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Face Mask Review #4 | Suffocated in Snail Slime


Some of the cult beauty ingredients these days come from the weirdest organisms, plants there are, animals or insects there are, too.  We have heard and seen Bee venoms (basically means 'toxin'), Snake venom (or Syn-ake, a dupe for that poison), and today I'm going to focus on Snail mucus (slime, it is!).

Copied from wikipedia (link):
Snail slime is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

I am not a dermatologist, just a very passionate spender on skin care.  With so many (Asian) brands making or marketing their face masks with Snail Slime, and them being so easily accessible, I had to pick out a bunch to test them out.  Most of these are Korean or Taiwanese, the two places where affordable and reliable beauty products are produced anyway. Chinese (from PRC) is cheaper but less reliable; Japanese is better quality but slighter more pricey.


First disclaimer, I look silly in most of the pictures below.  Do not judge my headband or my pajamas.  That's how I rock my face mask sessions.  Every other day, my room-mate, i.e. my little brother, has his courage tested by my masks.  He must be a brave boy by now.  

Secondly, I have only used one piece of each mask mentioned below.  This is not the best way to review a product I reckon, however, I also trust myself when I draw conclusion on these.  They are not entirely reckless.  Uncountable brands and masks I have tried, that I can pretty much tell how I like a new one after or even during one trial.  But I'm stating it here, so that you can make your own calculations/decisions after reading my review.

If you're alright with snail slime, and the scariness of me, then please read on!  I am reviewing six different types of snail masks this time!

1. mask 2. before 3. during 4. after

It's Skin Prestige Masque D'Escargot
  • Brand: http://www.itsskin.com/
  • Product: Korean link
  • Price:  Not sure.  This is a gift courtesy of girlfriend A.
  • Made in Korea
  • No English ingredient list
  • Claims: Lifting, Brightens & Firming, Anti-Stress
  • The Mask: The texture of this mask is the bio-cellulose, jelly and fibre hybrid type.  There are quite a number of plastic inserts to help you unfold the mask.  I find them pretty 'environmental unfriendly', but they are helpful.  I can unfold and apply the mask easily.  The mask is designed to be two-piece.  There is a top and a bottom.  Both adheres to the skin perfectly, but the openings are kind of absurd.  The gaps at the sides of nose are too wide, the mouth hole too big, and overall too short vertically - my forehead and chin/jaw cannot be covered.  Might fit you better if your face is small and 'shorter'.
  • Scent:  It has a light fragrance, not very significant.
  • Review:  It gives a mild tingling effect when put on.  After 5 minutes, it intensified.  Then it calms down around the 10-minute mark.  I took it off after 20 minutes.  The serum in this mask is almost a dry oil type, not the ordinary runny gel or runny water serum.  My skin skin is noticeably brighter, a bit more firm, but not so lifted.  As the serum is like a dry oil, I also feel nourished afterwards.  I applied an eye cream and a face moisturiser afterwards.
  • Rating: Okay.  I love these 'bio-cellulose' masks - see my first impression and more info - and have tried a few.  I am not the biggest fan of the tingling effect of this mask, I find it irritating.  The effects are nice though, so if I don't have to pay, I'll be willing to use this again.  ;)

1. mask 2. before 3-4. close up of mask 5. after

Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing Gel Mask

  • Brand: http://www.mask-house.com/
  • Product: Link, Sasa link
  • Price: I got mine from Glamabox subscription.  Mannings also sells this, price may vary with discounts, but it is not cheap.  Last time I saw it, it was on sale at $90 for a box of 3.
  • Made in Korea
  • The Claims:  Deep hydration in three-fold.  Improves softness, glow, elasticity.
  • The Mask:  The mask utilises a TCD (TM) mask technology - no idea what it is - that helps absorption of essence.  It is a gel, pretty thin layer of mask.  The mask is a two-piece, cut roughly at the cheek-bone area.  When taken out of the package, four pieces of plastic inserts separate the two sections of mask in sandwich fashion.  Some serum keeps dripping while I unfold the mask.  Unfolding was alright easy.  I loathe its cutting.  The mouth-hole was gigantic I had to fold a bit on the chin to make the sides of my mouth covered.  I hope you can see from the pictures, that the sides of my nose, near the cheeks, aren't covered too well either.
  • My Review:  It feels good on, and after 15 minutes the mask did dry up a little, probably some serum soaked up by my skin?  After peel off my skin feels very nourished as if I have drowned it with lotion for quite a long time.  Pore size shrunk, and all over brighten.  The mask did add a glow to my skin, I am really impressed with the moisturising properties!  Downside is, skin has a slight sticky feeling afterwards, and other than hydration, this mask doesn't calm the redness/spots on my face, nor 'whiten' my complexion or spots.
  • Rating: Okay.  The cutting really bothers me, and the effect, while good, doesn't last 3 days nor 'wow' me enough to justify the price.
1. mask 2. before 3. during 4. after

Nutree Crema Caracol Snail Mask
  • Brand:  Facebook link
  • Product:  Sasa link
  • Made in Korea
  • No English ingredient list
  • Price: I got mine from Glamabox subscription.  I saw it sold at HK$ 125 for 12 at GlamaEvent.
  • Claims: Skin tranquilizing, skin protection and low-irritating, control of skin troubles, moisturizing, anti-allergy and skin tranquilizing, high moisturizing and skin elasticity, skin tone improvement, anti-oxidation. 
  • The Mask:  Traditional 'cloth' material.  I must have been spoilt by the better textures that I find this piece of mask very hard to lay flat and even.  The folds can't be smoothed.  I gave up fiddling with the mask and let it sit as it is, shown in the photo.  The cloth itself is soft.  Not too much liquid that drips, but enough to keep mask moist for about 15 min.
  • Scent: Smelt of totally nothing, which can be a good thing!
  • My Review: Around 3 minute mark, I feel some tingling effect.  After 5 min., the feeling died down.  At 15 min., I started to feel the mask dried up.  It says wait for 20 - 30 minutes, so I waited until 20 min..  Taken off, I didn't see much wonder.  It is significantly brighter and moisturised.  Redness slightly tamed and no more dry bits on face.  I put on make up right on top and it sit well.
  • Rating: No Way.  I think I can find better mask at this price point.
1. mask 2. before 3. during 4. after

Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet

  • Brand: Korean Link
  • Product: Korean Link
  • Price: It was handed to me for free on the street at Seoul.
  • Made in Korea
  • Claims: Recover the stability of unbalanced troubled skin due to stress.  Increase moisture retaining capacity of skin.  
  • Sheet and Scent:  No scent, can be a good thing.  The sheet texture is traditional, old-school cloth type.  Quite thick and doesn't have special cutting.  Very basic.
  • My Review:  I used it for a full course of 20 minutes.  I like how the remaining serum/moisture left on my skin feels.  The effect though, is just okay.  Not massively moisturised nor brightened or anything really.
  • Rating: Okay.  You know how sometimes I am glad these brands aren't easily accessible in HK?  So I do not have to worry about unconsciously buying more.  XD
1. mask 2. before 3. during 4. after

Sooae Snail EGF Essence Mask Pack
  • Brand: Chinese Link
  • Product: Chinese Link
  • Price: HK$ 18.9 from Watson's
  • Made in Korea
  • No English ingredient list
  • Claims: Efficient penetration, anti-wrinkle.  Repair of damaged cells, locking in water molecules.  Increase skin vitality and youth.
  • The Sheet and Scent: The sheet is nicely soaked with serum, and I adore the texture and its cutting.  The sheet is like a  net/ gauze, adheres to skin very well, and holds the serum too, minimal dripping.  The scent isn't the best, at first it smelt quite alcoholic and some hint of tobacco (!), later on it faded a bit.
  • My Reviews:  The mask was okay.  I did see my face, mediocre-ly brightened, moisturised, like any other masks.  However, one thing bothers me, some of the serum/lotion of this mask went into my left eye, which I'll call unavoidable as we all have not so careful moments, and it irritated my eye.  It was that bad that my eye was red and swollen the other day, and the day after.  My eye might have over-reacted, but now I'm unsure if I want to give the other two masks a try.  Scary.
  • Rating: No Way.  I like the sheet, serum, cutting and effect.  Do not like the scent.  Quite expensive per piece.  I don't think I need to use anti-wrinkle masks regularly, so I'll probably re-purchase other options.  

1. packaging 2. before 3. during 4. after

top: mask ingredient bottom: ampoule ingredient
close up of the ampoule and my line-ful palm

Dr. Post Snail Aquaring SOS Mask
(Step 1 - Dr. Post SOS Mask Base Ampoule 3 ml, Step 2 - Mask 25 ml)

  • Brand: Korean Link English Link Hong Kong Link
  • Item: Hong Kong Link
  • Price: $25.9 from Mannings, $330 for box of 10 pieces on website
  • Made in Korea
  • Claims: SOS super dehydrated skin, or dry skin
  • Step 1: I adore this ampoule/serum.  It is a clear unscented liquid with a hint of gel texture.  Quite runny, so the amount is enough for two faces if used sparingly.  However, according to the instructions, I used the whole sachet on my face with patience and massage.  Face is instantly moisturised and soothed and looked so much better.  I love this stuff! 
  • Step 2: It has a slight fragrance.  The sheet texture is a mild gauze/net type.  (Pretty similar to the Sooae one discussed above.)  I adore this texture when the cutting is well executed, and this is.  It hugs my face like no other normal sheet.  The whole 20 minutes were enjoyable.  The scent faded very soon.
  • Rating: Hurray.  Will repurchase more, and try more from brands made by LNP when my stash is down-sized a little!  This is expensive but totally worth it in my opinion. 
Other snail masks I have used before:

Sasatinnie Snail Renewing Face Mask (Made in Korea)
Rating: Okay

SkinLite, Snail Cell Illuminating Multi-step Treatment (Made in Korea)
Step 1 - Skin Illuminating Ampoule, Step 2 - Snail Essence Mask
Rating: No Way

SkinLite, Snail Age Regenerating Multi-step Treatment (Made in Korea)
(Step 1 - Age Regenerating Ampoule, Step 2 - Snail Essence Mask)
Rating: Okay

My Beauty Diary, Autumn Repair Pack (Made in Taiwan)
(Step 1 - Snail Mask, Step 2 - Snail Repair Cream)
Rating: Hurray

Have you ever tried Snail Slime/Serum on your face?  What are your thoughts on them?  Are you adventurous or sceptical?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Thanks for the review. I love snail masks. I'm still testing out different brands to see which one I love the most!

    1. You're welcome, Sylvia. Which ones have you tried? Do you recommend any of those you like? :)

    2. 試了baviphat和elishacoy, 兩者比較下elishacoy較出色, 比較保濕。新買了nuganics snail mask,不過還沒試。想試tonymoly snail mask不過比較貴, 唔捨得試。

    3. Hi Sylvia, which ElishaCoy did you tried? There is a jelly one and a cloth one. I just tried the cloth one, the cloth is quite old-fashion :( dislike. How much is Tony Moly? :P

  2. Thanks for the review, I've never tried masks sheet only pack mask and wash off mask...

    1. You're welcome Eugenia. Do you want some from Asia? I can send you a few to try out! :D

  3. It's so funny! I'm using the cloth ElishaCoy Snail mask as we speak and I'm not liking it too much....it even tore apart when I tried to shift it! What a disappointment....I'm glad you do these reviews. I love face masks!

    1. Anna, Thanks for the comment! I heart my face masks a lot too~ :D



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