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MAC Face and Body Foundation C2

This is one of the foundations I have dreamt for the longest.  All of my blogger friends, or beauty bloggers whom I admire, have raved or at least talked about this.  To name a few, they include Tao/iamgrape1119 (shade C2 - link, link), Sam/samram1214 (shade C4 - link), and Muhsine/bubblegarm (shade C4 - link).

I forgot how many visits I paid to the local counters asking if this will be launched, and I forgot how great the disappointment was when the answers were always negative.  Even with the release of Face and Body Collection (Temptalia - link) last year, I didn't get a discrete answer.  Losing patience/hope, I almost gave up.  Luckily, with the help of my friend T, I got a big bottle, and more recently a small bottle, of this precious liquid, from the UK.  Happy me. :)

Packaging and Scent

The bottle design is nice, cute and practical.  I give it a good shake beforehand, every time I use it.  The sturdy but light plastic makes shaking it up easy.  The foundation has a funny scent that borderline resembles Chinese herbs (my nose could be totally wrong).  It doesn't bother me, and it isn't strong or long-lasting anyway.  I read reviews saying this could turn bad very soon, and then start smelling funky - I don't know of that yet... I hope that won't happen to me any soon.

Colour, Coverage and Consistency

I got mine in C2, both the 120 ml and 50 ml bottles.  For colour reference, I also own MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20, which matches me very well in the Summer.  C2 is a mild yellow tone colour, suits most East Asian skin tones I think.  I prefer my complexion to look more radiant and bright/light, so I guess C1 may work for me better, especially when I don't have much colour in the colder seasons.

Face and Body is a sheer low-coverage light-weight foundation.  Even more like a tinted lotion than a tinted moisturiser.  It doesn't cover much when one layer applied.  In the picture above, you can still see my tiny beauty mark (don't like the word 'mole') after that much foundation was smoothed/blended on, roughly the circled area.  My veins were toned down but still observable.  The finish is very skin-like, semi-dewy, just like you have applied some nice skin care on that makes you glow.  No shimmer, no matte/powder feeling.

However, the foundation is build-able in a way.  After one layer is dry, you can apply another layer.  I tried, but I don't like the result.  It defies the purpose of using this foundation, isn't it?

On My Face

In the 'Before' picture, I was wearing Garnier BB Eye Roll-on under the eyes.  That's it.  I had some redness around my nose and uneven tones around forehead/temples.

In the 'After' picture, you can see the overall complexion is even out, not too much brightened.  Very natural and skin-like, almost like wearing no foundation.  However, I do love my face to look fairer and brighter.  That's why I said I wanted to try C1!

Below is an out-take of the FOTD I did on the same day.  I added loads of colour make up, but did not powder or conceal my skin.  Hope it gives you a better idea of how it looks!


This is a Hurray product for me.  I will always prefer this to other foundations and traditional BB creams (the Asian/Korean ones), as all of those give too much coverage and feel too heavy.  It is definitely a comfortable everyday foundation to me.  Yes it evens out skin tone.  No it does not cover spots.  It is more a 'good-skin' day kind of base.  I highly recommend this if you like foundation that doesn't feel like one on the skin!

Hope this review is helpful to some of you! :D

Have you tried MAC Face and Body Foundation?  What is your favourite everyday foundation?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I love this foundation it's perfect for work! xx

    1. Yea~ I would agree on that. That's great when you're having general good skin days! ;)

  2. Wow face and body? cool :D I love MAC eyeshadows. I should try this product out, great review!

    1. Yay, give it a try if you like light coverage slightly dewy foundation! :)



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