Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beauty Swap | MissNoire at Japan

Compared to some others, I have been a relatively new addict to Instagram, but my addiction is serious.  I think I was hooked on since last Summer'12, introduced by my sister JENHO_SK Jen.  Anyhow, I got to see and share a lot of amazing images on there.  Beauty bloggers, or beauty lovers, connect on Instagram like no other platforms too.  Last year I have done a swap with fellow instagrammer HDBEAUTY Beatrice, whom, of course, I met on IG.  This year, one of my last giveaway winner, MISSNOIRE Nadine, who's also a beauty friend I met on IG, offered to do a swap with me!  

I asked MissNoire if she can find me some good skin care bits for dry hands and skin, along with a good moisturising concealer.  She fulfilled my wishes and threw in many amazing things.

Initial Impression

I can't wait to try some of the things the moment I ripped the box open.  First of all, I consumed the Kit Kat in light speed.  Very very yummy.  I have a serious big sweet tooth and they are so sweet and right down my alley.  Two of them are condensed milk flavour, and two in blueberry cheesecake flavour.

Other things I really enjoy include the foundation brush, the body fragrance spray, and the concealer.  The foundation brush by Kose Esprique is made with synthetic hair, I think.  I washed it, it dried quickly, and I used it with my powder foundation in a buffing motion.  A new method I learnt from the back of the brush, still trying it out, but so far so good!  The Body Fantasies body fragrance spray smells delicious, I sprayed it on and it stays on for a good few hours, impressed.  I am a concealaholic, and I have quite a stash of concealers (link to my inventory post).  This new addition from Kiss Me Ferme is creamy, has a spot-on colour match and seems to conceal nicely.  Will give it some good uses and report back!  :D

My box is still on its way to MissNoire's address.  Finger-crossed everything's alright and she'll be pleased with the giveaway prizes along with the other goodies I sent! 

What Japanese brand or products are you interested in, or recently been loving?

Full List of Products:

Womnale DX II - Medical treatment for dry, rough skin
Chifure Cleansing Foam
Kiss Me Ferme High Cover Concealer - No.01
Institute Esthederm Paris Hydra System Aqua Diffusion Care 
Kose Esprique Foundation Brush
Kose CoenRich Q10 Whitening Medicated Hand and Finger Deep Moisture (I already own this)
La Sulcane de Saba Hair and Body Gel with Argan Oil (the scent reminds me of Neutrogena Rainbath)
Body Fantasies Freesia Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray 
Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream
Alessandro Hands!Up Nice Day All-over Hand Lotion
Burt's Bees Hand Salve

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Oh! Didn't realize you already owned that hand cream. Oops! Hope you like it and were thinking about getting a back up. hahah.
    Hope you like the concealer. I tried it on in the store but of course testing it out on my skin didn't really help. I just kept my fingers crossed hoping it matched your skin tone. :)
    I also hope the Womnale DX II helps. I paced the store for about 10 minutes before finally deciding on that one. hahah..

    1. i really am enjoying the concealer - your guess was pretty darn close i must say! i have to keep telling myself not to use it so much as i need to finish 2 other concealers for project 10 pan :P
      i will whack the womnale cream open soon, once i finish my vaseline body butter (also for project 10 pan)!

  2. Replies
    1. i love doing swaps! (and i love reading your swap/mail posts too!)
      cheers :D

  3. I heard that the kose esprique foundation brush is even better than the shiseido 131 brush.

  4. You got a lot goodies in the swap!
    I heard that the lose esprique foundation brush is even better than the shiseido 131 brush.

    1. i haven't tried the shiseido one, but i love how the kose is slightly domed up (is that a correct description?) instead of a flat top. been liking it so far!



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