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Try This Not That | Dr. Wu? Cle de Peau?

Two moisturisers: One I very much love, another one I can totally live without.  They are technically not made to replace one another in terms of steps or function in your skincare regime, but are being reviewed together in this post by me.  Reason for this is mainly being I have been using them up around the same time; the Dr. Wu is done, CdP nearly the end.  ...and secondly, they are pretty good illustrations to "A product is expensive because it chooses to be so." - from Beauty and the Bullshit.  As you have probably guessed by now, I'm going to sing praises for the cheaper Dr. Wu, and share how the dearer Cle de Peau let me down.  Read on if you're interested~!

Dr. Wu Hydrating System Extra Hydrating Lotion with Aqua-Collagen

The web says: "Extra Hydrating Lotion is a lusciously light and refreshing moisturizer that hydrates, perfects, and protects. DR.WU's Intensive Hydrating Formula contains high potency Oceagen®, Hyalu-ComplexTM, Squalane, Scutellaria AO and Tocopheryl Acetate. Oceagen® exhibits high water-binding property and can be easily absorbed by the skin to facilitate hydration, replace lost moisture and reduce dry patches. Hyalu-ComplexTM is the most advanced hydrating formula combining Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyalo-Oligo® and HyalufixTM GL, which attracts, retains and creates hydration and moisture all through skin layers. Organic plant extract- Scutellaria AO can effectively soothe skin irritation. This unique formula is proves to be effective in reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, spots and uneven skin tone."

My Review: Hurray

In the Dr. Wu Hydrating line designed for dehydrated/sensitive skin, there are three moisturisers.  One is a 'gel', a texture that I'm not the greatest fan of.  Another is an 'extreme cream', which I would have bought instead of this lotion, if I had notice at that time.  This lotion should be the middle of the three in terms of weight (heaviness) and my likings.  This hydrating lotion serves as a moisturiser that refills moisture to the skin, locks in serum, and reduce irritation.  I am happy to report that it serves all three major purposes!

I use it vigorously during January and February - yes I started regular use even before the Project 10 Pan because I wan to win.  I would say for my dry/normal skin that is more dry than normal in the Winter, this is adequate as a day or night moisturiser.  I use about two pumps.  For the Summer I will not use this in the morning.  Not that I have anything left for the coming warm seasons.  I recommend this to all normal/dy skin to try.  If your skin leans towards combination or oily, the gel in this line might be a better option.

The price is about US$39 for 50ml.  At local Mannings stands, it is HK$280 each.  A yahoo hk seller is selling them down to HKD $188 a bottle.  Mine was probably purchased cheaper at Taiwan - I forgot.   For more details, please refer to their Taiwan official website (external link).

Cle de Peau Beaute Gentle Nourishing Emulsion

From their website:

"A luxurious nighttime emulsion that helps maximize skin's natural cell renewal for increased moisture, resilience, and glow.  Revitalizes skin exposed to daytime environmental stress and helps prevent the premature appearance of visible signs of aging caused by excessive dryness, loss of essential elements or a demanding lifestyle. 

Key ingredients and benefits:
- Provides a luxurious feeling of exceptional moisture.
- Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture- stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion.
- Contains CE Generating Complex, an ingredient proven to reinforce vitality in surface cells.
- Formulated with exclusive Clé de Peau Beauté ingredient Cellular IC Normalizer, which enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system.

Use at night after applying skin conditioning lotion. Pump the dispenser twice (1.5 mL) onto a piece of facial cotton. Place the cotton on the middle and ring fingers, and secure with the index and little fingers.  Thoroughly apply by following the contours of your face.  Nurture your radiance at night."

My Review: Okay

This is the 'tendre' version for dry skin giving a "soft, dewy finish".  My skin is both dry and de-hydrated most days all year round, so this is the version for me.  There is also an alternative 'fraîche' version for those who want a fresher feeling.

If you have already read my review for the Day Emulsion, chances are, you already know what I feel about this Night Emulsion.  I like it, through out the course of using it and having it around doesn't irritate me.  However, except for the bottle design, I did not grow to love it any further.  The texture is decent, smooth and absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smells expensive - yes I guess your skin can 'smell expensive'.  Nothing miraculous or wonderful.  I will call this a piece of unnecessary luxury.  If I happen to encounter another bottle of this, I will be glad to use it again.  Otherwise, don't think I will ever re-buy Cle de Peau Beaute's skin care...

I do not remember how much my mum paid for these, probably close to HK$ 1,200 for this bottle.  Insane!  I would totally not recommend anyone to buy this at full price.  It is listed as US$150, 125ml on American department store websites.  To know more, visit Cle de Peau Beaute HK website, or the American website.

I hope you like this Try This Not That kind of post.  What is your favourite moisturiser?  Does that break the bank?  Are there high end moisturisers out there that you want to try?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

*Information taken from Dr. Wu website, Cle de Peau website and Nordstrom dot com.


  1. I like these kinds of reviews, and I still have not found a moisturizer that I love.

    1. you're welcome Eugenia! so glad you like it. good luck with finding your favourite moisturiser! :)



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