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Spotted: Lavshuca Spring 2013 Candy Pop Shadow

Kanebo has always been my favourite company when it comes to producing amazing drugstore brands, I am a big fan of their Media, Lavshuca, Freshel and Kate lines for a while now.  It is not very common for Japanese drugstore lines to bring out individual eye shadows.  They tend to do palettes and sets.  Kate and Lavshuca tried to bring out duo small palettes, but they don't receive as much love as they do quads or larger palettes.  This time, Lavshuca not only brings out 10 new singles, but also, among them are two matte shades.  God knows how matte is under-represented in this market!

Yesterday I saw these in an Aster 雅施 store at Mongkok.  The store was quite small and crowded, I much prefer Sasa or even Colourmix than Aster.  However, I don't have a Sasa near me that stocks Lavshuca so I can't go and swatch all of them more freely.  I did swatch a few of them and then take a picture outdoor under cloudy day light.

Note: the above image was taken with Blackberry camera.

The Spring 2013 Collection of Lavshuca was also featured in blogs of Rouge DeluxeMusing of a Muse and A Touch of Blusher.

taken from
taken with iPad camera under cloudy day light

taken with iPad camera under cloudy day light

Candy Pop Shadow

  • HK $65, 2.2 g of product
  • Pink Tin
  • 2 matte shades: PK-3, BR-2
  • 4 pearly shades: PK-1, BR-1, BE-1, PU-1
  • 4 glitter shades: PK-2, GN-1, NV-1, SV-1
  • First impression: The pearly shades are beautiful, high shine, buttery smooth.  From the swatch above you can see how amazingly pigmented and pretty BE-1 is, it will be a gorgeous highlight colour.  The glitter shades aren't very impressive.  Both the PK-2 and SV-1 don't deliver much glitter to my hand, they feel dry and a bit flaky.  Surprisingly, the two matte shades give great colour pay-off and they withstand rubbing quite well.  PK-3 is a sweet and bright pink.  BR-2 is a dark brown with hint of golden warmth, not as cool as the swatch I pictured.
  • 短評:盒子可愛,有點難開關。要用雙手。價錢不太可愛,我覺得如果有喜歡的顏色,入手一兩塊不錯。不必全包。
  • 亮澤:生火。BE-1BR-1是典型我愛的色系。金屬光澤很漂亮。我對淡粉的PK-1也有興趣…
  • 輝耀:失色。喜歡閃粉的可能要加強打底或者多點印幾次,因為感覺閃片不太貼皮膚。
  • 霧面:驚喜!霧面的兩色都非常出色。粉紅色PK-3或許比較難駕馭,但咖啡BR-2大部分人都能用,手上缺顯色的深棕色不妨考慮!

Eye Shadow Base

  • HK $65, 10 g of product
  • Pink tin
  • 01 (PK) is a pale pink with a hint of shimmer
  • 02 (BE) is a nude beige, cream with no shimmer
  • 短評:價錢很親民,還沒有試用過,摸上手感覺良好。眼部打底麻,開架上容易買到的就只有 Canmake(經常缺貨)和 Kate(容量很少)。

Sweet Perfume Cheek

  • HK $89
  • 4 shades
  • Comes in a round bulky plastic case
  • Puff included
  • Smells very significantly of sweet candy

Jelly Pot Essence

  • Only remark: it doesn't smell of anything :P

Did any shade caught your eye?  Are you a fan of palettes or singles when it comes to eye shadows?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Replies
    1. Daiso is a little different. It is like a fixed price supermarket. I love Daiso too :)

  2. I like pre-made palettes more.I find them more convenient, I have an eyeshadow palette made from singles and almost never use it...
    I would buy some neutral colors of this brand. like br2 and pk2

    1. Yes indeed, I do think palettes get more used by me too :P

  3. Oh man, I'm sure I'd be all over this brand if they had it here in the US! hehe :) I love the cute packaging! I'm a sucker for things like this. Kirstie <3

    1. of course Kirstie, they know our weakness and they make it that cute aiming at our wallets! lol



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