Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Finished Fortnight #7 | 蛇年空瓶第一發

Picture No.1 - Body and Hand
  • YuskinA Family Medical Cream - Hurray/Okay - Hurray for the performance, No Way for the smell!  But honestly, I can stand the smell for its deep moisture delivery.  It has urea and other industrial strength ingredients and it works really well for my Winter dead dry hands and feet.  (I still have one large tube and one mini tube to use!)
  • Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life - Hurray - A delicious scented scrub with salt particles and interested beads that will dissolve.  I love Soap and Glory as a brand and I am craving for more!  (Luckily a friend from UK will be visiting HK next month, hopefully bringing me some S-n-G!!)
  • Diptyque Creamy Body Wash for Shower and Bath (discontinued?) - Okay - I like the moisturising texture and foaming properties, but not too much the scent.  I prefer something lighter and yummier to wash my body with.  This is borderline too spicy for my likings.
  • Eternal Concept Active Nourishment Body Cream - No Way - As mentioned in my Glamabox Un-boxing post, this cream is very hydrating.  But I think the scent is really not my cup of tea.  It turns into a little green-tea/play-dough smell that I can't quite bear.  
  • Alessandro Hands! Up Nice Day All-over Hand Lotion - No Way - First the sample was too small to sample properly; second, it is very light in texture.  It absorbs (or evaporates) right away so I can't say it does anything to my hands.
YuskinA 護膚霜我用來晚間塗手腳的,用阿元姐的話:「非常滋潤好用,缺點是很~~~」 Soap and Glory 起泡身體磨砂在下大愛!非常~ Diptyque 沐浴露(已停產)還好,沒什麼特別。Eternal Concept 礦物極緻滋養潤膚乳還好,不喜歡它的味道。Alessandro 手霜小樣太小,試不清。

Picture No.2 - Face

  • Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil - Okay - Not a bad cleansing oil.  But I won't buy it again.  Got nothing much to say about it really.
  • Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner - Hurray - One of my favourite toners.  It comes in a nice spray bottle and has a refreshing lavender smell.  Leaves skin refreshed, soothed and moisturised.  I like it a lot.  :)
  • Cle de Peau Beaute Gentle Balancing Lotion - Full Review here.
  • White Formula Super Moist Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Official website) - Hurray - Very nice stuff.  White Formula is a Taiwan brand, one of the relatively new found drugstore loves in 2012.  I really enjoy their face masks and face wash too!
  • Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundatmental Serum (discontinued) - Hurray - The first item used up in my Project 10 Pan, an update post will be up soon.  Full review here.

Clinelle 爽膚水是我最喜愛的其中一款爽膚水,喜歡薰衣草或者噴霧式的朋友不妨試試看。如果 Clinelle 產品便宜一點我會願意多試試看它們呢! Divinia 潔顏油,雖然不錯用但由於是礦物油做基底的,不特別推薦。 Cle de Peau Beaute 日間防曬保濕乳液(柔滑滋潤型),乾性皮膚的日乳,除了包裝優雅得來很方便以外,沒什麼特別。 White Formula 自白肌 玻尿酸濃密保濕化粧水 (官網連結是基本的保濕款,現在香港萬寧也能買到,真好!Naruko 愛慕可 水仙基底精華液(已停產)多講無益,因為大家已經買不到了!哇哈哈,我的存貨好像只剩一瓶了… :(

Picture No.3 - Make Up
  • Benefit Stay Don't Stray Stay-put Primer for Concealers and Eyeshadows - Okay - The packaging design of this sample is horrendous.  I think the product is good, but I can't properly test out with this 'container'.
  • Burberry Beauty Velvet Foundation Trench No.205 - A better post will be up next Sunday where I swatch and review this.
  • Rock and Republic Extremist Mascara Noir (discontinued) - Hurray - A discontinued product that I have no access even when it was sold.  :P  Tao sent me this in one of our swaps.
  • Maybelline Lash Stylist Volume Lifting Comb Mascara Waterproof  (discontinued) - Full Review here.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch No.2 - Okay - I think there are better highlighter pens out there.  
  • Maybelline Pure BB Mineral 8 in 1 Improving BB Base SPF26 PA+++ No.02 - Hurray - Pretty good stuff, I still have another sample to try out.  I believe this is Asia-exclusive product, not sure.  May do a post on this... :P
Benefit 眼部打底不錯不錯,這個小樣的設計有問題,不方便使用;而且聽說它的大瓶瓶裝設計也有缺點,滅火。 Burberry 粉底,這個顏色不適合我,太暗,質地還好,沒有特別感覺。 Rock and Republic 睫毛膏(已停產)美國的牌子,難得和我睫毛夾得來的外國配方。 Maybelline 睫毛膏(已停產) 專文,也是停產的好物! Yves Saint Laurent 明采筆,除了價錢很貴+分量很少,沒什麼特別,不推! Maybelline BB 感覺不錯,顏色也對,推。

Picture No.4 No.5 No.6 - Mask and Perfume
  • Divinia Whitening Mask - Hurray - One of the first Divinia products that impressed me and make me want to repurhcase.  The sheet is thin and fit my face very nicely.  Moisturises very well and brightens a bit.  Really enjoyed it!
  • S.T. Dupont Signature Eau de Toilette for Men - Okay - I was on a quest to find a new perfume for my valentine as gift, so I dug out all my sample vials and let my man try on.  Will decide on that later, but this sample sachet was not 'the one'.  Mature, sensual, classy but not special enough.
  • Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege Eau de Parfum - No Way - Smells too 'old' in my opinion.
  • Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum - Hurray - Not a scent I will wear every day, as it is pretty feminine and grown up.  I prefer feeling fresher and lighter most days.  But it is a very beautiful blend with notes that works with my body chemistry and stays on my skin.  Nice.
Divinia 白皙面膜是這個品牌第一件我覺得好用到要回購的!因為情人節的關係,我翻出了很多男士香氛小樣給男人試用, S.T. Dupont 這款還好,不特別喜歡。女士方面, Lanvin 的不錯,但我不愛; Paco Rabanne 的我很愛,但願有天我清掉我一些大瓶的香水,這款會是我考慮購買的!

Picture No.7 No.8 - Others
  • Meishoku Organic 2Way Cotton, Large Size - No Way - These came as free gift when I purchased the Meishoku rose toner in Tokyo.  I haven't started using the toner, but finished the cotton.  It claims to have two sides, for different purposes.  Could be my fault, but I can't distinguish one side from the other, and the whole cotton overall is too flimsy to handle, I can't do nothing with it.  :S
  • Boots 24hr Protection Whitening plus Q10 Anti-Perspirant - Okay - I didn't notice any whitening, but it is a decent anti-perspirant.  
  • Colgate Optic White Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste, Sparkling Mint - Okay - Too pricey and I don't notice any teeth-whitening optically/visually...
  • Shiseido Beauty Up Cotton - Hurray - This is a little sample obtained in Tokyo when I purchased the Shiseido make up remover.  There's a 'hype' on youtube and some beauty blogs raving about Shiseido cotton.  My friend Ari talked about that (link to her empties), too.  I still have a few boxes of Naruko (which I whole-heartedly adore) to go through, and after that, I may go out and look for some Shiseido ones.  ;)
  • Farmasi Ultra Aloe Vera Alcohol Free Wet Towel - Okay - It smells decent, clean soapy scent, and is indeed moisturising.  
  • Unknown brand muscle relieve stickers - Hurray - I indulged in these cooling pads when my legs were sore after hiking.  Got couple of different brands from Tokyo last Summer and all seems great to me (can't tell the difference).
不推:明色化妝棉, Boots 止汗,高露潔牙膏
推薦:資生堂化妝棉, Farmasi 濕巾


Last but not least, some of these are just old stuff, some are Disappointedly Discarded (a name taken from Ari, again).
  • Essie, 654 Shorty Pants - A nice bright yellow.  Half of it was used up, half dried up because either Jen or I forgot to close it tight properly.  I do not want to bother with polish thinner and what not, hence throwing this out.
  • Covergirl WetSlicks AmazeMint, 610 Tickled Pink - This has been around since forever.  I adore its scent and colour in the tube.  However, when applied, it is really sheer.  I have other better glosses to use, plus, old glosses gross me out. :S
  • Lelan Vital Perfect Coverage Dual Concealer, Light Beige - I finished the liquid end, which I love (Hurray product).  The stick end, though, is pretty thick, pigmented and heavy; I can't find use for it, especially when the shade is a few shades pinker than the liquid end (how's that possible?).
  • All of the below are either blunt or not functioning.  Good bye~
  • 2 pencil sharpeners - blunt
  • 2 facial razors - blunt
  • 2 tweezers - blunt
  • 1 Daiso lash comb - the width of each metal 'tooth' in the comb is too wide, cannot comb through lashes.
  • 2 pen covers with built-in sharpener - brilliant idea, not so convenient in reality.

2013 Toll:
Jumbo - 0
Full Size - 7 + 6
Deluxe Sample - 3 + 7
Small Sample - 7 + 6
Sheet Masks - 1 + 1
Random - 3 + 6 
Tossed - 8 + 12 (see my last Discarded Post)

Finished Fortnight is a series featuring products I have Finished using, primarily beauty-related empties.  I try my best to do this bilingually every other week, Fortnight it is.  

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. 阿元姐推介既通常都係好野~
    D cream少D香味我都唔太鐘意用。
    我有其他product同一個bottle design, 係有好嚴重既問題。 佢裡面既tube唔係太緊, 有機會甩出黎。

    1. Yuan is funny and great! :D
      Bottle design... I see... Not I'm totally un-interested to buy the full size in pump... (safe sigh in relief)

  2. 有想過買YSL明采筆做眼部遮瑕,但太貴買不下手啊...最後買了Garnier BB 遮瑕筆,便宜也很好用!

  3. 本來想過買ysl明采筆做眼部遮瑕,但太貴買不下去...最後買了Garnier BB 遮瑕筆,便宜也很好用啊

    1. Cousin... I bought the Garnier one right away after your comment :S I'm blaming you!

  4. Do you where I can get Diptyque fragrances in HK?

    1. I believe it is available at ifc store and JOYCE Beauty. I saw a Diptyque HK facebook page, maybe you can try that!

  5. Wow, that's a lot of empties! I really need to try something from Soap and Glory when I will have used up some more bath stuff, and I have been disappointed with that Optic White toothpaste too, didn't notice any whitening at all!

    1. Yay, a friend is bringing me some soap and glory from UK. can't wait! :D
      I guess toothpastes just sell better when they are labelled as 'whitening' that's why... i haven't tried one that works, have you?



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