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Firm Favourites #3 | Sen and Lush Shampoos

Firm Favourites is a new series featuring current favourites that I know for certain that I will continue to love, not just temporary.  Number one and two have been posted, which is about a discontinued wonderful mascara, and a skin care line I cannot live without.  I find myself amused by the fact that some of my favourite series on my blog are both FFs - FaceOfTheDay Fridays, Finished Fortnight, and now, the introduction of Firm Favourites.  Interesting, isn't it?

Shampoos maybe boring to some, but for frequent hair-washers like me, it is a necessity that I do spend quite a fortune on.  For your info, I wash my hair every night in the shower.  I have flat and fine straight East-Asian hair, little amount of it.  I am a sucker for anything labelled volumising, revitalising, scalp-care or targeted towards hair-loss or hair-thinning.  I am lazy at using conditioner or hair mask, only perhaps every other day, or less.  Hence, I also demand my shampoo to leave my scalp light and fresh, while at the same time hair sleek and decently moisturised - greedy wishes I know, but I do think I have found some favourites!

A Daily Shampoo

Sen 森 by Kim Robinson is new to me.  I have recently discovered it in local Watson's.  It is not cheap in terms of drugstore hair care.  I paid $88 for the 400ml bottle, nearly double or triple the amount I would pay for other brands in the pharmacy.  Initially I was drawn by the fact that it is bad-ingredients-free - no parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours or added petrolatum surfactants.  The philosophy behind this brand is a balance or integration of Chinese herbal wisdom and Kim's experience with Asian hair.  Kim is a celebrity hair stylist and has been in the field for decades.

Onto the product.  I have been using this for over a month now, and day-by-day growing to like it.  Sleek and Silky helps hair to be straight and flowing.  Straight is how my hair naturally grows, but flowing is something I desire.  My hair tends to be too limp and thin that it either lies flat or goes frizzy.  My experience with this shampoo is very positive.  Many times I don't use a conditioner after it, and I feel good and confident about my hair.  Scalp is moisturised and not over-nourished, locks are smooth, straight and frizz-free.  The scent is a fresh floral, not over-powering nice smell; it lingers for a while too.  This shampoo is definitely a Hurray product!  The bottle is simple and sleek, not too difficult to handle; I just wish they do a bigger 'family-size' bottle with a lower price-point - so I can keep repurchasing without guilt!

Now that I have tried their Moisture and Repair line (read my initial review on that one), I am having an internal debate on which full size I shall buy next.  I got two coupons to use so I can purchase 2 items.  To know more about the brand and their lines, visit Sen's homepage to read more (external link).

A Bi-Weekly Deep Clean

There can't be a more appropriate time for me to blog about Lush, why?  'Coz the UK company is re-opening new stores in Hong Kong (an end to the previous franchise biz mode).  I have not yet visited their new store nor stand, so I can't tell if their pricing has changed or if the service has improved.  I saw plenty of positive feedbacks from other "VIPs" who were invited to the opening party.  Will pop into the store soon, I know I will!

This Big Shampoo is not new to the blog-osphere.  It is basically a truck-load of sea salt suspended in fresh citrus juice that gives volume.  I use this on special occasion when I feel my hair is heavy and flat, or before a date or dinner with friends.  The pretty fruity smell reminds me of the memory of another unknown shampoo which I used to use to remove chlorine from regular swimming in pools.  Usually, I scoop about one to two table spoon with my fingers, apply it directly to the roots of my wet hair, and start massaging.  Big Shampoo gives enormous foam.  Gorgeous and fun to play with.  When washed away, which is easy; hair is left squeaky clean and fresh-smelling, and Big.  I have nothing bad to say about this, except maybe the tub-design.  But hey, not only is this the signature minimal packaging of Lush, but also, isn't it the best when you are the boss of your salt, deciding how much saltiness and bigness you want to add to your tress?

If you are curious about Lush's new development in HK, check out Lush Hong Kong's Facebook Page (external link)!

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  1. I've been loving my Big shampoo. Works great for my hair.

    1. agree~ that's a great one for my hair too

  2. Lush products are awesome!
    I've tried 2 samples of their bar soaps called "Sexy Peel", and "Lemslip" :P

    1. They are, aren't they? plus, they have such an array of interesting products~ I haven't tried the two you mentioned!

    2. Yeah lots of their products are natural and smell so good!
      There was also a body wash that was sample to me called "Happy Hippy"

    3. I tried one of their honey-scent shower gel, but i find it thick and too heavily scented... some products can be hit and misses really :P I should go and sniff Happy Hippy later~

    4. Yeah, I try to be careful about putting products on me especially that have alcohol-fragrance, yuck! I have sensitive skin. And I just did a review for Lush products I mention on my blog! Check it out! :D

    5. Checked :) your post was nicely written. sometimes I love to have some short and sweet reads. ;)



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