Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beauty Swap | Khrystina from USA

It seems like I am forever in the middle of planning a beauty swap, or waiting for a box's arrival, or packing for the next one.  Khrystina approached me saying she saw one of my swap buddies' video on youtube (Is it Sarah or Sam?), and that she wanted to try something from Asia too.  I am wanting certain make up from the States, the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Makeup for instance, so I agreed and went ahead to do this swap~

I asked for the Revlon Creme Makeup in Buff because the ColorStay liquid foundation in the same shade seems to be pretty good match for me.  The Maybelline Age Rewind concealer has been getting so many good reviews on youtube I had to get my hands on it!  Tao and Emily praised the Wet n Wild bronzer for being a good highlighter, so I requested one for our swap; a tragedy happened and the powder smashed in transit.  Most of the content ran in the box and made the swap box pretty messy, however, I managed to rescue it and now the loose powder is sitting in another small sample pot.  I will try my best to get some use out of that!

For the rest, I didn't expect too much, but I'm pleasantly surprised!  Khrystina visited the IMATS a few weeks ago, and she bought me some 40-colour eyeshadow palette and a brush set from Shany Cosmetics.  I believe it is a similar brand to Coastal Scents, which re-packages make up from similar Chinese manufacturers.  In the past I have owned quite a few of the big CS eyeshadow and blush palettes, but given most of them away to friends.  I am excited to see if this newer 40-colour palette is as good or even better!!  Covergirl is one of the brands I can't get hold of and always wanted to try more.  Khrystina threw in a very beautiful pink lipstick that I'm eager to use!

Link to Khrystina's blog post or video when she uploads:

Tell me in the comments below which item do you want me to review or blog about first!  Also, share with me your latest painful experience of breaking makeup item(s), sharing pain is half pain... :'(

Full List of Products:

ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit - Medium, 3.5g
Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Bronzer SPF15 - 743A Reserve Your Cabana, 13g
Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup - 150 Buff, 23.7ml
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer - 110 Fair, 6ml
Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor - 370 Verve, 3.5g
Wet 'n Wild Skin Finish Lipstick - 547B Breeze, 3.6g
Wet 'n Wild Skin Finish Lipstick - 525D Retro Pink, 3.6g
NYX Girls Gloss - RLG30 Sorbet, 2.5ml
NYX Girls Gloss - RLG22 Natural, 2.5ml
Carmex Everyday Soothing Lip Balm, 10g
Shany 24pc Studio Quality Brush Set (link to Shany website)
Shany Boutique Eyeshadow Palette - 40 shades (link to Shany website)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Awww such a shame that your highlighter shattered during transit =[

    1. @Blair
      it was sad... but i think i saved about half of the huge amount of product...

  2. omg the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. I have been eyeing up that for ages! xx

    1. @Sam
      I will not let you have your hands on mine! :D haha. i hope it works as well as i hope it does!

  3. I hope you liked everything i cant believe that the wet n wild bronzer shattered that bad :( im glad yout still going to try and get use out of it

    1. @khrystina
      nevermind, i think i can still give it a good go. tell me when your video or blogpost is up so i can link it up!

    2. Hey i just posted my video :)

  4. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know ;)

  5. Your beauty swaps are such a good idea! There's always products I read about on blogs which I don't think I can get here in the UK!

    My brand new bronzer smashed last week when I accidentally dropped the clutch bag it was inside. It was only Rimmel London and luckily not too expensive to replace (£5.99) but it was the principle that it was brand new! :(

    Following you, love your blog! xxxx

    1. @hannah
      thanks for liking and following! i hope you can get over the broken bronzer. sometimes i console myself that this gives us good reason to buy new makeup, as broken ones not only means we are 'hurt' but also we technically need replacement! :P

  6. can you do a review of revlon colorStay whipped creme foundation? :)



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