Thursday, 14 March 2013

Inventory #23 | Colour Nail Polish Stash

Inspired by A Polish Addict (I have been a loyal follower of her even before she renamed her blog to 'apolishaddict'!), I made a spreadsheet on google doc listing out 'all' my nail colours.  I started this product back in January, and finally temporarily finished it.  It took me nearly two months time span!  Shockingly to myself, I realised I have over 500 nail polishes - WTF.  Morever, I also notice that a few have gone missing... I suspect they are out in my friend's possession, or simply, lost... :S

I will be updating the spreadsheet now and then, but for the time now, feel free to take a glance.  LINK

The pictures above are actually taken from three previous posts: Taiwan Beauty Haul, 2012 Sep Acquisition, and NOTD with Deborah Lippmann.

I welcome requests for manicure or nail art ideas!!! I'm a little (very, in fact) un-inspired to paint my nails recently... Bad Lazy Me...

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I have a 100+ bottle of nail polish and lately I have not had time or inspiration to paint my nails, I know it's is a temporary thing, then I change the polish every three days.

    I inspired by watching nail tutorials on YT, and then I feel like I have to have at least some color on my nails if the girls in the tutorials do those works of art on each nail.

    1. Hi Eugenia, yes we do go through phases... Sometimes I need to change up the colour every other day or so and I can't bear the view of chipped nails... but there are times where I feel comfortable enough (or lazy enough?) to wearing bare naked nails... i.e. the time now...

      do you have any youtube channels to recommend to me? Thx :D



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