Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sample Sunday #2 | Burberry Foundations

I am in the search of a perfect liquid foundation for a special occasion, and I have decided to record the swatches and my thoughts on the sampling while I play around with different formulae.  I do not wear foundations every day, I'm mostly a sunscreen, concealer, setting powder kind of girl.  On liquid foundations, I'm quite picky, not knowing what exact finish and texture I am seeking.  Anyway, the search begins...

Here I am doing a little comparison of the two Burberry foundations.  Not the best comparison you can find, as you can tell, one is definitely not my shade at all.  Nonetheless, my 2 cents~ ;)

Burberry Beauty Velvet Foundation No.205 (HKD$410 for full size)

The shade is not my match.  It is at least 3 shades darker than me, and a little too pink.  Don't ask why the counter could hand me this shade!  On the other hand, the texture is lovely.  A little spreads and blends a long way.  Smells amazingly of the Burberry make up scent.  I tried it on my face, it covers decently and dries to a velvety semi-matte finish.  I find it quite 'wearing-make-up-like' and not very natural.  Then again, it's probably because the shade is not my match.  Last words, I won't mind giving my colour match one more try, but I don't think I will pay for a full bottle any time soon.

Overall: Okay.

Burberry Beauty Sheer Foundation No.04 (HKD$390 a bottle)

First of all, the shade matches me pretty well, when I am slightly darker.  In my paler skin, I figure I shall try one or two shades down.  This also carries the same beautiful Burberry make up fragrance.  The consistency of this is not very liquid, it has a hint of cream/gel feeling to it.  It blends easily, and feels moisturising.  I like how it leaves a very sheer semi-matte finish, more skin-like than the Velvet Foundation.  The coverage is not very high, but build-able.  I like it, and I will give the fairer No.01 sample a go, to see if that shade matches me better.  I don't think this is the perfect foundation for me yet, but nice to use.

You can see me wearing this foundation in FOTD here.

Overall: Hurray.

*Both samples obtained at the counter as gift of purchase.  Product images copied from burberry website.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Definitely like the look of the sheer one more than the velvet - I definitely prefer foundations that are generally lighter coverage. Though the wrong shade would definitely put an end to liking a foundation no matter how nice :p

    1. @sleepandwater

      most east asian skin i see in real life don't need heavy coverage foundation. a light coverage with good concealer/powder can do the job.

      on the wrong colour, it is really discouraging i must say! :P

  2. I love their foundations, both actually, they work with my dry skin perfectly! The velvet one gives the most beautiful finish / Claire xxx

    1. @aucupariabrumalis
      Hi Claire, I see! I have dry skin and so far these samples work alright on mine. I don't know if they can last on my face in the warmer, higher humidity seasons though (like now!)... we don't have many dry months in Hong Kong...



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