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His Hair Story | Episode 1

This blog post is not about me.  It is me interviewing my fiancé, or Mr. A, about his hair.  If you are not interested in a male talking about his scalp, shampoo, experience with hair treatment or such, then feel free to click away!  


Mr. A has been experiencing thinning hair for a while now.  Age factor (he prefers his age undisclosed), environmental factor (HK is very heavily polluted), stress factor (full time professional who has to work hard in order to feed Jacq the spender?), genetic factor (his father and elder brother don't have the big hair gene per Jacq's observation), diet factor (he ate out all meals all days until he met me) all play a role in his condition.  Before we met, he didn't pay attention in improving this condition; after we met, he thinks it is my responsibility to solve this problem (what?).  So, I began researching and shopping for Mr. A.

His scalp and skin are oily, and on most weekdays, he showers once in the morning and once before bed.  In both showers he washes his hair, but only conditions in the morning.  He has medium length hair, the longest strands touch the back of his neck.  Hair brands he used to use include Dove, Asience, general brands that can be obtained at Mannings or Watsons, local chain pharmacies.  

Below are some of Mr. A's experiences with hair products.  He isn't a big product guy, so his review may not be very reader-friendly.  They have been edited by yours truly (Jacq) ...

His Lush Experience

The first brand I went for was Lush.  Mainly because at that time, I myself was very interested in trying out the line's various bath and body offerings.  I thought that even if Lush is not effective enough, at least it is a more natural and less harmful than ordinary drugstore shampoos.  No harm to start trying!  Plus, I find the concept of shampoo bar very appealing: environmental friendly, looks neat, foams a whole lot, etc.  Therefore, I began by getting Mr. A a bar of New Solid Shampoo.

Lush New Solid Shampoo - uk link

Mr. A's review:  "Yes I like it, but No I do not notice growth in volume nor speed (Lush claims: stimulate hair follicles to maximise growth).  It leaves my hair soft and clean.  Solid shampoo is convenient, and a little goes a long way.  Other than that, I don't find it beneficial.  It doesn't add shine to my hair (Lush claims: give amazing shine), I still use a conditioner afterwards."

Around the same time, I also purchased the liquid shampoo with beer as a key ingredient.  Cynthia Sylvia Stout doesn't specifically targets thinning hair, but it does say it gives volume.  Mr. A started using the small bottle after he used up the New Solid Shampoo, and he told me he enjoys the liquid shampoo, asking for more.  Later I purchased him a larger size, which he still uses, but not as regularly. 

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout - uk link

Mr. A's review, "(Lush claims: Tame fluffy frizzy hair? Your answer?) It is moisturising, can feel greasy when it's humid.  (Lush claims, Shine? Your answer?) Yes I use a conditioner with this in the morning.  (Lush claims: Volume)  Hair seems to grow faster, or maybe an illusion of more volume. (Other remarks)  Stronger scent than the two solid shampoos (New/Seanik).   Quite runny, use quite an amount to make enough foam.  I think this uses up quite quickly."  

If you have read my previous 'disappointment' post on the Seanik Solid Shampoo, you know that I have bought it for myself.  However, it doesn't work in my bathroom, so I sent it to Mr. A's apartment, hoping he will find uses out of it.

Lush Seanik Solid Shampoo - uk link

Mr. A's review, "(Lush claims, with seaweed to soften) Yes soften.  (Lush claims, sea salt to give body) No add body.  This soap I find is more durable than the red one (New Solid Shampoo).  A little soap goes a very long way.  I use a conditioner in the morning with this.  This does not differ much from the red New."

Another brand, from Paris

Okay, so while Mr. A is still gradually using up the Seanik and CSS by Lush, I came across the brand René Furterer.  I have tried some of their products and I very much enjoyed them.  I decided to let Mr. A try out the RF 80 which is a programme that lasts for 12 weeks.  

René Furterer RF 80 concentrated hair loss treatment - usa link

By the time Mr. A is interviewed, he has finished 8 out of the 12 serums.  He uses that every Saturday evening after shower, and wait a full day until Sunday evening to wash it off.  His review, "I notice new hair re-growth on my forehead (the M-shaped area).  That is exciting!  The feeling on my scalp is very cooling, seems to stimulate the whole scalp.  However, over all, hair doesn't seem to grow faster.  (Jacq asks, is it convenient to use these glass vials?)  It is okay-easy once I get used to it.  The texture is very thin, so it flows everywhere, it can run down to one's face if not careful.  The glass can be a bit dangerous. Once (out of eight) I broke it, but didn't get hurt.  It requires 24 hour to work, that means not allowed to wash hair for a whole day.  I find it hard to style."  

Jacq's remarks: I do notice the 'new hair' on Mr. A's M-forehead area.  I also agree that his hair looks funny on Sundays (the day he's not allowed to shampoo).  Overall I do notice his hair more healthy-looking, thicker on two sides and each thread of hair looks stronger.  In my next episode I will remember to update Mr. A's review after using up the whole box of RF 80.  Together with the RF 80, I bought a tube of Forticea shampoo for him to use in conjunction, hoping it will intensify the results. 

René Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo - usa link

Mr. A's review, "This has a very significant citrus scent.  The beads do not dissolve (RF claims, microbeads of essential oils increase scalp microcirculation).  The tube's design makes much water collect at the lid, a bit weird.  It leaves a fresh, soft feeling, but hair feels more coarse than using other shampoos.  Must use conditioner afterwards."

Time to try something new?

He doesn't like this shampoo very much hence he sometimes switch back to the Lush Seanik or CSS.  So, this is the first episode of His Hair Story.  The next episode will probably be a hair products haul.  I very much want to hear product recommendations or your (your man's) experience with hair.  

Tell me what you think of this series, are there questions you want to ask Mr. A or me?  

Lush - hk website

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. very good post, I would like to try lush products but there is no lush in my city.
    And two of my brothers also have problems with hair, one of them has very dry hair and weak, while the other has very oily scalp, they went to the dermatologist and the doctor prescribe folic acid and biotin and they noticed a change, maybe mr A's should consult with a doctor.

    Moving on, thank you very much for stopping by my blog, I was very happy to read your comments and appreciate you see my effort to write in two languages​​. thanks again. =)

    1. Thank you Eugenia for supporting my 1st attempt to write about Mr A's hair. We will give it some more time (he is going to try a new UK brand next) and see if his hair comes back. If it doesn't, perhaps I'll bring him to a dermatologist (as you recommended), but that could mean more $$ and possible side effects? Are there adverse effects after your brothers took doctor's prescriptions?



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