Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hit Pan #8 | Kate Powder Foundation

I am one of the pathetic creatures who get excited when pan(s) of make up are hit.  *Sigh*  Funny though, is that I'm not alone.  I know there are some, or many, of you out there who share the same, so I would love to share my pan poxns with you.  This post is dedicated to the black case on the right, my Kate Powder Foundation SPF20 PA++ in BE-C.  Before I move on in details, I have two honourable re-visits to previous hit-pans~

The square pan on the left is a Canmake foundation which I used for very natural subtle contouring, it is just two shades darker than I am.  Notice how the pan has increased in size?  I am pretty sure I will empty it out in no time!  The pink little guy, Canmake cream blush, on the other hand, didn't grow since I last pictured it.  All I have done in these months was breaking its hinge, and a few rare applications - I should use it more often!

Colour.  BE-C is the Japanese naming of their foundation, BE means Beige, and it has more yellow tones than OC, Ochre, which usually has more pink.  Different brands or even different formulae in the same brand name their shades differently.  This matches my NC20-ish skin tone pretty well.  Note: I'm not a MAC expert so I am not sure of my exact colouring now.

Formula.  Decently smooth with nice coverage.  I don't like it alone, as it can be slightly drying.  But as a pressed setting powder with some coverage, it is good.  I find the Za Skin Beauty foundation more smooth and more hydrating - but that was replaced with another formula!  This Kate one is also repackaged but the name, SPF and shades are still very similar so I guess I could repurchase this one when time comes~

Application and Finish.  I usually use a dry sponge to dab and press this on, but have also recently fallen in love with pressing this on with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.  Either way, the finish is pretty flawless and holds all day.  You can see me wearing this powder in a few past posts, which may give you a better idea of its finish.

Thanks for reading!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I actually also get excited when I hit pan on something. I feel like I got my moneys worth when I do =)



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