Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mi Ming Mart | First Shopping Experience

Mi Ming Mart is a local beauty store opened by an interesting local celebrity Erica Yuen.  She was a beauty pageant finalist now turned politician.  I believe she also works as a columnist and event host of some sort.  If you would like to read more, there's a wikipedia page on her (link).   Anyway, on to my shopping trip.  Last December, 2012, Erica has a promotion which basically gives out a $100 cash coupon, free lashes and lash glue with every $1200 purchase.  I went ahead and researched on the products she stocks, and made some damage/ decisions.

There are a few outlets in the city, and I have never been to any of them.  For this shopping trip, I went to the shop in Causeway Bay.  It was situated in an old building, where the elevator is a little slow and pretty creepy.  *shiver*  However, the store was neat and the staff was nice.  I am the kind of customer that enjoys browsing around instead of being pushed or pulled.  I feel decently comfortable in the store.  After I told the saleslady what I wanted, she politely asks me whether I know how to use to the products, and gave me clear and simple instructions.  Finally she packed things up neatly, stuffed in the free gifts, and reminded me to use the coupon.  Happy me!

pHion is a health food brand that I have heard great things about, and one of the core brands Mi Ming Mart retails.  I picked up a deep cleanse kit with four items included.  Two of which I enjoy very much, two I don't quite like.  The Lemonade Diet is great, I like its taste a lot.  Probiotic Blend helps to promote digestive & immune fitness.  It is in pill form so I can easily pop them in and swallow anywhere I am.  The other two powders I don't quite like the taste of, and they are a little messy to serve - mixing and stirring and shaking - headache.  Hence, even if they work, I have difficulty finishing them up.  :S  To be honest, now that I know how to shop at (external link), which also stocks pHion, I don't think I will return to Mi Ming Mart for pHion or health food.  But if you're interested in trying out health food, and wanted to see it before you buy it, Mi Ming Mart is a nice place to start!

Synergie is an Australian mineral beauty brand that makes good sunscreen, skin care and mineral make up.  I start off my trial with this brand by buying their Uberzinc sun protection cream.  Synergie uses mainly physical sun protection - zinc oxide instead of chemicals like -benzone.  Youtube beauty vloggers often hate mineral protection, even Michelle Phan preaches to Australian saying "oxides can cause flash-back, stay away".  I am sceptical about this, as apparently, mineral oxide sunscreen works better, broader spectrum and quicker response; I am not a celebrity who is under flash photography daily, not even close to weekly really.  There are many oxide-based sunscreen product in the market, but I have heard many good reviews on Synergie's offering, so I'll give it a go.  I have high hopes for this Synergie Uberzinc, so expect to see a full review in a few months time!

All in all, the experience is a pleasant one, let's see if I like the Uberzinc and stay tuned as I'm going to use my coupon before it expires! :D

List of Products:

pHion Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet - iHerb link
pHion Green Superfood - green powder
pHion Ionic Colon Cleanse
pHion Probiotic Blend
Synergie Skin Uberzinc (30ml)

Gift - Queen Photogenic False Lashes

Gift - Koji Eyelash Fix White

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. omg that shop is on my list of places I have to go to if I ever go back to HK! lol Keep us updated on how you like the products?

    1. sure will! but isn't your first place to visit in Hong Kong - my place? :D



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