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Finished Fortnight #6 | 大掃除 ( 壹 : 用完 )

Let's kick off the new year's first empties post with a good start!  I have a dire need to down-size and clear out my stash.  At the moment I'm typing this, a few more empty bottles are piling up for the next post.  The Chinese New Year is around the corner so traditionally, it's also time to have a major Spring Cleaning/ Tidying.  This post is just a warm-up, be prepared for heavier post(s) in the coming 1 or 2 weeks time!

踏入 2013 年不久,我充滿新年的衝勁(和憧憬),非常努力的把存貨用光。農曆年將至,又是大掃除的季節,所以遲了一個星期出文。但在寫的時候,正同時把其他的東西用完;有預感,下期的空瓶會比這篇更「豐富」呢!

首圖的 肌膚之鑰 Cle de Peau 日用潤膚乳很貴,貴得很離譜,但用後感很一般。除了超方便使用的泵瓶設計和可有可無的防曬度數(可以另外加防曬嘛)外,我覺得愛慕可 Naruko 的各種乳液有過之而無不及! Laneige 的夜間精華,沒什麼特別可說,就是比較香吧… MissCarol 是在 Sasa 買的,手霜和潤唇二合一的設計很棒,而且兩者都很好用!不過潤唇的蓋子很容易鬆脫,有過半潤唇膏是在我手袋裡壯烈犧牲的。
  • Cle de Peau Gentle Protection Emulsion (Full Review Post) - Okay, in the sense that I will use it if I don't have to pay for it.  But I don't recommend people paying for this.  The worst part is, some residue is left at the bottom in the form of semi-dried glue, yuck!
  • Laneige Perfect Renew Night Treatment - No Way.  Does nothing, very heavily fragrant.
  • MissCarol Pomegranate Moisturizing and Repairing Deeply Hand Cream and Lipstick - Hurray.  It is crazy how fast I finish this, as I only bought this in December.  I haven't even post my haul on these hand creams!  The cream and lip balm smells fresh and baby-powder-y, nice.  I adore the thickness and lasting power of the cream.  The lip balm wasn't really finished, but chopped off while the cap ran loose in my handbag - yes that was a hot mess.  I enjoy this very much and now moving on to my other tubes!
  • BeautyMate Refining Smooth Nano Mask - Hurray.  I own and love multiple Beauty Mate's masks, this gold one is moisturising and leaves my skin smooth and radiant.  :)
  • Holika Holika Make-up Starter - Okay.  Some freebie from my beauty shopping in Korea.  I have some more of these so my opinion may change after some more uses.  Basically this is a skin care/ primer in one, that you wipe on before doing make up.  There are two sides with different textures.  Interesting thing~
  • Elemis Balancing Lavender Facial Wipe - Okay.  Smells and feels great on the skin.
  • Joseristine H20 Hydrating Cleansing Milk - No Way.  It's very thin and runny like water.  I have other favourites from Choifung, e.g. the one I'm going to talk about below.  Not hydrating, not recommend.
  • Sen by Kim Robinson Moisture and Repair Shampoo (2x) - Hurray.  
  • Sen by Kim Robinson Moisture and Repair Conditioner (2x) (Full Review Post) - Hurray.  Got these samples in my recent Glamabox, a beauty box subscription.  I am heading out to repurchase with my HKD$10 off coupon very soon!
  • Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum - Hurray!  Tao sent me this in a swap-mail, and I waited so long to use it.  I have been blow-drying my hair religiously every time I wash them.  Primarily because that keeps me warmer, but this serum has been keeping my hair soft and nice.  I usually pour half a teaspoon onto my palm, as I don't a full size dropper-bottle of this.   Then, rub it between hands, and smooth on hair concentrating on the ends and outer layers.  Afterwards, I blow-dry, and hair is happy.  
  • CL Horse Oil Cleansing Milk - Hurray.  Moisturising, non-foaming cleanser.  Will consider repurchase after my stash of 20+ face washes is cleared...
BeautyMate 美肌之誌 的面膜便宜好用,推薦! Holika Holika 的妝前打底很有趣,是有質感的雙面打磨 + 護膚棉片。概念很讚,效果不錯,會想再試試~ Elemis 濕巾很清爽「醒神」,不會像那些酒精成分高的那麼乾,這個挺水。 彩豐行 Joseristine 八杯水洗臉奶不保濕,不推。同廠的 彩豐行 CL 馬油(下圖)洗臉奶很潤,很香,大推! Sen 森 by Kim Robinson 是我最近很愛的洗護髮品牌。我已經回購了這個洗髮乳正品! Ojon 的小樣護髮油/髮尾油很棒,最近迷上吹髮的我離不開它,可惜不知道哪裡可以買到?(這條是美國朋友寄我的)

(instagram pic of my weekend empties while I was away.  :P I tossed them before I came home~)

  • Johnson's Body Care Naturally White Shower Cream - No way.
  • Lavera Honey Moments Body Oil - Hurray.  I have been switching body butters and oils last couple weeks as my skin was insanely obscenely dry.  Luckily I found this one and it saves my life.  Much cheaper to buy this in Germany than locally.  Will wait till then to re-buy.  Right now others, such as the Palmer's (mentioned here) and Nuxe Dry Oil are saving me.  Comment below if you wanna know what body moisturisers are my life-savers~
  • Wolo Bran Shower Cream - Hurray.  A soap-free wash that is very mild and gentle on the skin
  • Santa Maria Novella Detergente Intimo (USA website) - Hurray.  This intimate wash feel natural and effective at the same time.  Not drying, not irritating.  My best friend gave me this as a present, and I know this brand isn't cheap.  Therefore, I use mine sparingly and it lasted one year.  Quote: "Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. It was opened in Florence, Italy in 1612, taking the formulas of Dominican friars that originate from 13th century."
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Original - Hurray.  I like the scent, and it does the job.  Wouldn't mind repurchasing but I have already buy several other brands to try :P
  • Japan Home Rose Fragrance Oil for Reed Diffuser - Okay.  This is very cheap and I used this in the washroom.
  • pHion Probiotic Blend - Okay.  I am open to new alternatives though.
  • Johnson's Baby Wet Wipes - Okay.  I prefer the Mannings brand as those are more wet, better texture and smells lovely.
  • Mannings My Melody Yellow Wet Wipes - Okay. (not pictured) I prefer the peach scented ones more.
  • The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Candle - Okay. (pictured in this post) I enjoy the notes and scent throw, but the soy wax doesn't burn well.

Johnson's 淨白沐浴乳,香,不過偏乾。同牌子濕巾:抹手的,太快在包裝裡乾掉。 Lavera 身體潤膚油一流,不過似乎最近在屈臣氏有點難碰到,誰知道哪裡有賣? Wolo 是我身體出現敏感時候用的沐浴露,不起泡的,十分溫和舒服。義大利 Santa Maria Novella 是世界上現存最古老的藥房之一,這弱酸性洗護是好友送我的,我不捨得用,省著省著,用了一年。很溫和不刺激,不乾,也不香。當我頭髮早上扁掉或者下午髮型需要「補妝」是就用 Batiste 頭髮乾洗噴劑,我覺得還好。優點是屈臣氏能夠買到,缺點是粉體顏色比較白,還有容量小。手邊已經有其他四款另外的在試用! :P

Thanks for reading!  What have you recently used up?  Tell me, I'm nosey and I want to know!

2013 Toll:
Jumbo - 0
Full Size - 7
Deluxe Sample - 3
Small Sample - 7
Sheet Masks - 1
Random - 3
Tossed - 0

Finished Fortnight is a series featuring products I have Finished using, primarily beauty-related empties.  I try my best to do this bilingually every other week, Fortnight it is.  

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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