of moisture, that kind of thing.  Everything I tried in this line, except the sheet mask, has a heavenly scent of roses which is not over-powering.  Many of their products are now renamed, and reformulated, to Rose and Botanic HA, stands for Hyaluronic Acid.  I have dry skin anyway, so I can even use these items in the Summer, however, in the rare dry-ish Winter in Hong Kong, I believe most skin types can benefit from these products.

I use multiple face washes in rotation.  When I wear make up, I double cleanse.  However, in the current weather, I do not wear heavy sunscreen.  So if I do not wear any makeup, I only wash my face once in the shower - I usually shower in the evening.  In the morning all I do is splash my face with tap water.  One of the relatively mild face cleansers I use currently is the Rose and Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash (discontinued).  I love it as you can foam it up very easily with a little bit of product; little bit goes a long way.  It leaves skin pretty fresh but definitely not drying.  With the pleasure aroma of Bulgarian rose and moisture of rosewater-snow fungus-hyaluronic acid combo, I am calling this a must-have for dry skin!  This is now reformulated into two types - the EX (ND) for dry skin, and the EX (CO) for normal to oily skin - taiwan website link.  In my next order I will definitely be getting a tube of EX (ND) - taiwan website link!

After using up the Narcissus toner by the end of Summer, I turn to the Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Hydrator (now renamed to Rose and Botanic HA).  It is a facial toner to be applied after washing and as a precedent lotion that boosts whatever ingredients you apply after.  I love how instantly refreshing and waking-up this is.  I wipe or pat this on with Naruko Cotton morning and night.  Read more on the Taiwan Naruko website link.

The serum: Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex has been loved for over a year now.  I am on my 2nd or 3rd bottle.  It smells great, super hydrating, good to be layered over - or even under - any other serums or skin care products.  I have done a full individual review so I'll keep it short here.  Definitely going to continue repurchasing this one on and on again~

Night Gelly is a popular innovation of Niu-Er, Naruko's founder.  Overnight mask, which is not new here in pan-East-Asia; but Niu-Er brought it up a notch.  The Naruko formula is lighter than some other brands, which can be sticky glue that suffocate the skin; and more packed with hydration than some others, which can do nothing even if you pile on.  You use night gelly as the last step of evening skin care routine, to seal in the moisture and benefits of your previous skin care applied.  I usually use the Rose and Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Eye Gelly around my eyes as 'eye mask', and then applied the Rose and snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Gelly all over my face.  I notice when I use these, the ugly flakes of my uncontrollably dry skin are tamed and less noticeable; when use regular enough there aren't flakes!  A big fat two-thumbs up for these products.  Links to Official Taiwan website in Chinese of Rose Night Gelly and Rose Night Eye Gelly.

If you are finding new skin care to try out, if you love soft elegant rose scents, if you need hydration - who doesn't? - then by all means give Naruko Rose line a try.  I believe the Naruko Taiwan website ships internationally, with the exception of a few countries.  US and Singapore may have their own sites.  Locally Naruko is sold at Colourmix.

I have linked every Naruko skin care product reviews I have done in this "Naruko Reviews" page.  Go and check it out if you are interested in more!

Disclaimer, once more: I am not affiliated with Naruko or their distributor(s) by any means, although they should consider paying me, all Naruko products I have tried yet and own are purchased by my own dollars.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. LOL I think they should start paying you too!!

    1. yea - i figure i may just write an email to them and ask them for free products or even paid posts - or should i? lol

    2. of course you should. You praise them so highly! =) x

  2. I tried the night cream that you sent me but it didn't agree with my skin *sniff sniff* I really loved the texture and the scent! But my skin and rose products don't agree.... I used the beautymaker rose line a while back and that broke me out also... Maybe it is just Taiwanese rose products... oO

    On another note, I desperately need a new night cream... had to swipe my moms clarins one... what do you think about the Naruko NTD night jelly? or the Raw Tears night jelly??

    1. tweeted you back on the moisturiser. you can email me if you want to chat more on that! :D

      oh i'm sorry that taiwan rose products aren't your skin's best friend... if you need to source other asian skin care just tell me, I will try getting them for you~



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