Monday, 4 February 2013

Spring Cleaning | 大掃除 ( 貳 : 送出 )

Everything you see here are gone, I sent them away to my friends.

As mentioned in my last Finished Fortnight (link), I have been doing some Spring Cleaning before the Lunar/Chinese New Year.  This post is merely a photo galore of products I have Given Away, that is, basically, things I cannot or do not want to use anymore.  Some are brand new, some are used.  Enlarge for bigger images.  I will supplement a little bit info or reason why I no longer keep these.  If you'd like to know more, just drop a comment below, I'll reply you shortly.

1/ I do not use talc or baby powder on my body.  For face, I have too much loose powder to go through.
2/ 3/ I have too many shower gels and these two scents I don't particularly love.
4/ 5/ 6/ Hand and body moisturisers I have plenty, these scents or formulae aren't my faves.

7/ Found another back up of this hair mask which I adore, but used up a few (empties post), I'm bored.
8/ 9/ Got many tubes of these free with ordering magazines (haul post), they're good but I don't love.
10/ I forgot why I bought this...
11/ I no longer have damaged hair...

12/ 13/ These things just don't go away!  Again, they're free with my Sasa points (haul post)
14/ Tried this day cream once or twice, nice but I have too many (got from a swap)
15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ I wish I could give all these face washes some good uses but I just bought and acquired too many, I even have to give away my Naruko, can you see how desperate and determined I am?

19/ Face soap from the 'new' high end brand from my dear friend, it has a gorgeous dish... but I don't have a big enough bathroom for bar soaps (more lovely gifts from that dear friend)
20/ 21/ 22/ Face and body bar soaps that I will never use.

23/ Body Spray that I forgot why it's there
24/ Face wash my sister and I don't use (previously talked about it here)
25/ 26/ Not mine, my mum bought these but no one ever used
27/ Bubble bath is something I should take more often given the stash I have collected.  This is the most convenient bottle I can give away.

28/ Brand new back-up of a body butter that I'm not interested to touch.  (previous empties post)
29/ Rose body lotion I don't like the scent of.
30/ Another foot spray no one has ever used.
31/ Body spray back-up of something I will probably never finish.

32/ I don't use leave-in conditioner for my hair.
33/ 34/ 35/ Found more conditioners, hair masks.
36/ None in my family has coloured hair at the moment, so no need for this shampoo.

37/ A powder foundation that is drying.
38/ I don't get why people like this concealer, it is cakey and dry like chalk. (disappointment post here)
39/ Not my colour, although the formula seems okay.  I know my friend Sam likes it. (her post)
40/ Foundation that is not my shade and I have too many liquid make up to go through. (swatch and short review)
41/ 42/ 43/ More free toners to give away.
44/ Face wash that is too dry for me, I tried another sample before.  (related post)
45/ Foundation that I have swatched but don't love enough to keep.  (swatch and short review post)

46/ 47/ Disappointments that my sister don't like either. (link)
48/ 49/ I have too many base makeup, over.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. OMG!!! you gave away so much stuff! must feel so good after all those purging :) purging is the detox for our minds i think XD!!

    1. after this post i gave away another bag of make up and clothes to my good friends... still feeling stuffed though :S need 'more' detox



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