Monday, 21 January 2013

January 2013 Glamabox | First Impression

First of all, let me begin with the box itself!!  This month's box is really cute and it is the better type; it has separate lid and bottom - the type I can re-use for storage and organisation much better.  I am actually currently re-organising my make up collection so these are really handy.  For the content, they are pretty good value too: Products I got this month includes a full size cleanser, and many exciting pieces.

The full size cleanser is from Dr. Cell, a brand totally new to me.  I have tried the cleanser once, a little bit gives a lot of foam.  It is fragrance free and really smells of nothing.  Not drying, but not moisturising enough for my liking/needs so it has to wait until Summer comes before I will give it more uses.  I haven't give the face mask nor the serum a go.  The Nutree mask has snail secretion, a very popular nourishing and repairing ingredient originated from Korea, and it says it's perfect for dry skin.  The Mask House serum has sheep placenta in, can delay ageing and strengthen skin.  It is a clear gel with suspended gold spheres in, so interesting!  For sure, I'll touch on those later and give my two cents review soon.

It is the second time Eternal Concept popped up in my Glamabox.  I am surprised the product I got isn't what it says on the description sheet; I got a pot of Active Nourishing Body Cream instead of the hand cream printed on the info sheet.  Not annoyed at all, but a bit astonished, maybe?  Luckily I go to their website (referral link) and they have the info posted there.  I have used the body cream a few times now, it is really thick and deeply hydrating, but takes a while to absorb, or to rub in.  The downside is it has a slightly play-doh or rubber eraser smell.  Doesn't bother me as I mainly put this on my legs and arms instead of my face, obviously!  The Aloe Vera Gel contains dead sea minerals, plant extracts and Vit-E, I am saving these for emergency situations such as sunburns, bug bites or skin irritation.

Sen by Kim Robinson is a line designed by Hair Stylist Kim Robinson specifically for Asian hair.  The line has no parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours or added petrolatum surfactants.  I adore the current shampoo I'm using, also from Sen, from their Sleek and Silky line (link to my haul post).  They are not cheap in terms of local mass market hair products, so I am yet to branch out to try more.  I was super eager to get the Moisture and Repair shampoo and conditioner in this box, and I couldn't wait to use them.  I have used one set last night.  They smell delicious, soft natural aroma with hint of roses, I think.  Leaves my hair very soft, moisturised and manageable.  In the box there also came with two vouchers which can be used as $10 with purchase, so soon I will head out and purchase two full size products!  Wait to see in my Jan or Feb acquisition post!~

Extras: The Niji's Diet, which is an apple flavour slim shake, is a totally new concept and item to me.  I have never gone on shakes as supplements nor replacement of meals.  It is an interesting thing to try - I hope it doesn't taste funky~ :P  Eternal Concept also threw in a few note cards and some gift coupons, sweet~

Check out Glamabox (referral link) if you're in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, or Singapore!  

Full List of Products:

Dr. Cell Clear Washing $99, 100g
Nutree Crema Caracol Original Mask ~$21, 1 piece (20ml)
Mask House Celebrity Placenta Serum ~$127, 5ml
Eternal Concept Active Nourishment Body Cream ~$10, 10ml 
Eternal Concept Aloe Vera Gel ~$10, 5ml
Sen by Kim Robinson Repairing Dry and Damaged Hair Shampoo ~$4, 16ml

Sen by Kim Robinson Repairing Dry and Damaged Hair Conditioner ~$4, 16ml
Niji's Diet ~$30, 1 bag (150g)

Total value: $285

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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