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Event: Clé de Peau Beauté Brightening Makeup Workshop

Last week my cousin H and I went to a makeup workshop held by Clé de Peau Beauté.  It wasn't a press conference or such, but a private session for customers/members and friends.  I asked the beauty consultants if I could take photos of 'everything' and do swatches, and they kindly say yes.  And so for the full two hours, except for a short slot, where I was summoned to lend my face as skin care demo, my cousin and I doubled up and had so much fun playing around with the products.  Great fun, and total enjoyment!

Let me put this (disclaimer) out in case you're wondering; I'm not paid by CPB, nor was I sponsored by them.  I am just a past customer and possible future customer! :D

About CPB

Clé de Peau Beauté, or CPB, means 'Key to Beautiful Skin'.  It is one of the most luxurious brands of the Shiseido family.  It has a French name because CPB combines the Japanese technology and beauty philosophy with the French elegance and radiance.

The slogan for this Summer's brightening make up campaign is "Radiance becomes you".  They brought out a new make up base with UV protection, and a powder foundation. These two items are the highlight of the workshop. At the workshop, we have first hand tips from the CPB trainers and beauty consultants on how to make these work on our skin. Plus, we get to try them out on ourselves, and take home some samples!

My Past Experience

The reason why I am a CPB member, is due to a past purchase. My mum bought me a set of their basic skin care, which include a face wash/cleanser, a toner/lotion, day emulsion/moisturiser, and a night emulsion.  With that purchase, I got a travel set as gift/sample.  So with that set, I have also tried their prestige la crème (a tiny sample), and the cleansing cream; these I tried rather briefly.  I will link the review I have written below.

= Clé de Peau Beauté Cleansing Cream
= Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Cleansing Foam
= Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Balancing Lotion
Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Protective Emulsion
= Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Nourishing Emulsion
= Clé de Peau Beauté Cotton

The Workshop

The workshop was a two hour session in the afternoon.  It was held at a very cozy and well-lit function room inside a hotel.  There were refreshment, snacks and sweets, hot and cold beverages; atmosphere was warm and welcoming.  We are assigned to a table (designed for 4 pairs of friends) pretty close to the stage area.  A beauty consultant, Michelle, helped out at our table exclusively.  Coincidentally, she was the lady who served me a year ago at the CPB store!

The class began with a brief intro of the brand's philosophy (boring) and star products (not boring).  Of course they had to present their array of distinguished foundations!  There are three liquids and three compacts.  All vary in formulation, finish, and richness.  Things they share in common though, are good coverage, durability, and comfort to wear.  NB. Next time I'll definitely test them out!

We were assisted to take off our base and face make up with CPB Cleansing Lotion and Cotton. This was my first time using their cleansing lotion.   It feels like a micellar water born from a royal family!  After our faces are cleansed, I was summoned to the stage as the skin care demo. Sorry, no pictures to show as I found those shots taken by my cousin too realistic, only showcasing my flaws in the most unflattering angles! XD

The next step was lotion. CPB Gentle Balancing Lotion (3 pumps) and Cotton was used.  It plumps up skin, adds a bunch of moisture, and preps skin for steps that follow.  We are also told that, Cotton soaked in the Lotion torn into layers, can be a very quick pick-me-up mask before make up application.  This can be applied to area where needed, e.g. forehead or cheeks.

Then the CPB Brightening Serum Supreme (the whitening serum) was applied with fingers, followed by CPB Gentle Protective Emulsion with Cotton.  The emulsion was just okay, but the serum feels divine.  The skin care is concluded with an extra layer of sun protection, CPB UV Protection Cream SPF50 PA+++.  This is the La Créme in SPF form.  It smells, feels and applies like a dream, a very sweet fairytale dream.  A pearl size amount is needed if you layer on base make up with SPF; otherwise, double the amount is recommended. After this step, I was released from the stage! :P

Personal Touch

We then try on the CPB Brightening Enhancer Base.  It is illuminating and hides flaws.  Both my cousin and I agree that this base alone is adequate for daily wear.  With a touch of loose powder and blusher we are good to go. If we are to buy only 1 thing out of everything we played with that day, this could be it! (Happy to have two mini sachets of this in our goodie bag!).

We are then colour matched to the new CPB Brightening Powder Foundation.  Each of us swatched stripes of our two closest match near our jawline.  My match was O10, my cousin I10.  BF20 was also recommended to me if I would like to have a more natural and flawless finish.  Well, however, I opted for the brighter O10.  There are two ways to apply this powder foundation, one way is to use the flat sponge, one swipe across the pan is adequate for half the face.   Another method is to use a fluffy puff, in circular motion gently blending the foundation in.  Both gives amazing coverage and smooth finish, but I prefer the flat square sponge as it gives more control and allows me to get to detail areas, e.g. around the nose.

Finally we were encouraged to complete with the spot/colour make up, starting from brows, to cheeks, to lips. This was my first time putting CPB make up on my face and I must say, the quality is very impressive! I especially adore the natural effect of the brow pencil, and the buttery comfort of the lipstick. More swatches below~

Concealer Swatches (all four)

I believe one of the most raved about CPB make up is their CPB Concealer S.  I found all four colours on our table, and they were brand new, un-touched.  No one could stop me from swatching them!  Pictures taken under indoor lighting, from left: Honey, OchreBeigeIvory.

Honey is pretty yellow/orange, and way too dark that I do not know what to refer to.  I think darker Asians can rock this shade.  My friend Sam may be able to reference it to a MAC number perhaps?
Ochre is neutral with hint of yellow, medium dark.  I guess medium skin tone East Asian can wear this shade.
Beige is light pinkish, I will probably call it a MAC NW shade, perhaps NW15?  Don't quote me on that though.
Ivory is the only shade I can use.  It is neutral/yellow tone, a bit darker than Beige.  To be honest, I find this darker than I expected.  It is definitely more NC20 than NC10.  (Again, I'm not a MAC artist so I'm roughly quoting the MAC numbers only)

Enriched Lip Luminizer

CPB makes two kinds of lipsticks: Enriched Lip Luminizer and Extra Rich Lipstick.

Two lipstick shades were short-listed for us to try out.  Enriched Lip Luminizer is the tall sleek lipstick infused with moisture and shine.  Extra Rich Lipstick has a shorter case with a square-tip bullet; it is silky and pigmented (I didn't try that out).  There are 20 colour options in each formula so you are destined to find a shade you adore.  Most of the colours are MLBB ("My Lips but Better") kind of natural, neutral, nude, pink, rose, flattering, elegant colours.  The craziest ones are burgundy, gold, brown or corals.

On the left is 210, on the right is 205. I wore the more grown up 205 and it is a M.L.B.much.B rose colour. Not very long lasting on, a good amount wore off with a sip of coffee. But hey, I wouldn't mind reapplying this constantly if I have to!

CPB Eyebrow Pencil

I am an eyebrow freak.  I have more brow pencils than lip pencils and nearly as much brow palettes as compact foundation.  It is not easy to impress me with an expensive brow product.  However, this twist-up automatic pencil from CPB did.  It is smooth, has an angled flat tip, with a very handy spooly brush at the end, and stays put all day.  Did I also mentioned that the shades look very darn flattering on my skin tone?  NB I can hear my wallet crying while I sing praises for CPB...

On the left is 201, on the right is 202 (the shade I wore).

Complimentary Samples

Finally, after piling on shimmering highlight and touch-up of buttery lipstick, we left.  But we did not left bare-handed!  There wasn't sales service at the gathering, awe are advised to try some samples out at home, before we make our purchases.  How sweet and thoughtful!  Each of us get a special goodie bag with samples with the 'Radiance Becomes You' theme.

I got:
- Brightening Enhancer Base 0.3 ml (2 sachets)
- Brightening Powder Foundation O10 0.8 g (Yay, my shade!)
- Cleansing Cream 9 ml
- Refreshing Cleansing Foam 6 ml
- Brightening Serum 6 ml

The most exciting thing I find in our goodie bag?  Definitely the Make Up Base and the Brightening Serum!  I am still lusting over their Sun Protection Cream and Brow Pencil... Please, I need a little more self-control! XD

Hope you enjoy my post and feel free to comment below!  Have you tried anything from CPB?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Thanks for the post! Looks like you had lots of fun :) I've been interested in this brand esp their famous concealer! Please do post more review thanks!

    1. Yes I had a lot of fun! I'll sure review more in the future. It looks like everyone of us is interested in their concealer! lol

  2. I've never tried CPB but I'm planning on trying out their concealer.

    1. It looks like everyone of us is interested in their concealer! From my swatching and playing around, I find their concealer really pigmented and smooth. Will be perfect if you're after the flawless finish! Tell me when you get around to trying it out, Sylvia!

  3. I've never tried CPB, so expensive and luxury...
    I really want to buy an expensive serum, I will consider this brand too.

    1. Hi Eugenia,
      from what I know, CPB makes only a few serums. One is the brightening one (mentioned in this post), another is an oil balancing one (if you have oily skin), and also a wrinkle correcting concentrate (for mature lines). Which one do you think you will get?



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