Monday, 14 January 2013

Manicure Monday #1 | Galaxy NOTD

Zeta Oph: Inspiration for the nail design
Mister Fiancé is a big boy; he likes all the boyish manly stuff.  To name a few, they include Audio-Visual stuff, i-gadgets (he is team-Apple), dinosaurs, cars, stars, leather and denim.  When I told him about giving the galaxy nails a go, he immediately ran the NASA app on his iphone and picked this image for me.  Naturally, this became my inspiration of choice - as if I have any?  The Universe is huge - 'huge' is inadequate as an adjective, but let's settle with simplicity - and there are too many faces of it.  With this picture in hand, I chose a wasabi green, a bright blue and a fire-red for my design.  I topped the nails with a layer of silver glitters - for the smaller stars.

You can find numerous youtube or blog tutorials on how to achieve these.  I mixed and matched several methods - adaption is key! - and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.  With a black base colour painted, I started dabbing on the green with the thin edge of a cut-out sponge.  After going through the ten nails, I went back to the blue, and then the red.  I found that after the three shades applied, on some nails I needed to re-apply the green in order to make things stand out more.  After everything dried, I clean up the cuticles with cotton buds dipped with nail polish remover, then applied the coat of glitters.

It isn't as difficult as it seems or sounds, if you have give it a go, share your links below in the comments~ If you want to tweet me the results or tag me on instagram, my username on both is 'jacqlibra'.  Have Fun!

UNT Prelude Base Coat
OPI Black Onyx
Essence Fruity very kiwi
Essence No.24 Underwater
Julep Christina
Revlon No.304 Stunning

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I think there's so very pretty! You've inspired me to up my nail game, i've been lacking because of the gel nails, once there's done they last forever so I tend to forget about them.

    1. Definitely give it a go, it can't go too wrong, if it doesn't look too good, put on 2 layers of glitter, then it will be fine! :D

  2. this galaxy inspired look ROCKS!!! you're such a genius jacq! admire your patience in painting your nails lol, i could never do that!

    1. Thanks Jenni :") It is not as difficult as imagined~ Because if it goes messy it can still be considered 'galaxy'... hehe give it a go, perhaps one nail at a time?

  3. Beautiful result!
    One of the best attempts I've seen!

    Hmm, I think once I have more time on my hands, I should have a go at this too!


    1. Thanks Tina~ Not the best online, there are many more talented hands than mine for sure. But it is really fun and satisfying to have it done :D Pls try and share it with us~~~

  4. wow Jacq! It looks sooo good!! I will try it out..maybe over the weekend and tag you on Instagram :-)



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