Monday, 18 March 2013

Acquired | Deliciousness from Lunableu

This is not the first time I have ordered from Lunableu (- shop link), but it has been quite a while since I last purchased, so I figure I will write a little more in depth on this shop!  I ordered a Holiday Cakebox Gift Set - Holiday Goodies which costs US$ 19.99, and shipping cost me US$ 16.95.  It was limited in quantity, the shop said there were 30 available, so I hurried with my ordering and didn't pay too much thought when I pressed Checkout!  Due to my rush, some of my choices were not the 'smartest'.  The shop owner Tanya kindly wrote me an email suggesting me to try something else.  I thought this was so sweet so I had to copy and paste it here, Quote:

I noticed you picked the Amour de Cacao for a room spray, I wanted to say that its not the strongest scent, meaning yes I can make a room spray with it but if you're wanting something really strong that makes your home smell great then I would pick the Hot Cocoa Marshmallows or I also have a very strong Raw Cocoa scent too.
I’m saying all this because some people want their room sprays super strong.  Amour de Cacao is a beautiful scent but I’d say it’s a light to medium scent.  It's wonderful in perfume and creams.
 Let me know if you want to switch it, I would recommend the Amour de Cacao in the cream and the Hot Cocoa Marshmallow in the room spray.

I mean, after reading such a lovely note, as a customer, how could you not switch the two scents?  (Smile)  Also, I can feel the passion and respect LunaBleu has for its products!  In the past I have also had anohter good experience with LunaBleu.  Once there was a period of time that I was lusting over a particular scent (Clinique Happy it is), and I wanted to have every single body and room products in the fragrance.  I searched high and low on the internet for companies that will ship to Hong Kong, and after emailing some of them, LunaBleu told me they can make a Happy Type for me, which is a dupe for Clinique Happy.  I went ahead and got some tarts, body sprays and lotions in that scent, it was totally a match of the original fragrance!  What I'm trying to say is, if you want any particular scents or products, just email LunaBleu and I'm hopeful that they will make you happy.  I truly appreciate the effort LunaBleu made to cater for my needs and so, they will always have a special position in my heart.  :)

Let's move on to what I have got in the mail!

The first picture of this post shows what I got in the Holiday Cakebox:

LunaBleu Marshmallow Body Frosting/ Marshmallow Whipped Shea 2 oz (- shop link)
Scent: Belgium Chocolate (Description: A Rich Divine Belgium Chocolate, simply divine in B&B and uber strong in our tarts. A must try for chocolate lovers.)

LunaBleu Shea and Aloe Body Cream/ Shea and Aloe Cream 4 oz
Scent: Christmas Morning (Description: All the best aromas of Christmas breakfast rolled into one: Cinnamon Rolls drenched with vanilla icing, Bear Claws, hot chocolate with Marshmallows and a hint of fresh brewed coffee)

LunaBleu Shea and Aloe Body Cream/ Shea and Aloe Cream 4 oz
Scent: Vanilla Mocha Latte (Description: A Delicious Coffee Blend of Creamy Caramel filled Vanilla Bean Noel, Our wonderful Belgium chocolate and Colombian coffee.)

LunaBleu Shea Luxe Hand and Body Lotion/ Plush Lotion 2 oz (- shop link)
Scent: Amour de Cacao Type (Description: Dangerously alluring and passionately addictive, this scent offers a delicate and original alternative for vanilla lovers.This elegant, fluid confection lingers with a powdery exoticism. (Compare to Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao) Best Seller!)

LunaBleu Room Spray 2 oz (- shop link)
Scent: Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows (Description: Yummy Hot Chocolate and Sugary Sweet Marshmallows!)

Belgium Chocolate is my all time favourite chocolate scent in the world.  It is other-worldly delicious!  Been wanting to write up a Firm Favourites post on some edibly-scented body products but have not yet found time to do, but I realised I have talked about this scent previously, in the Goatmilk Cream, featured in a monthly favourites post!

Christmas Morning is yummy.  The description is pretty accurate, I can't say more than a blend of cinnamon, warm sweet spice and hint of coffee.  Adore this!

Vanilla Mocha Latte, omg, is illegal to be a body product scent in my opinion!  I want to swallow my arms after putting this on!  It doesn't smell like a latte, more like a sweet treat.  Very sweet, and smelling this can tame my sweet tooth, bonus!

Texture-wise, Shea and Aloe Cream absorbs quickly and leaves skin silky smooth.  I find it lighter than the Goatmilk Cream (- shop link) I have, so Shea and Aloe may be better in the Summer than Goatmilk, which is slightly too heavy. Marshmallow Body Frosting, or Marshmallow Whipped Shea on the other hand, is extremely emollient.  It is like whipped butter.  Only a tiny bit is needed to spread over the whole leg or arm, and it leaves skin shiny and nourished, without being too greasy.  The oil content also means that it holds the fragrance on the skin much longer that watery lotion does.  It is like scented body butter taken to another level, more deeply moisturising and much more good smelling!  

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Room Spray makes my room smells like a chocolate factory, in the nicest way possible.  Tanya was right when she said that this is strong.  I spray two 'spritz' of this and my room (small room I admit) smells of it for two full days.  Not kidding.  

Amour de Cacao, unlike the Belgium Chocolate or Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, is a more complex scent.  The BC or HCM are more straight forward sweet, chocolate.  Amour de Cacao has sophistication that is more attractive.  I can smell the vanilla and softness and feel more toned down.  Probably more wearable in the day time.  *If you wear BC or HCM out in the day time, chances are, people will mistaken you as a piece of chocolate...


LunaBleu EDP Mister 11 ml (- shop link)
Scent: Pink Chocolates (Description: Sugary Pink Sugar with touches of decadent dark chocolate)
My Review:
LunaBleu Shea and Aloe Body Cream/ Shea and Aloe Cream 4 oz
Scent: Belgium Chocolate (Description: A Rich Divine Belgium Chocolate, simply divine in B&B and uber strong in our tarts. A must try for chocolate lovers.)
LunaBleu Shea Butter Exfoliating Soap
Scent: Eye of Newt (Description: An aromatic blend of just the right combination of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, melissa, fresh green herbal notes, with base notes of amber and woods.)

LunaBleu was kind enough to include a few extras in the mail for me to try, and possible review on my blog. One of them is the Shea and Aloe Cream of my favourite scent Belgium Chocolate - now I have nearly all the creams in this flavour; I can smell like a happy piece of chocolate for a very long time! :D

Pink Chocolates is beautiful.  It has shots of bitter dark chocolate, but also the sweetness of candy and sugar.  It will be a fun fragrance to wear for joyful trips to parks or meeting with girlfriends.  One thing though, which is the major disappointment I have with LunaBleu, is that their EDP Mister bottles aren't very well designed.  I have multiples of the EDP Mister in these semi-transparent spray bottles, and all of them leaks.  The label stickers on them also peel off very quickly.  I have no problems with all other product packaging though, the roller ball bottles are fine.  I hope LunaBleu can improve the packaging of these EDP Mister!  We really don't want to waste the precious perfume content due to leakage.

Finally, an Exfoliating Soap.  I am not an everyday user of bar soaps, mainly due to the reason that my bathroom is tiny and poorly ventilated.  The humidity of Hong Kong will melt any soaps I try to use!  Newt is a new word to me, so I googled about it.  I think the returned results say that 'newt' is a type of aquatic salamander (not sure).  Eye of Newt is an exotic scent, green and herbal as it says, and will be perfect for those who like fresh woody scents with a hint of spice.

So, I'm wrapping this post up with a question and giveaway.  Winner will get the Eye of Newt Exfoliating Soap, and a little gift package from me.  Rules are super simple.  Just tell me in the comments below,

What is your favourite scent or fragrance? Is it by a particular brand or company?

After you comment below, feel free to pop me an email to jacqlibra at gmail dot com, so I can contact you if you win.  Winner will be chosen based on creativity, or randomly - I haven't decided yet.  Deadline will be the end of March!! :D

Update:  Winner is Eugenia!  Congratulations! :D

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I had never heard of this brand ...
    and the products you bought sound great... =)

    the perfume that I like the most is jasmine. At the door of my house there is a plant and the scent of jasmine in spring is divine...
    I also used to make scented candles and the fragrance that I liked to burn more often was French vanilla or soft lavender...

    1. I see! I have always been drinking Jasmine tea since I was a kid, so I am kind of bored of that scent. But it is a beautiful flower fragrance anyway... hehe
      French Vanilla smells delicious :D

    2. eugenia, you won my lunableu giveaway.
      pls email me at jacqlibra at gmail dot com!

  2. I started looking for vanilla-scented products on the website and then I realized that does not ship to my country ...=(

  3. I have never try this product.
    I like the mist is vanilla perfume

    1. LunaBleu makes lovely products. I like vanilla scent a lot too :)

  4. i want try lunableu product and my favourite scent is lavender bcoz make me fresh :)

    1. i see! lavender is good when i want calm and peaceful moments :)



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