Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Spring Cleaning Continues | 大掃除 ( 叁 : 回收 )

... with throwing things away.

When I went through my bathroom cupboard, I found forgotten bottles of expired liquids.  For instance, the four 'intimate wash' bottles.  I had to drain them and recycle the plastic as I don't want to put foaming acid that has passed its best before date on my skin.  The foot spray and the aloe toner were also half-used and sitting there for ages.  However, there are two things from the above I hate.  I need to dedicate one paragraph to each of them.

First, the Joseristine Anti-Dandruff Shampoo stinks.  It smells horribly cheap, and has a weird thick gel texture.  It foams up pretty well, but leaves a slimy residue feeling.  I wanted to use it up cleaning makeup brushes but it just doesn't wash well enough.  No Way!

Second, the Forever 21 lipstick.  Full name of this glorious red lippie is Love and Beauty Creme Lipstick in the shade Cherry.  This sucks.  It costs HKD $25, a little more than USD $3.  Not too bad a price for a cheap lipstick, but I can easily get a decent Daiso one for same price, or maybe half the price.  This F21 lipstick is pungent.  Imagine burning vanilla with plastic, produce soot and tar of some sort, and then add red pigments.  This is Love and Beauty Cherry, if not worse.  I can't even stand its smell and melting messy texture on the back of my hand.  I strongly discourage anyone trying this out.  Yuck, No Way!

Did you throw out any expired beauty products?  Have you tried something you hate so much you had to toss?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Reading the lipstick comment made me think about bubble gum smelling lipsticks aren't so bad even though they make me feel sick.

    1. i assure you, bubblegum is ten times better than this forever 21



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